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I'd been looking through all these remedies all night unable to sleep with a terrible tooth ache from a large cavity in my wisdom tooth where the nerve is exposed. I tried warm salt water to no avail, garlic and ice cubes only subsided the pain for a moment. Decided to have another go as the pain was unbearable, I boiled some water and let it sit for a while, poured it into a cup with salt, pepper, crushed garlic, whole cloves and chili powder. I swished this around my mouth as long as I could (the chilli is very very hot) After I had spat it out I noticed most the pain has gone, I'm now chewing on bread to fill the cavity for the meantime.

Hope this helps!

Just keep trying different things, it will keep you busy if your up unable to sleep as many of us are with tooth aches.


My boyfriend has suffered for nights on end now so I came online for some help after reading a few remedies little parts of information started fitting into place....the bread remedy is the 1!!!!! How u may ask?well when u have any form of pain concerning the mouth this is generally because u have acid build up and the ingredients in bread helps soak that acid away....all u have 2 do is simply coat the affected teeth with the bread and leave it to do it's magic....u may want to do this a few times tho.....hope this helps and takes those pains wishes the sleep deprived girlfriend :-)


Get a Bag of Lays Barbque Chips ,eat them chips will kill lots of bacteria in your infected cracked/rotten tooth.
If you waited to long and jaw is sore too, swish/hold a table spoon of 100 proof vodka for 30 mins it will kill the germs and pain. Every American should be able to buy amoxcillian with out presciption.


A good way to stop a toothache is to spray the effected area with a throat spray. Works as soon as it hits the painful area.


A few days before christmas, my dentist was closed until the following week, and I really couldn't afford to get a large cavity filled until the new year when my coverage plan renewed. Of course this is the time when the cavity starts to cause me a TON of pain, can't sleep, can hardly eat and drink, and this in the time of year we all like to do a little extra eating and drinking.
I prefer not to take tylenol and advil, and they really weren't proving very affective for the pain anyway. I tried several of the suggestions posted here; garlic, clove, salt water,...... Nothing worked very well, so I settled into bed for another restless try at sleep. My wife comes in(she was getting tired of my near constant complaining)with a bottle of something and says to try this. Put a few drops on a q-tip, apply to tooth, swish around the saliva for a bit and bingo-bango-bongo, the pain is gone (ok, maybe not instantly, but within 15 min. I was sleeping like a baby).

My wonderful miracle cure?
Oil of oregano.
This stuff tastes like death itself and isn't exactly cheap ($25-35 for a little itty bottle), but it's been about a week using this stuff and it's amazing how effective it has been. I apply it usually every 12 - 18 hours. I forgot once but my tooth reminded me after about 24 hours, but even at that point the pain was no where near as bad as when it first started.

Hope this helps someone cuz it really helped me. Happy new year to you all.

Amway supporter

When i have a toothache i apply Amway glister (colgate) it always does the trick and eases the pain


try vicks vaporub on the cheeck outside the aching tooth. helped me get to sleep.


just take whole clove make its powder and put it on teeth size cotton swab hold under affected teeth it works


Bread seems to help my toothaches. Weird, but true. I find that wrapping small pieces of bread around the offending tooth or packing tooth with small pieces of bread dipped in either olive or sesame oil and then leaving it there for as long as I can stand it, then refreshing it if needed, gives me some added relief. This method will knock a minor toothache down almost to no pain and a major toothache it will cut down pain anywhere from 50% to all the pain. The relief you get usually depends on how bad a shape the tooth is in the first place. Sometimes just putting the bread in my mouth and leaving it on the bad tooth will almost instantly take away pain. Like I said, the pain relief you get from this depends on the severity of the tooth problem, in addition to your overall dental health and your individual tolerance for pain. Also, this method seems to help more if you catch pain early. However, this technique is not quite as effective if you're past a day or two of severe pain, but it will help and sometimes, if lucky, it will take away all the pain.

Other home remedies I've found effective are: rinsing mouth with sesame oil for 2 minutes several times a day or as needed. Make sure you don't swallow oil, just spit it out after a few minutes.

Also, going to pet store and getting penicillin for animals especially the amoxicillin. This seems to work the best for my toothaches once tooth has become infected. The quality of these pills are supposed to be as good as the ones for humans, plus no prescription is needed.

Cough drops will sometimes numb gums and help ease pain as will swishing cough syrup in mouth for a few minutes, then spitting it out.

Also, swishing alcohol such as rum in mouth will sometimes deaden pain.

Minor pain can sometimes subside with a simple warm saltwater rinse.

Clove oil placed on a q-tip or cotton ball then applied dirty to tooth can help.

If teeth are not sensitive to heat, sipping or rinsing mouth out with some herbal teas seem to help a bit.

Also, a big helper is Sensodyne toothpaste. It seems to deaden the tooth pain a great bit and it helps especially well if other surrounding teeth are hurting, too. It usually takes a few days to get the maximum benefit so start brushing with the Sensodyne early.

If you are lucky enough to have good pain killers, yet they don't seem to be working that well, you can try crushing them up and making paste with a little water and then applying the paste directly to the offending tooth. Only do this if your pain meds are not time released.

These are some of the best methods I've found and I sometimes in do them in combination. Of course, nothing helps like a dentist, but if you can't get to one right away for any reason, you may want to try some of these methods.

Good luck and let me know if any of these work for you. Almost nothing hurts as bad as an abscessed tooth, short of childbirth or kidney stones and I've had all of the above.


Bite down on a dill pickle and leave it there. Has same effect as garlic because dill pickles are saturated with garlic. They also contain several other ingredients like Mustard oil and such that acts as pain killer, anti-inflamatory, anti-biotic, etc. and vinegar, etc. all the things that are in a dill pickle like onion and the rest are natural cures for toothache. I read this on the internet somewhere and tried it. I found I had to leave the dill pickle on the tooth for 5 to 10 minutes but it did help. Burned my tongue a little, so try to use a small piece and keep your tongue out of the way.

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