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Use 100 proof vodka like its mouthwash, swishing it around the sore spot for as long as you can stand it and then spit it out. If you like you can follow that with a hot wet washcloth held to the cheek on the side that hurts.


Whiskey for toothache. Use like mouthwash.

College Student

Cold medicine...specifically TYLENOL Cold Multi-Symptom liquid. I don't know how safe it is on a prolonged basis but I'll be drinking it till I run out.

Drink in the morning and drink before you go to sleep, relief with 3-5 minutes.


not sure what worked, tried a few different things, maybe it was a combination of them all. tried the bread cure, the tea bag, alcohol, pain relievers, ice pack, peanut butter, and vaporub, something(maybe all of them) kicked in while i was in the shower letting hot water(hot as i could stand it) hit my cheek.maybe NOW i can get some sleep!


Tea tree not swallow. Put on a q-tip and put on 'area of horror' and the halls honey lemon cough drops. Do this after brushing and rinsing with peroxide. Worked just fine!!! Bedtime :)


Toothache is the worst ache in the world and I think everyone feels the same way !!! I had this toothache a while ago, and my study time was ruined ! I will take my midterms exam tomorrow ,.. grr .. Out of frustration, I searched the web for cure. Prior to this, I already took paracetamol,ibuprofen, gargle water with salt but still, the pain remains. So, after reading some of the remedies here, I tried the listerine and it kinda work . But, the best thing ever is the GARLIC CLOVE !!!! It was supposed to be my last option because I don't like the smell and taste , but since I can't bear it anymore, I gave it a shot and oohhllaaaa .. IT WORKS !!! You toothache buddies should experience the healing component of garlic clove . I can now study for my exams .. Thank you guys !! God bless everyone ! :D


I have a huge hole in my tooth where a chunk of enamel fell out while I was eating one day. So when it started hurting, I applied suction with my tongue and cheek. It works for several hours if you do it right, but it's a bit hit and miss. FOr the most part, when the pain came back, I swished with a warm salt water rinse. Took advantage of the lack of pain to brush and floss, and rinsed with mouthwash. Held the mouthwash in the side with the affected tooth for as long as I could bear, and the pain vanished for the better part of the day.


For those tortuous toothaches that make you want to cry, try this: place a solid whole ice cube in the hand opposite your body of toothache. Hold it and squeeze until the ice cube is gone. When ice cube is gone. So is your toothache. The pain subsides for many hours. Truly amazing. It's cold, but worth every moment once that pain is gone. - May God take your pain away and give you rest. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Peanut butter works but it only works when the peanut butter is actually on your toothache. and salt pepper and cooking oil works well. And boil some water and put a rag in the boiled water and soak it and then then put it on your cheek the side that hurts and when the water starts getting cold reheat it and put it back on your face do that until the pain has gone down. What doesnt work is dont put cold water to the tooth because it makes it worse. And what works well for me is get listerine mouth wash and sensodyne or colgate and bruch your teeth really good and then det the listerene and get 10 milliliters in the cap and then first wish it around in your mouth but then on the side that hurts wish around all the listerine on that side and hold it there fo about 30 to45 seconds and then spit it out and it should start feeling better and another thing that i did with my toothache is i got garlic powder and put it in a tiny bowl and got a Q-tip and put water on one of the sides and then put that side of the Q-tip inthe little bowl and then wish it around and make it a paste then put it in your mouth on the gum and dont put it on your tounge or just dont try to because it will burn like crap and lastly you get a q tip and get one side wet and put a little of cayenne pepper on the q tip and then dap it on your gum but not your tooth and it will burn like crap but its worth it by

Stephanie Miller

I have always suffered with toothaches but found that pure vanilla on a cotton ball placed on the infected tooth works wonders. It gets hot (doesn't burn though) and relieves the pain in seconds. It will wear off faster the more you use this remedy but is great for instant relief. Rinsing with peroxide works too but also wears off fast. If you brush your teeth and swish some mouth wash for as long as you can stand it, you will begin to feel better faster. Crushed aspirin (powder) placed on the infected tooth also works. I think I will try the VICKS VAPOR RUB remedy next time, that one sounds like it works pretty well. Good luck everyone.Toothaches SUCK!!

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