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6 Home Remedies for Thorn Removal


I have 1000's of little thorns from wild rose bushes and raspberry bushes that I walked through in early spring. I was completely unaware I was getting all these things in me for 12 of 14 days of a camping trip. Majority of shed thorns were on deadwood I collected to burn.

They have been in me for over a year now and wish I had know at the beginning to try Tea Tree Oil. I put a few drops on each bad areas. You can see and feel them come to the surface right away.It has been a huge help!


when you get a thorn and your scared to pull it out or you have kids and they dont like it just soak it in warm water for 20 minutes and massage out it works.


My son feel into a Cactus and had them all over his hands, there were 2 things we did. First I used a soft toothbrush and brushed out all of the loose ones and then used duct tape on the remaining ones. He is 3 so made a game of it and let him pull the tape off. Took a while but they finally all came out.


For my three year old I found that a small piece of Duct tape works great. Put the tape over the thorn before they go to sleep and in the morning take the tape off slowly. it has always worked for me.My son hates to wear shoes in the summer and its easier then tweezers.


place a glass soda bottle in boiling water, remove bottle after 3 min with tongs and oven mit. place in counter. while waiting for bottle to cool, rub salve or vaseline on the wound, when the glass is cooled enough to touch (yet still hot), place the opening of the bottle over the thorn. as the glass cools the air inside will create a vaccume which will pull out the thorn.


Mix some jagger and carom seeds and apply to the thorn. The thorn should work its way out by itself.

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