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27 Home Remedies for Teething


well also a good proven remedy for teething is using sesame seed paste(tahini)or better its oil can calm the gums but don't use in huge quantities


I rub my babys gums with ground clove paste. Just take a little ground clove and a sprinkle of water to make a paste, put it in gauze wet it and rub the gums. It helps for a few hours.


kids ice pops!!! gr8 stuff!


An Allspice necklace is a quick and painless way to relieve teething symptoms of fever and crankiness and teeth will pop in faster.

Allspice contains Tanin which is a natural ingredient that tightens the gums!

You will need whole Allspice beads (found in the spice aisle of most grocery stores), dual-duty thread (or elastic) and a small needle. You can also add decorative beads or a clasp, but neither are necessary. Necklaces can be left on 24/7 and only need to be replaced every 3-4months!

Boil the Allspice beads for 7 minutes, drain and string onto thread then tie or fasten around babies neck. You should see almost immediate results! I have been using an Allspice necklace on my 18mo since he was 5m and I have had no trouble with teething. My newest little one just got his necklace put on yesterday!

Baby will still want to chew on things and you may need to use ora-gel (or whatever works for you) once in awhile because teeth popping through is still painful, but you should see a dramatic decrease in crankiness! And it's a cheap should only cost $6-10 and you will be able to make at least 4 necklaces!


As soon as your baby start getting his/hers teeth start giving them about 3oz a day of home made carrot juice or if they don’t like the carrot juice lot’s of squashed carrots in the food these will help them not to have pain when the teeth are coming out


Walgreen's now has teething pellets that dissolve immediately when they are placed in the baby's mouth. A friend of mine recommended long green onions; to cut the green off and to salt the white part and let the baby chew on it....She said it worked great for her babies.


I work at a child care facility & we are not allowed to use Ora-Jel of any sort unless the parent okays it and sends it.
However, We have found if you take some of the Adams almond extract or any other flavor for that matter (It must be Adams) It has the tiniest bit of alcohol in it and it will numb the gums. I myself have used this while I was cutting my wisdom teeth in, and if it works on an adult (Well up in years), Imagine how much better it will work for a child


All of my children teethed on pickles! My parents used them for all of my brothers and sisters and I. A nurse told my parents to use them because of the coldness and the vinegar in them numbs the gums. We all usually use dills but I have found that sweet gerkins are equally effective!


I have found that with both of my children that original non peppered thick beef jerky works for my 8 months old, and tastes good too.


i know this works on babies for sure but sometimes on older children and adluts too. when a baby is cutting teeth you rub oragel on his/her teeth right? well my cousin had a baby and for some reason decided to use benadryl and it works!! there must be some sort of anti-inflamatory in the solution that calms inflamed gums. Rub all over baby's gums with your finger tip or the inflamed area of your own mouth, usually takes the pain right away.

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