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Get some ice from the refrigerator and squeeze it in the palm of your hand and hold it for about 3 minutes what it does is it freezes the nerves and stops the pain !! It actually works !!


Take an unopened ice pole (popsicle) and apply it to the gums around the affected area. Keep it there for as long as you can. This will greatly help reduce the swelling. It did wonders for me.


Junior ibuprofen disolving on the sore tooth...provided almost immediate relief....and grape tastes pretty good! I used several but did not go over the suggested amount.


My boyfriend has horrible teeth and no insurance so we can only do so.much dental work at a time his gums are growing over the teeth because he has a horrible habit of sucking on the teeth we tried a natural clove oil but it didn't help hot salt water his father even tried to give him an extremely strong pain killer but nothing would take the edge off so I read three different websites n GARLIC was the common denominator between here and the other three sites so I made my boyfriend chew on a clove of GARLIC for as long as he can take it thank goodness he cant taste but within 2 minutes he said the pain dropped he could eat n talk n finally get some sleep n so can I which makes me a happier girlfriend lol thank you guys


Witch hazel has been used in my family for several generations. You can buy it at most health food stores and Walmart. Take a Q Tip dip it in the witch hazel and apply to tooth or gum or use a piece of gauze dipped in the witch hazel and put between tooth and lip/cheek hold it there for a couple minutes and pain is gone


Goggled warm salt water and it eased the pain for me!


I have #35 and #36 with with cheek side cat 5 cavities with exposed nerves. No infection, just temperature sensitivity. Tried dozens of things, so here's what I found works best.

1. Put a dab of toothpaste on a saucer and mix garlic powder (not garlic salt) with it. Let it dry and harden for a few hours til chunky but not completely solid. Clean your big ol cavity with a dental pick and listerine, then pack the hardened toothpaste-garlic into it. Make sure you press it into the nerve hole a bit. Leave overnight. IT WORKS! and will last several days!

2. Get a quart/liter insulated mug with straw and put warm water at 99-100F in it. Squeeze about a 2 inch string (~.5ml) of any ol 20% benzocaine (oragel/anbesol) into it and mix. Sip slowly all day, holding and swishing each sip. I find this works much better than putting the benzocaine directly on the tooth. The cheapest in the US is probably the walmart Equate 'Orasol' so get several of the .35oz/9.35g tubes.

3. In my experience, the 'Senso-whatever' scam toothpaste (all are equal; 5% potassium nitrate) made the pain much WORSE, both immediately and long-term. I now use homemade toothpaste and it is so much better: mix calcium, baking soda, and coconut oil - that's the best, and that's all you need in any toothpaste. Of course, you can add benzocaine, peppermint oil, and/or garlic powder as needed.

4. If you suspect any infection (generally, a painful swelling), swish with listerine or vodka/gin/whisky after each (EACH!) meal and snack; and if possible, take 750mg metronidazole (Flagyl) TID for a week; follow with amoxicillin for a week, dose according to your weight and always split it up TID (three intervals daily). Gentomycin may also be helpful (can't hurt). Many of these you can get w/o a scrip, for animals, at your farm store. Just read the label for active ingredients then go on-line and look up dosing/weight info.

How it works:
1. The hardened paste with garlic will (a) insulate the exposed nerve from temp extremes; (b) numb nerves; (c) kill germs.
2. Benzocaine is the only anesthetic you can buy OTC at 20% - it kinda sucks - but I've used it topically when burning off my skin cancers with 1.8MHz RF at 400v/20watts RMS and cured several hundred skin cancers that way.
3. The metronidazole kills various protists, and the amox and gento kills nearly all types of bacteria. You can add tetracycline if you like - farm store Terramyicin, Aureomycin, Duramycin... Aureomyicin/Sulmet with kill damn near anything way too small to see, and gentomycin will finish off the rest..

But I digress, a bit. Back at exposed nerves, your job, in the meanwhile, is to insulate them from extremes -- that's pretty damn painfully obvious!

You're gonna need something (a) anesthetic and (b) stable enough to stay put for a while -- preferably at least a whole day or more. So stop flopping around like a helpless hypoxic obamaite and cram some crap in your rotten tooth and stop bitchin!


Whole (not ground) cloves!! They're on the seasoning aisle. Take a few & chew it a little. It worked instantly for my husband.


so ive been on this topic for a couple hours now, trying everything. i have homework to do but with a toothache that is nearly impossible to focus on.

i have bad teeth... i wouldnt call them TERRIBLE, but theyre bad. ive struggled through depression my whole life, and during one really bad period of a few months, my hygiene went south, as is common with depression. i admit my hygiene wasnt great to begin with, but before i knew it my teeth were terribly stained. since then, i have taken steps to correct it. visited a dentist a few times, when i can afford it. but over the past year ive been having tooth aches. they are usually very mild, but today, i had the worst tooth ache of my life. im pretty sure its the tooth my denist told me needed to be extracted. but i have several teeth that need varying degrees of work done.

anyways. i started with salt water, and that knocked the pain down a very little bit for a short period of time.
then i tried putting salt directly on it, and that worked a little better for a little longer but wasnt great.
then i went and got some oral analgesic, and that worked for about 5 minutes, but i was left with a numb mouth and a tooth ache after 5 minutes.

what seems to have worked, was fresh garlic, and probably the tylenol. i took some tylenol and then chewed on some fresh garlic. the garlic burned, made my eyes tear up, and was not pleasant. however, a few minutes later i am pain free.

im curious how long this will last. i may have to bring some garlic with me to school tomorrow just in case.


clove oil works very good , now in night shift i dont have with me in office and suffering with pain and trying alternates

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