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So, for as long as I can remember I've had really bad teeth. I'm 29 now, and my bottom back molar decided it was time to start to hurt earlier this week, like last Sunday night. I stayed up with it, tried to brush them, it helped for a little while. I used Colgate Optic White mouth wash, it worked a little while longer, but not long enough to crash. I tried otc pain med, usually that works for it, but not this time. I heard tobacco on the tooth worked, so I decided to try it, yeah it numbed my tooth, longer than the others, but not enough. I ended up brushing again, a bit harder, and that helped the most. I also decided to try a cold compress, and I ended falling asleep with said compress. I was fine until Saturday when I ate some pizza, I had a small piece of my tooth chip off, it was weak to begin with. My tooth started hurting again. I ended up doing the same thing, minus falling asleep with the cold compress, and the tobacco. didn't really work this time. I remember reading on here about tea bags, I have all different kinds, from Green to fruit flavored. I used the green and it numbed it the best. Anyway, I used saltwater, it worked for awhile, Garlic Salt water worked well as well, I ended up sleeping for about 2 hours until the store close by opened up again. I tried normal mouthwash, worked for awhile longer, where I could sleep for two more hours. I'm putting tea bags in my mouth, and I am trying oil pulling (Had to borrow some from a neighbor) Its working wonders, I swish the oil around for about 10-20 mins, yes I have to spit it out a lot, after I finish with that, I lightly brush my teeth, and use both mouth washes (The Colgate contains peroxide), then I swish around saltwater, I'm still taking Tylonal Arthritis strength, and Ibprophin, (not together, I take the Tylonal first, then about 1/2 before it ends, I take the Ibprohin, then when the IB is 1/2 over, its time for the Tylonal. Sorry for the spelling.) but a mix with the tea bags, oil pulling, the OTC meds, mouth wash, and the brushing, the pain has drastically dropped. Started at a 8 to a 2ish. Also I did pray about it, not sure which is working, maybe a combination of all of it, but I'm hoping to get more than 4 hours of sleep. I hope all of this helps someone as much as it has helped me. Good night guys, hope you all feel better soon.


Chew Ginger Root for few time and there will be pain relief. I had done the same whe I had toothache problem

Joanne D

I read in "Cure Tooth Decay", by Ramiel Nagel, that drinking 4 or 5 cups of raw, and preferably organic cow's milk will stop tooth ache. This worked for me because the day after I did this I had no pain in my tooth, and have continued with no pain for the past 4 months by drinking 2 or 3 cups of raw milk daily. I make a milkshake with it-(half a banana, and a bit of cacao and fill the blender to the top with raw milk). This is such a filling, satisfying drink, that I don"t feel like snacking any more between meals!


Take some toothpaste and eub it over the tooth and gums. The peppermint will sooth the ache,leaving it slighty throbbing. Warmth is helpful too. Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply toothpaste. It works!

Gloria a

Chamomile tea helps. Drink tea then put tea bag around effected area. Worked for me, also vanilla extract ( not imitation) real extract worked. A heating pad has worked in past as well on hottest setting you can stand , helps ease pain. Ive got a toothache as we speak and pray it soon subsides. If you don't have a heating pad you can also fill an old clean sock with rice and microwave for about minute.

Skud skudson

tried all the toothache ideas but none worked so smoke 3 fat splifffs felt noice and fell asleep


root of malunggay for your toothache.

just get a malunggay root and then clean, peel and put it inside the hole of your tooth..

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hello guys. i have been up for the last 3 hours with a tooth ache so bad i was woken up from a deep sleep. i have a dentist appointment in the morning to have the tooth pulled but thats not doing me any good right now. i have read over 100 of the remedies listed and tried most of them. nothing seemed to work. believe it or not i had some spearment chewing gum. just put a pieace on the tooth and let it set. it eased the pain enough to where i went from pull it myself to i will be ok.

Josiah zinyongo

Hi guys..I discovered mustard by coincidence. Was having some crabstick with mustard then i realized that my toothache had disappeared. English mustard works like charm.just apply it around the painful area, instant relief.


hi, i have been suffering from toothache for the longest i could i looked up for home remedies that could help but today i decided to do a little twist to these remedies...i actually mixed what i consider the best remedies...all you need is some grind pepper,salt,garlic powder & make a paste & apply it to the tooth that is aching & wala...toothache is gone...hope it helps you guys

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