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28 Home Remedies for Backache


There are many back remedies which may relieve the pain short term.

For a long term cure the answer is correcting posture through specific exercises. Now before you say nar that can't be right I am fit or this won't work for me. Check your posture using a string line. Most people will have anterior hip rotation.

How do you correct posture... with hard work using the book called The Egoscue Method which I discovered almost 6 months ago with great results so far.


Back pain may manifest in various forms with varying intensity. In addition to common back-related ailments, also general stress along with strain can result in pain and bring existence to a standstill. Any multidisciplinary approach helps in pain management and inhibits the recurrence in the condition. Except for your doctors` help, you have probably heard of them, and maybe you have seen them. They are called the anti-shoe, also known as MBT footwear, which is short for Masai barefoot Technology.

esha nashville

take a glass cup place it behind u back and lay on it place where ever pain is


Lower back pain: do the yogic rag-doll stretch: be very relaxed; bend forward to touch the floor in front of you with both hands or as close to floor as possible-knees can be bent a little. Hang down like that for as long as you can do it. The idea is to stick your butts toward ceiling as much as possible.

TO STRAIGHTEN back up: slowly bring hands to your ankles or legs and walk your hands up your legs to straighten up.


Plant your feet on the ground, twist your torso, (you might hear it crack) and it makes the pain stop for a while.
I am 10 and my friends and I do this sometimes.


For a severe backaches, I have use this
Massage oil: Mix together 4 drops of blue chamomile, 4 drops of birch, 4 drops of rosemary, coriander or eucalyptus, 4 drops of ginger or black pepper and 14 drops of lavender essential oil. Then add this solution to 1/2 ounce of carrier oil, alaliable in most health food stores.

For a minor backache:
You can use the following mixture; two drops of blue chamomile, two drops of birch, two drops of rosemary, coriander or eucalyptus, two drops of ginger or black pepper and two drops of lavender in 1/2 ounce of carrier oil.

You should either of these mixtures daily as needed, rubbing it into the effected area after a hot bath, when muscles are relaxed and pores are open,


Marijuana will relieve all aches. Period. and its healthy for the mind as well. It has no proven side effects.


i found a simple cure for my backache and sciatica. Before i tell you i must say that i suffered for 3 70 yr male..i saw mds.chiropractors,osteopath,physios,naturopath,and even scheduled major back surgery..and cancelled.medications included hundreds of tylenol 3,oxycondin.
MY CURE...take a long bath towel,fold in into three,lengthwise and tie snugly around your waist with a rope or kimona sash and go to sleep..and dont ever go to sleep without might also help to lose a little weight.

Rob York

Try Yoga cat thrusts where you arch your back while on your hands and knees. do this for about 3-5 mins and hold during each thrust for a count of 5. it will loosen up the tight muscles in you back. I have scoliosis and this seems to help the best. But I also crack my own back several times a day to help aleviate the pain.


My chiropractor told me that back pain means inflammation and the best treatment is an ice pack. I go to bed with one wrapped in a towel and usually fall asleep on it and wake up feeling much better. Another of his suggestions was to lie on a tennis ball where you think it hurts. You can move the tennis ball around as needed and it DOES hurt for awhile, but then the pain wanes and you get relief. I was skeptical too at first, but it works for my back pains. The trick is to find the right spot so move it frequently. A good way to stretch the lower back is to put your leg on something waist high (I use my dining room table or the bathroom counter top) and gently stretch in both directions. This works wonders as well!

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