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craig 87

The best thing iv found is ultra chloraseptic Anaesthetic throat spray this instantly numbs It


Try garlic with water and salt then cotton dip on ur tooth it works.


Came home a few hours ago from the emergency room for my impacted wisdom tooth that I will probably never be able to afford. They gave me a nerve block (worked excellent for 3 hours), some Tylenol with codeine (doing nothing), and Penicillin. The doctor told me to crush up some Benedryl tablets and apply to the affected area. IT WORKS!


tried garlic with paprika- yuck but eased it a bit
tried clove - a bit of more relief
hot water bottle - ahhhh feel i can sleep now


I packed the hole in the side of my tooth with table salt. This is the most relief I've had in weeks. Instant relief.


Hi there I have tried all sorts of stuff what's been put on here and they do work but for only so long but they is one thing that does work believe me it sounds stupid I have had a banging headache and toothache for few days bumped in to a old pal was telling him he as a degree in medicine he said its silly but get some tablets called paramol not to be mistaking for panadol or palomol the come in a black box it says on the box can be addictive so be Carefull here is the daft part get a bucket or anything you can fill with cold water get a cold wet cloth put that over your kneck and head and also your feet in the cold water it does take the pain away it's something to do with your nerve system it's silly but works please let me know if you try this and it works for you thank you and toothache is the worst pain ever argghhhhhh


This worked wonders for me one clove of garlic a teaspoon of Hawaiian salt or table salt and warm water held it on my tooth for five minutes and the pain disappeared... Deffinantly a miracle worker....

Professor J. Reid

Basic, take a block of ice in you're right hand. separate you're left index and middle finger. Rub the ice on the webbed area between you're fingers, the nerve in that area blocks the pain from you're hands and face.
Can also work with sore nose or bit tongue.


Tried all listsed here, but found drinking 5 cups of mint tea within 2 hours was the best option.


I had a toothache tonight took some excedrin migraine tablets and pain is slowly subsiding..went from a 20 on the pain scale to a 4 in about 30 mins...

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