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8 Home Remedies for Teeth Cleaning


I say swish peroxide through your mouth then spit and quickly rinse with minty mouthwash. Then brush your teeth normally. I swear its made a big difference in my dentist visits


I was 14 years old when I went to the dentist and had a dozen cavities and my little brother only had 2. My Mom said that he just had harder teeth but I didn't by that. I watched him brush his teeth and he always chewed on his tooth brush. He said he always did it, so I made it my practice to chew on my toothbrush, top rows and bottom rows and it made a huge difference. Dentist visits have been much cheaper, and less painful.


Wet your toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide. Then stick your wet toothbrush into baking soda. Brush your teeth as you normally would, and rinse well. Your teeth will feel very clean, doing this will whiten your teeth as well!


All my life I have had to clean my teeth at least two times each year. I am living a retired life in Chile, and stopped cleaning my teeth for a few years. Because of poor water standards, I have developed kidney and gall bladder stones over the years. I started to repair the kidney stones naturally via drinking a special tea called CHANCA PIEDRA. The Indian cultures in South America commonly use natural medicines every day. I asked a doctor friend about removing calcium from the body, and he said best way is to use the same tea above and drink 1 oz. of MgCl crystals dissolved in one liter of the cleanest water available. He said store in plastic containers and avoid all metal objects entering dissolved solution. The MgCl crystals are sold in 30 gram plastic bags, at the pharmacy, costing about $1.50USD each sack. The doctor also said to drink this solution in the very late of night, when little or no food in stomach. I will scan my gall bladder in a few months. In fact, I feel great and digestive tract is in excellent condition. I have taken the tea above for one year, and now have not kidney stones.
To my surprise, though, the MgCl did remove all plaque buildup on my teeth. My teeth are super clean, and no future dentist bills either. I suggest persons with plaque consider using MgCl as a mouth wash while brushing your teeth, following spitting out the ! oz. MgCl solution -- followed by a second brushing with normal tooth paste. Also, the use of MgCl mouth wash can be applied just once a week, to get excellent results. Final note, this plaque on the teeth is the exact same calcium-based compound formed inside our bodies, which doctors commonly call arthritis.

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If you want super clean and white teeth, then you need to try this. First, get an orange, exrta virgin olive oil, and a strawberry. Get a cotton round or a washcloth. Cut up the strawberry and the orange. Squeeze the orange and the strawberry onto the cotton round,wascloth, or (or the paper towel). Rub onto your teeth for 3 minutes.....And BAM now you have supersonic clean teeth!!


Use Tea tree oil for brushing your teeth. It says not to injest it and it stinks but it will help with your teeth and to stimulate gum growth. Tea tree oil is also good for earwax just a few drops. Also pimples just apply a little.


Brush teeth with baking soda.


Rub a wedge of lemon over the teeth for a quick way to clean them when no toothpaste is available.

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