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tried the cough syrup swished around tooth then drank two caps tooth ache went from a 10 to 7 in the first few mins and 30 mins later no tooth ache


I do not have a remedy. My boyfriend has pain under his crown. He, hopefully, goes to the dentist tomorrow. He is driving me crazy. Anything he can do for pain today and tonight?


I have a reoccurring toothache and in the past I would take left over Vicodin from previous dental adventures. However, I didn't have access to the pills tonight and I came here to find a cure. TOOTHPASTE WINS! Took a blob on a q-tip and filled in the problamatic tooth and rubbed around it on my gums and within a few minutes the pain subsided enough to get me to sleep. Hope this helps!!!


Take an ice pack and place on your cheek where the toothache is , it will stop the pain . This works because ice freezes the nerve causing the pain to immediately stop ! It wont work forever but ive been pain free for about 5hours now ! Ttust me it works !


Rinse your mouth out with salt water 3-4 times, pain goes away in 5 mins.




I cannot go to a dentist - no insurance and don't make enough to afford one - ever. I've got several teeth broken off to the gum line and, 4 more right now that are cracked or, have one side broken off.

I know sounds crazy, but it works like a charm - all you need is 1 cup of warm (around 100 degrees US) water, 3 TBS Epsom salts dissolved in that water and, some flavoring extract or LIQUID Anbesol.

First put a cople of tablespoons of the Epsom salt water in your mouth then create suction on the offending tooth. It will hurt worse for a few seconds when you get it right, hold the suction as long as you can then stop and spit the epsom salt water out. Repeat 3-4 times until you get a good bit of dark blood to come out - you've gotten the infection to drain.

Now rinse with what's left of the epsom salt water and spit it out. DO NOT SWALLOW this stuff (unless you really need a laxative)

Now dip a cotton swab in the extract or Anbesol and press it around and into the broken ot lost filling tooth for 30 seconds.

Get some sleep - the toothache is over, at lease for 2-4 days, then if it festers again , you might have to repeat it one or two more times.


My tooth has an exposed nerve and it was killing me. I knew I was getting it filled in a three days but I couldn't wait. The pain made me cry, so I applied suction with my tongue and cheek on the tooth and it went away! I also chewed on some bread and my mouth felt perfectly fine, allowing me to sleep in comfort.


I have come to find out Toothaches can be helped with cold water and brushing your teeth two to three times and swishing in cold water in between brushes. the colder the better.


I use colloidal silver to relieve tooth ache pain. I just swish it around and the pain subsides in a matter of 5 minutes or so. Some love to bring up the story of the man who turned blue after taking huge amounts of colloidal silver that he incorrectly made himself. Of course, he is the poster child for big pharma as they prefer you to use their patented antibiotics. So don't believe the 'blue man' hype. Colloidal silver has been used for centuries to cure a host of ailments.

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