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101 Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening


I saw the Tyra Banks show yesterday, she said that Catherine Zeta Jones uses strawberries to whiten her teeth. Later in the show, Tyra tried it. She just rubbed the strawberry across the front. I didn't think it would work-her teeth are already whitened (bleached?) Anyway, I bought some strawberries and tried it. It sure did make a difference right away! It totally freaked me out! I couldn't believe it. The only thing though...Tyra didn't say to brush your teeth immediately afterwards. I learned that be reading up on the internet. I don't know how healthy it is, but I do know it worked right away. I just quit smoking a month I have some was nice to see. I also don't think that Tyra would be putting it out there to use strawberries if she didn't first have a dentist say it was okay to say it first. (so people don't sue her )EK


Salt for teeth
I use plain table salt on my toothbrush to remove plaque, tartarand bad breath.
Then I brush a second time with toothpaste and sprinkle salt over the paste. My mouth has never felt so clean and my teeth looking so bright.


i was looking on this site for rememdies for white teeth, & everything seemed too basic. So heres what i did : I got a bowl; put 1 teaspoon of lemon juice; & 2 teaspoons of baking soda; then i mixed it together; after that, i added a couple squirts of crest whitening expressions ( cinnimon rush, but use whatever flavor youd like ) & little water. Then mixed it to gether for 30 seconds; then brushed. After, just rinse out your mouth and wahlah, a brighter smile!


Don't use fruit!!! It has natural sugar so it'll make your teeth more yellow later on in life. It just looks like it's working but it really isn't!!!


For those of you saying to use Hydrogen Peroxide, I strongly advise that you do not. This is because Hydrogen Peroxide is a VERY powerful oxidising agent and if it is accidentally swallowed it could lead to death or loss of sight if it comes into contact with the eyes. Also it's pretty corrosive, which is definately not good for your teeth. But I do strongly advise you to use Baking soda as it is very effective, plus it's used in baking so it's not as dangerous if you swallow it.

Ari Dubov

The only thing that really works to whiten teeth is in office laser whitening, such as zoom or britesmile, any thing else has limited results. I had a chance review many dental as well as other products and found that only light assited bleaching works fast and with good results.

The Herbal Doctor

Get the finest ash from burnt charcoal, mix it with your toothpaste thoroughly, then brush the mixture very slowly and very lightly on your teeth. Do the brushing for 10 minutes. The base chemical on the ash is a powerful stain remover.

Tina Cave

Burn a piece of toast, then scrape off the black layer of the toast.Then mix it with your toothpaste, Use this method every night before bed.


My grandmother's home remedy for teeth whitening is as follows:

mix on small plate the following
1 tsp baking soda
dash of salt
then add a few drops of white vinegar, which will foam.

Then brush with toothpaste afterwards.

It works great! I've used this for last forty years.


eating lots of apples especially after a meal really helped whiten my teeth

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