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28 Home Remedies for Backache

Peter Barta

Do you have a backache?

Many people have backache regardless of age, occupation, gender or even rank.
What causing it – you may not know or maybe told about sciatic nerve.
It can be, but that is very rare. Many other different things can be the reason or rather a number of factors together.
The most common is a certain level of kidney dysfunction.
The “people of the land” – in this particular case, in a small village of Hungary – they knew how to deal with it.

The farmer, after a hard day heading home on his carriage, turned aside to a beautiful creek. Among large trees and lush green shrubs, there grew the humble “weed” horsetail. He picked a bagful of it and took it home. His wife put it in a large vessel, full with water. After slow simmering a little while it was pored into a basin or a drum and the whole family took turns, soaking in it twenty to thirty minutes. They made it as it was bearable and after that wrapped in a towel, jumped into bad. Sometimes they soaked the horsetail in water for a day before boiling it up. These people used this remedy, what was handed down from generation to generation. That kept them going in their hard work for weeks, maybe months after one of these baths.

What these people instinctively did, science proved it to be a very potent “folk remedy”.
Horsetail (Equisentum arvense). Research found that it is a great tonic for kidney and the whole urinary tract. Helping with water retention and numerous debilitating ailments of the lungs, circulatory system, liver and the list goes on.

There is a cure for everything; you just have to find it.
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By Peter Barta


THERMA CARE heat wraps are excellent relief for backache! They give warmth to the muscles and will last around 10 hours. If you buy them on sale, you can get extras in the box free of charge. Definitely worth the investment, can be worn at night or under clothes during the daytime.


all i do is when i am taking a showeri take my knuckls and put any slipery substance on your back then rub the pain out using ur knuckles

mama dee

to sooth back aches or just about any other aches. Wet a hand towel or larger if needed and ring it out. Place in the micro wave for about 2 -3 minutes or more if needed, place in a zip lock bag and wrap in a dry towel. place on ache and enjoy.


Use a metallised heat-reflecting sheet between the mattress and the bottom sheet of your bed. (Look in your first-aid kit!) This is an easy and effective way to apply extra heat to the back, and works better than electric heating pads and hot water bottles. The heat of course is free, and it's amazing how much of it the body can generate. (Source:

La Vern De Wilde

Fish oil taken daily, is the least expensive and most effective manner in which to eliminate backache, joint pain, pains in the wrists.


Bend and stretch every night and when you hurt, to releive back pain.


Drink some hot milk or water with powdered sonth, meetha soda, and namak.

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