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Okay now before I say any thing else this remedy will give you rancid breath and a burning feeling in the mouth and tongue.
I've been having two toothaches for two days now and trying to eat dinner is like trying to get to school with a vicious badger in the way. what you do is get one clover of garlic,lots of lemon juice,two dashes of ground clovers,and a teaspoon of vanilla organic extract. Stir and put it inside a cup and stir. Add five ice cubes and more vanilla if needed. Now swish in your mouth and spit. DON'T SWALLOW. Espically if you have a sensitive stomach. you might throw up. After that brush your teeth and put some toothpaste on tooth that hurts. Should give instant relief. hope this works!


I have NEVER had a toothache before and well I have one now. I haven't been to the dentist for 3 years because I have no issues with teeth. But now I do I didn't know what to do, and like all of you guys I found this website I looked at few of the remedys and I found these 2 very good!

1. Salt and Water.

First get hot water and mix it with salt. Then wash your mouth but do not swallow! Because your mouth may be infected. Wait for a few minutes and voila! The pain is gone for a few hours

2. The Garlic.

Get some fresh garlic and cut it in two, place the garlic where the pain is. It will sting! Trust me it is PAINFUL and smelly, but it is all worth it, and when the pain goes throw the garlic in the bin.

This helped me! Hope this helps you!

Good Luck <3


First of all, if you have a toothache, your tooth cannot be extracted until it totally stop hurting.
The days preceding A.T.I weekend in Negril Jamaica, i had a terrible toothache. It was so bad that i thought of cancelling my reservations. I took a whole bunch of painkillers, which did do much.
Suddenly i remembered been in Jamaica and drinking sone rum that left my mouth totally numb...
I then went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, the in the kitchen cupboard i found some RUM...
I swished the undiluted rum in my mouth for about 2mins (it burn like crazy)...
When i finished, the pain was completely gone... COMPLETELY
Try that one really works!!!


I've had a toothache for 4 days now. I've been in tears of how excruciating the pain is.

The first night I rinsed with a peroxide mixture and it only relieved the pain while it was in my mouth.

I tried sore throat spray and I didn't feel much relief.

Finally I took 600 mg ibuprofen pm and was able to sleep.

I'm still in pain on and off, my dentist appointment is in 4 more days. I'm not sure how I'm going to survive until then. Right now I soaked a cotton ball in vanilla extract dipped in ground cloves and placed it between my tooth and cheek. Hopefully I can get some relief.


At my wits end at 2 am with a horrible horrible tooth ache I remembered I read somewhere that crushed up cloves help. Well after eating aspirin like tick tacs I gave the cloves ago. Omg it was like instant relief. Within a minute the pain/ache settled down to a level where I can actually sleep. Yay gotta love cloves...... Put chopped up or crushed cloves on or near tooth and just leave it there. It feels like you have a mouthful of dirt but oh the relief ,,,


After reading different posts about tooth ache, I feel like I need to contribute my experience:
I use Equate brand , 500mg Acetaminophen
white color pill. Bite the pill using your teeth into tiny pieces, spit out into a container, put in a litte bit water to make a paste. Then fill the cavity with as much paste as possible, it will make the pain and other uncomfortable feeling gone away completely in a few minutes. This is just a temp resolution. The pain will come back when the paste is completely melted and absorbed by body.

Kevin Boles

When it comes to toothache, there is very little out there that will cure it. First, if you have a toothache, a trip to the dentist is almost inevitable. If they pain lasts more than 72 hours, and seems to be getting worse, GET to a dentist. End of story. Cloves didn't work for my throbbing tooth, nor garlic, and Orajel...that is the most useless product on the market in my opinion. What helped my tooth pain was peppermint oil. A friend told me about it, and it actually helped tremendously! You can get it in a breath spray at Whole Foods. Vitality Works Breath Freshener (Vitality Works is the brand). Spray it twice on the tooth in pain, and it cures the pain for a few hours at a time. Best...and only...cure for toothache. But again, get to the dentist. Your tooth is telling you there is a problem.


I'm going through a toothache as I type this, I went to the dentist today and I sadly fought with them on doing a xray.
finally they fit the chip inside my mouth,
It's my back right molar
He sent me home w. penicillin 800mg
and told me for the pain to take
600 mg of Ibuprofen
and if it didn't work take a 1000 of acetaminophen with it (of course after a hour of it not working)
I didn't feel safe trying them both so today I have too 15 Ibuprofen and carried a glass of salt water with me when it hurt I took a swig of it and 3 200 mg of the meds and no pain for a couple hours.


i found that dipping a dipping a rag in hot water the putting on the outside of your mouth were it hurts works pretty good


Two things have worked great for me.
The first, I found here was cayenne pepper. Put some on a wet Q-tip and rub it into the spot. Works great. The other I found was Peppermint Orbit chewing gum.
Chew it up and smash it into the affected area. It numbs the gums if you leave it in one spot but quick relief and no garlic or pepper smell.

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