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I was just up with an awful toothache, I laid in bed chewing ice for a couple hours before I couldn't take it anymore. I used salt. Right on my tooth, let it sit for a minute and rinsed my mouth out. Tastes awful but after a couple minutes the pain is almost gone and I'm hoping I can get back to sleep. :)


OMG!!! My tooth has been throbbing ALL day. I took 2 different types of medications & neither 1 worked I was too afraid to take more medication because I have already took too many. After a whole day of tossing, turning, CRYING, brushing my teeth, applying pressure, not talking, I finally googled home remedies. My mother always told me to gargle with warm salt water and that's exactly what I did and I must say it took my pain from 200 to 3 but I will be heading to the dentist this week!!!


I had a painful toothache that wont go away. I had,yried oragel it made the ache worse. I had taken a Qtip and dip in biotene toothpaste rub it on theaffected area and the pain left. I had to keep it on me at all time until my dentist appt.


So I have had toothache on and off and I just have brushed my teeth, used mouth wash then I put some tooth paste on it. After that if pains still there I put bonjella on the affected area. If still there I usually chew on airwaves gum:) works a gem


So I woke up at 430 with a killer toothe ache, first thing was get the vanilla because it had always worked. Not this time went to the salt and pretty much mixed mouth wash with salt and rinsed like 4 times. I thought it worked it did bit only for 5 seconds I basically started rummaging thru the kitchen and put a lot of salt with peanut butter but it just made it sore but felt good while on..and way I crushed an aspirin and put it on my tooth..just tasted nasty and then I tried the benodryl crushed in a spoon with a bit of water and poured it on my tooth..and its gone..!!! And my whole rift side of my mouth is numb;)


Simple...take one 200mg ibuprofen tablet and lodge the table in your mouth on the affected area. Also take 2 tablets as well. This is a good middle of the night fix, no stuffing around with prepared remedies. The tablet on the area will almost completely eliminate pain within 5-10 mins and the ingested tabs continue pain relief. If this doesn't work try holding a dissolvable aspirin in the mouth with a little water that should help as well


I have tried loads of remedies the best for me was swilling area with mouthwash which contains alcohol for 4-5 minutes at a time. It will give you 30 mins of respite. If you use medication co-dynamol is ok but only works for few days.


I am getting a tooth extracted in a couple months but in the meantime about once a month it just flairs up and I usually get a 1-3 day period of shear pain from my jaw to my forehead.

Generally antibiotics was usually enough but I think my body has developed an immunity to them(I've taken penicillin 4 times previously for a week) since April

Last night I came it flared up again so basically my only relief was drinking water. In general ice cold water would make it feel great for like 2-3 minutes, while cooler water might get me 5 minutes of relief(but not feel quite as good as the ice cold water). I tried a bunch of things on with limited success(a couple things might have got me about 10 minutes at best of relief before it started acting up again)

So that's when I saw somewhere else saying get air on the tooth so it's dry. Luckily I have a hair dryer that has a 'cool' option so I blew that on my tooth. That seemed to help for about 15 minutes before I started feeling stuff come back, I waited an addition 10 minutes before it got to the point of bugging me again(although not as bad as it was originally) so I blew wind on my tooth again a second time, once again it came back about 15 minutes, so I blew wind a 3rd time. By time it came back it was a minor annoyance and I was able to do other things. Been a good 4 hours since I blew wind on my tooth(after the 3rd time) and all if fine. It should be noted my mouth couldn't handle the hair blower on a hotter setting so not sure if that will have the same effect

I am no doctor but I am guessing cold/cool water(or any liquid for that matter because cold milk also did the trick for a short period) might give instant relief to the tooth, but it basically just numbs the nerves for a small time before the come back with vengeance(and it's sort of a repeating pattern the more you do it the worse it gets). I guess the basic idea behind my suggestion would be just find a way to get your tooth dry no matter how great the feeling of swishing it with a cold liquid is



I had a toothache and I mouth washed with milk and in 24 hours it was gone. Really works.


Couldn't sleep all night due to tooth ache which had gotten progressively worse for 2 days. Tried almost every remedy found on this site but by the a mile the best remedy was GARLIC. It didn't completely get rid of the pain but it has subsided from around 9/10 to 2/10, enough for me to get some sleep. All I did was peel some fresh cloves, chew them up then pack it around the tooth for as long as physically possible because it really does burn the tongue and the roof of the mouth. It might be tough and taste nasty but it was so much more effective than painkillers. Definitely would recommend.

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