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I was desperate...1:36am and in tears from whole lower jaw throbbing. Took a 10 mg oxycodone...NOTHING ! I put an ice pack on it...BAD IDEA. I put heat on help. I looked around to see what else I had after reading all of the suggestions. I found minced garlic and generic vapor rub. I first rubbed some vapor rub on the outside of my cheek and made a moist mess of the minced garlic and warm water. I applied the mess to my tooth area and before I was finished...RELIEF ! Sweet blessed relief ! Thanks for all the suggestions . Peace.


Most awful pain pain I have experienced in a long time. Not sure why I have this toothache but it is ruining me. Have taken ibuprofen, naproxen, and Tylenol 3 with zero relief. So glad I found this website and found some relief. Tried the garlic, cayenne pepper and oregano with only about fifteen minutes of relief. Best thing has been mouthwash and whiskey gargle. Still need a dentist to extract this nightmare.


Ok yes this will be weird but it works. i have had a toothache for 48 hours(or 2 days) and i just made my own remedy. WARNING: DO NOT SWALLOW THIS STUFF! It may resolve to vomiting, dizziness or worse. I actually don't know BUT, get some lemon juice, some garlic shopped in half, and one teaspoon of vanilla extract. Put it in a cup and swish it in your mouth. Add a splash of vanilla if needed and add some ice cubes. then spit and repeat until pain is gone. i did this and the pain never came back. Hope this works and hope you people out there feel better! :)


I know to some this may sound stupid but sex is a pain reliever for Alot of different things it works for toothache,headache and stress reliever.I know people are thinking I'm in to much pain to enjoy sex but if you will try and enjoy it,focus on the sex it might just suprise you.hope it helps.

Amber Kepler

I had a toothache and i try every thing. I try everything. I even went to the ER and they gave me stuff for it and it work for a shout time but after a hour or two the pain came right back so i try a cup of hot tea and the pain is good.


I've had the worst toothache the last couple of days... The best thing I could use to ease my pain was to get a BC also known as Asprin powder and poor it on top of my broken tooth and pack it into the cracks of the tooth. I'm not sure what to tell you if the tooth is on top... Just try your best to pack it in the cracks. Best thing so far.


For a toothache take ground clove add water make a paste a little moist then take a q-tip and rub clove around painful area.


I have toothache really bad I try everything and read a lot of comments on here so I decided to rinse out my mouth with perioxde and then I got the villia exract and the perioxde and mix it together soak the cotton ball in it and place it in the mouth where the tooth is and bit down on it instant relieve


I had horrific pain then I started sipping cool water. Works great for quick relief but doesn't last long and I do not recommend doing it cause the pain after you quit doing it is twice as bad. What I did was smothered orajel all over the tooth then jumped into the shower and I had it as hot as I could take it and kept tuning down the cold water till there was no warm got out and feeling no to little pain trust me worth a try


Okay now before I say any thing else this remedy will give you rancid breath and a burning feeling in the mouth and tongue.
I've been having two toothaches for two days now and trying to eat dinner is like trying to get to school with a vicious badger in the way. what you do is get one clover of garlic,lots of lemon juice,two dashes of ground clovers,and a teaspoon of vanilla organic extract. Stir and put it inside a cup and stir. Add five ice cubes and more vanilla if needed. Now swish in your mouth and spit. DON'T SWALLOW. Espically if you have a sensitive stomach. you might throw up. After that brush your teeth and put some toothpaste on tooth that hurts. Should give instant relief. hope this works!

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