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27 Home Remedies for Teething


Rub a small piece of ginger root on the babies gums to soothe the pain.


A wash cloth soaked in camomile tea and froze is great for chewing on when baby is teething.


Teething babies like to gum on anything they can fit in their mouth. I found that frozen eggo waffles work great. Try it out for yourself! Be careful that the baby does not choke on any pieces that were gummed off.

Jo Jo in Cali.

for teething babies frozen fruits like strawberries and grapes (peel after already frozen) and watermelon.


Tie a raw egg in a brown paper bag and tie it to the head of the bed where your baby sleeps and leave it until baby is big enough that he might get it or break it. I don't know how or why it works but it does for the fever, diarrea, and pain.


Submerse a wash cloth in water and freeze it. Once the cloth is frozen, put gloves on your baby's hands and allow him to use the wash cloth to chew on. It will soothe his gums and provide great relief!


Rub some olive oil on the gums for relief.

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