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27 Home Remedies for Teething


I have a few more tips. Iris Root Teether! It worked so well for us we have started importing and selling them in Australia. We also loved Punkin butt Teething oil


Get a old tee shirt and cut it in strips aand tie knots then dip it in moonshine just enough to wet the knot and let baby chew on son chewed on it..he is feeling better And not crying or nothing


My grandson Hunter is 9 months old and is teething and has been crying lots the last few days and not sleeping well. Just miserable!!
He isn't eating well because his mouth is hurting him so bad. Tonight, I came up with this wonderful idea that worked like a charm for him. Made baby ice cream and he ate 4 bowls of it. He acted like he was starving. Try it for your teething babies and grandchildren:
Baby Teething Ice Cream
1 can of Organic Pears with the Juice
6 scoops of baby formula
1/2 C of Organic Rice Cereal
Blend and put in ice cube tray
Pull out how many ice cubes you want to serve and whip up in blender. Spoon feed it to your baby, The bottle nipple hurts when it rubs on their gums!
Very tasty and it freezes the gums. Fed him while I was giving him a bath in the sink. His little belly was sticking out and his eyes were so sleepy. Now he is asleep and our home is quiet again.


Rub your baby's gum with brandy. Just dip your finger in a brandy and rub it on your baby's gums 3times a day. It works immediately.


I know it sounds odd, but it works. Frozen waffles do wonders. My baby hates me touching her gums, but I gave her half of a frozen waffle one day, and she loved it. It helped to ease the pain because it was frozen, and it a flavour she liked. It also doesn't harm them because it just turns into mush in their mouth. Like I said, odd but effective.


My son wears a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace. Basically its a natural analgesic, releasing succinic acid which relieves inflamation. I prefer homeopathic remedies and found this to work really well. I got mine from a company called Butter-n-Honey


My little girl does NOT take kindly to pain killers and orajel doesn't work for very long. My granny told me to mix cloves (ground works the best and you find it in the spice section of any grocery store) and butter, sweet cream unsalted lasts the longest in the fridge. Mix together and place into the fridge. The more clove you use the longer it will work. Just rub on baby's gums whenever needed. Works amazingly fast. Good Luck.


Natural Home Remedies for Infants:


* Soak a wash cloth in Chamomile Tea ( Herbal Tea ) for a while, Say 2 min. It can be given to the baby after freezing it. Pure water soaking is also a good instead of Chamomile Tea Socaking.

* Pour a spoon of olive oil on the gums of your baby and gently massage them, It helps the pain to subside.

* Select a piece of tender ginger root, wash it and rub it against the gums of the baby. This helps subside the pain of the baby.

* Freeze a baby carrot for a while and allow your baby to chew it instead of unwanted toys or materials.


My infant just started teething and I made a ginger paste. use organic ground ginger, mix with filtered water using a medicine dropper until it is thickens into a paste. It also helps him to sleep.


Pure Vanillia. Rub a small amount on the babies gums to relieve the pain of teething. But it must be real vanillia not the imitation stuff.

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