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I use colloidal silver to relieve tooth ache pain. I just swish it around and the pain subsides in a matter of 5 minutes or so. Some love to bring up the story of the man who turned blue after taking huge amounts of colloidal silver that he incorrectly made himself. Of course, he is the poster child for big pharma as they prefer you to use their patented antibiotics. So don't believe the 'blue man' hype. Colloidal silver has been used for centuries to cure a host of ailments.


This worked WONDERS for me

1 teabag (green/black doesn't matter)
15-20 cloves
1 tbsp black pepper
1 tbsp salt
3 crushed garlic cloves

Put it all into a milk pan with some water and bring to a boil

Gargle with the solution a little at a time (throughout the day), or dip into it with a cottonball and keep it against the opening of the hole (if you can see it)

The salt and garlic has natural antibiotic and antiinflammatory properties, and cloves give the numbing effect. No idea about the pepper, all I know it's great for toothaches.
The tea gives a soothing effect, plus it makes the solution less disgusting.

Eventually you'd still need to go for root canal treatment :(


TOOTHACHE.I went to my mom CRYING because my tooth has a chip in it it was so painful but luckly my mom had some brandy in the house! put some on cotten wood en bite into it . For people who don't drink it might burn a little but it sure works!


right, these a two remedys, that work very fast, i wouldn't recommended better, mustard, but some on a cotton bud rub around the tooth and in the root of the toothache, works instantly, or whiskey, some on a cotton wool and rub around toothache and in the root, works instantly aswell.. but only for a few hours, and you will have to re-do!


I've had problems with my teeth for a long time and recently I lost half a tooth eating toast! (I know right?)

I know exactly what a sleepless night of toothache can be like; a deep, gnawing torture of the soul!

Usually I would use Ibruprofen and Codeine (Nurofen Plus) and paracetemol to cope with the pain but after reading a few remedies here I came up with quite a good one.

Puree a garlic clove (just one) I use a garlic card so it becomes almost liquid. Add seven or so drops of clove oil, a good dash of salt and a good dash of paprika or tumeric. Mix it all together and apply to the tooth.
I will warn you though, clove and garlic can burn your mouth at first but the relief is almost instant.
For me it doesn't quite remove all the pain but it does make it FAR more manageable.
Using the above painkillers at the recommended dosages too makes it almost dissapear.
Hope it helps.


Okay....I had the worst toothache ever!!!!!!! I couldn't eat or enjoy a family movie!The only thing that helped was sleep but tht didn't last forever .So i tried Colgate Optic White Toothpaste with the Blue Listerine Zero and a tad of water mixed it then dipped a cotton swab and bit down on the swab.U can also use a paper towl folded.Keep doing this untill u feel instant relief.This helped me and I had an instant relief of pain...Hope this helps u too.:)


Listerine Original and a good quality sensitive toothpaste does the trick for me!


Oil pulling has saved my teeth. I had five broken teeth not counting the ones I had already lost completely and I was getting a hole on a front tooth when I started oil pulling. I had been suffering for about 20 years with these broken teeth causing frequent miserable tooth aches. A few years ago, after reading a post here recommending washing the mouth with oil I looked up 'oil pulling' it got rid of the toothache I had at the time and daily oil pulling has stopped my tooth decay completely. My broken teeth have grown from chips to stubs. I have no pain and no further decay. The most effective home remedy I have ever tried.


If you have cavities but no money to get them fixed, here's what to do: put 10 drops of iodine in a small amount of warm water and swish in your mouth. Spit it out! Do this many times a day until the toothache stops. This can take several days but it helps even the first day or two.

Then slowly cut back on the amount of iodine until you are using on 1 drop of iodine once a day for maintenance. WARNING!! Cut back slowly (over weeks or months) or the tooth pain will return. If you want to stop you must get your cavities fixed by a dentist.

The treatment will control deep cavities but not cure them. I suppose that's because they are too deep for the iodine to reach. So you should get big cavities fixed when you can afford it. But it will completely cure small cavities!!

I have done this for 25 years with no problems. Sometimes I use organic iodine but usually just the stuff from the drugstore which is much cheaper.

A dentist told me, 'You have a lot of healed cavities in your mouth. That's unusual'. I told him what I'd been doing and he said, 'Iodine is a treatment we use to reduce cavities'. Wow, I didn't know anything about that. Apparently, the teeth are soaked in iodine at the semi-annual checkup and this reduces the number of cavities that form before the next checkup. So my home remedy is the same thing only done daily using smaller amounts of iodine.

Dentists have also told me that my mouth is very healthy so the iodine hasn't hurt me over 25 years of use. I have told this remedy to others and it has helped them, too.


just swill some vodka around your effected tooth or apply pressure where it hurts..also bite down..hope it works for you as it worked for me

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