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I am a 78 year old male who had a severe backache for 50 years. I was COMPLETELY CURED five years ago. I am still absolutely pain free! Here's what happened. I woke up one night with a severe pain in my elbow. It was so bad I had to be driven to a hospital. I was diagnosed with a severe internal infection of the elbow. I spent a week in hospital. The only medication I received was an antibiotic. It cleared up my elbow all right bat amazingly it also cured my backache!

Based on the evidence and my background in medical research, I reasoned that my backache had not been caused by vertebrate or disc problems as several doctors in my life had diagnosed, but rather by a bacterial infection!

I also reasoned that I could not be the first to discover this cure so I ran the words backache and bacterial infection together on the internet (Please try it yourself). Sure enough a group of doctors in Europe ran a large experiment in which a large number of chronic backache sufferers were given antibiotics. Two thirds of them reported that their backache completely disappeared or that the pain was greatly reduced. A year later those who reported the improvement stated the pain has no returned!

Of course my question now is why hasn't this cure become widely accepted among doctors in North America?

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Use tiger balm.


I know it sounds weird but try popping your back. Sit on the floor Indian style and lean across your lap, like you are reaching with your left hand for something on your right side. The lower to the ground you lean the more it seems to help.

If that don't work, rub some Icy-Hot on the sore area then try to stretch the muscles of your back.

Have someone give you a massage or go soak in a nice hot bath in a position that is comfortable and does not hurt your back.


For lower back pain (when back isn't hurting too bad) lay on back on the floor or a firm bed with knees bent, raise hips straight up (pelvic thrust) then lower back down - do this repeatedly with a steady fluid motion until really tired, then with cushions or pillows under calfs/back of knees have legs raised, and place a rolled up towel (about 3-4 inches diameter) under lower back crosswise and try to rest until back starts to feel numb from the pressure of the rolled up towel, then slowly roll onto side and get up.

Also before getting out of bed in the morning do some stretching.
Particularly the hamstrings (back of the legs). Stretch slowly till it hurts a little and try to hold the stretch for a while, say 30 - 60 seconds.

Usaully do this while on back, by grabbing one leg at a time, near the ancle and then try to straighten leg and hold.

Also reverse bicycle motion (while on back) with feet in the air, going round and round the opposite way one normally pedals a bike.


Take a large tube sock and fill it with long grain rice.(make sure to tie off end with a rbber band). Heat in Microwave for 3-5 minutes, then just lay it werever you have the pain. It works wonders for Lower Back Pain. I rotate between the warm rice sock and ice pack.


Treatment for severe backace go and buy a heatwrap from the chemist or shop put it in your micowave for 3/4 mins then wrap it in a towel and place this onto your back pain trust me this will work like magic


I had neck pain that progressed into pain in upper back, shoulders and arms. I used to treat it using tennis balls either against the wall or floor to massage all the muscles in my back, shoulders, arms chest and glutes. This would give me relief for a few hours. I thought I might have a disease that caused muscle pain. Fibromyalgia began being mentioned, but I cannot just accept a dx like that. I cut dairy from my diet with a great reduction in pain, but I still could not go anywhere without my backknobber and tennis balls in case the pain became unbearable.

Then a friend convinced me to try her chiropractor. I had tried chiropractors before, so I resisted. Turns out this one is different. This one uses a method called 'Advanced Biostructural Correction.' It has healed my spine! I cannot believe it. I was so worried that back surgery was something I would have to accept in the future. I almost did not try it as there are some naysayers on the web, but I gave it a go anyway and am so grateful I did. It took 8+ months of visits, but relief was much sooner. Now I rarely notice my back. When it starts to feel 'not good' I go in. I don't get back pain anymore.


I'm only 15 but I suffer from really bad back pains which I've had since I suffered a virus a few years back.

Turned out I'd held my back differently to relieve the pain when i had the virus and ruined my posture.

My suggestion? Well there are a few things that help me.

-Water, that's the only time I'm without pain when I'm in water. But obviously you can't stay in water forever so I do swimming. I do length which my physio says has helped.

-Yoga, like a lot of the other who've suggested it, I agree. I really feel better during yoga. Even the simple yoga exercises on the wii fit are enough to help.

-Keep your back straight, like me you may also have bad posture which can really really hurt. Just when you sit dow, be aware of you're posture.

DO NOT sit for long periods of time hunched over something, any sport that involve long running as running has only made me weak and sometimes makes the pain unbearable or do any sports that involve crouching down on bending down.

Please tell me if this helped because I want to know if I've helped other people with pains like me :)


The best cure for a sore back is Bikram Yoga.
My Mum had constant back aches for years and it just got worse.
She tried Chiropractors, masseuse etc but it didn't help much it only releived the pain for a little while.
She tried Bikram Yoga and did it for about 1 week and never had any pains since.

Ronald Chases

Back Pain Devices

Back and body problems can mess up anybody's day, yet many people live with back and body pain for most of their lives. There are ways to alleviate this pain that does not require an exclusive visit to a chiropractor.

Here are some of the pain reliever devices that can alleviate Body pain:
The Spine-Worx : This is a device used to realign the back. It is a four-sided figure shape with two parallel rails in the centre of the device. These rails are where the spine with be realigned naturally with the help of gravity. A person using the device would lie back resting the back in between the two rails.

Back Bubble Back Pain Relief Device: This cannot be left out. Because of its uncomplicated design, many may mistakenly feel that this odd looking device would not lessen back pain as promised. Amazingly enough it does work and many people are satisfyingly surprised at the results on their very first try of using the Back Bubble. The spine is stretched while the body is balanced in an air filled bubble that is wrapped around the body that allows the feet to hang Thanks to gravity the spine is stretched causing a realignment of the spine naturally.
Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator might be a better option known as TENS. This device uses tiny pulses of electricity to alleviate back problems. These electrical pulses are controlled by way of electrodes that are attached to various locations on the back. Control of strength is entirely in the hands of the user by adjusting a button. Depending on where the back pain is, support placing the electrodes may be needed.

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