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Today is the first day i got my braces and all of my teeth ache and are sore. Ive found that ice cold water helps a bit to relieve the ache but it doesn't last. I went searching through this sight and found this interesting trick, put an ice cube between your left index finger and your middle finger. Strangely it works but it doesn't last very long either. Lastly I'm using aspirin but Motrin can be used to, whichever works best for you.

But still none of these work really well, I would love to hear any idea from other people who have had braces, and who also suffered aches and sores 1 thanks <33


Hey now!! Im feeling better and ready for some rest but before i go to sleep (aahh finally) i have to share what i did to relieve my toothache...
Alright alright #kevinhartvoice.

First my husband and i came home from a bbq abt 8p.. We layed it down (well he's sleeping peacefully and here it is 3:37a) abt 10p and i couldn't sleep bc of my tooth.. I rinsed my mouth with salt water... Didnt work.. I packed salt in my tooth.. Lil relief bt still couldnt sleep... Didnt have cloves or peppermint oil bt i came across a remedy using pure vanilla... Forget putting some on a cotton ball... At the rate my tooth was hurting i needed to find something quick... Soooo i just turned the bottle up and rinsed twice with it... I looked up in the mirror.... Smiled... And my teeth were as brown as some folgers coffee no cream... Lmao... I had a good laugh... Bt my toothache is so gone...

So remember:
If u ever have a toothache go to the bathroom turn-up a bottle of pure vanilla extract.. Rise twice with it... Then look in the mirror and smile... Dont forget to brush afterwards!



Clove oil is the best thing to use trust me it works I have a mouth full of bad teeth


My girlfriend was suffering badly from a toothache, and the Oragel we had was pretty old, it did nothing for her. I googled for home remedies and found this site. We just happend to have some Oregano Oil, that did the trick! She couldn't stand the taste, and it burned her tongue, but it did work. Took a few times, her pain was really bad, but even after the first application it was obvious it was working.


Today I was told to swish with vanilla tried it at 6pm and here I am at 2am pain free


Ok, i have BEEN GOING THREW IT .. like unbearable pain, makes me just want to rip my teeth out or some crazy sh*** lol ... MOUTHWASH THEN I PUT TOOTHPASTE & ORAJEL MIX INSIDE MY HURT TOOTH & AROUND IT..IT helpd for a little... then i popped the painkillers ect.. only for a second.. i PUT SALT IN SHOVED & PACKED IT IN MY TOOTH .. Ughh i can finally sleep ;)


I had a toothache the dentist kept saying it was one tooth I said it was another. He sent me to the oral surgeon, the oral surgeon agreed with the dentist and pulled the tooth. I was still in agony. 5 days later I went back to the oral surgeon told him to pull the tooth I said hurt. He kept saying nothing is wrong with that capped tooth. He finally pulled it I had a chip in the porcelean & crack in the crown. Then I had a sore mouth the only thing that worked for me was 3 advil, aloe vera gel and oral gel mouth care wash for canker sores, braces etc.. Instant relief.


This is the only remedy that will take the pain away and keep it away. Oregano can get it at a vitamin store, health store. It's a little rough at first, but it will kill any infection , and take intense pain away almost immediately. It works on all sorts of tooth pain. Even abscesses . Good luck!


Listerine strips. Just take a strip and apply it to the affected tooth. Make sure it sticks to the tooth. The pain should start to subside in less than a minute, & it should last for at least 30-60 mins. Regular mouthwash rinsing didn't seem to get to the affected area, but these sticky strips sure did.


If you have any sensitive toothpaste then put it on thick around the area, my tooth aches are due to braces. After spit it out and to help it sooth put clove oil onto a q-tip/cotton bud and dab around the tooth. Dont swallow the clove oil and just spit it out if there's some in your mouth. Distracting yourself from the pain by reading, watching the tv or playing a game are good things to do as long as they're calming. Being somewhere quiet also helps as it slows down your heartbeat and calms you down allowing your tooth to self soothe. Hope this helped! Toothache is horrible!

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