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Milk will get rid of a full blown toothache in 24 hours. Just mouth wash with milk a few times and it will go. It won't come back either as it kills the nerve. The tooth has to be infected for it to kill the nerve, it won't if the tooth is not infected.


I spent hours on this site reading through the remedies...I tried them all...Hydrogen Peroxide, garlic, salt water, onion, ice, heating pad. I bought the Red Cross clove oil at the pharmacy and applied it over and over again. I used a half tube of Orajel and rocked back and forth, begging God to please help me! One person mentioned making suction with your mouth over the affected tooth...I was so desperate I did it! As soon as I did it, it felt like someone shot me in the face...excruciating, blinding pain!! Then I felt my mouth being filled with liquid. I ran to the bathroom and spit out blood a couple of times! The pain was GONE!!! I slept for six glorious hours in a row!! Today I am sore but not hurting near as much...thank you to whoever suggested the sucking on the sore's not for wimps but it DID WORK!!!


I've had an on/off THROBBING toothache for the last few days. Pain was bad enough to put me in a terrible mood and want to choke someone! Although brushing and pain relievers worked temporarily, I needed something INSTANTLY! I used about everything. Soooo, I finally swished some of my 3 year olds pain reliever medicine around in my mouth and it worked ON THE SPOT! Sounds crazy, but when your tooth has been hurting as bad as mine, you'll be thankful for it!!


If u have a really bad toothache and if other remedies don't work then try taking a regular tea bag not green tea and wet the bag just a small small amount and hold it n your mouth between the affected tough and your mouth until pain stops.


I have had an horrible tooth ache for quite some time. Tramadol works, but once you become 'immune' to it and it stops working you have to find something right? Brushing with Sensodyne Maximum Strength brings the pain immediately from a 10 to a 4. Follow that up with a warm salt water rinse, bringing it down to a 2. Then take some ibuprofen.


honestly-IBROPROFANE -cos like 60p for a pack and popped 2-pain disappeared completely. still got a headache from tooth ache but its definitely a temporary relief
tried salt water-not much effect for me


I recently had a HORRIBLE toothache and I couldn't stand it. I was waking up in the middle of the night crying and kicking and screaming and I couldn't figure out what it was.

I just took some ibuprofen and swished salt water in my mouth and I was INSTANTLY feeling better and I was relaxing I feel so much better and it's amazing.

Who'd Have Thought?

I've had multiple cracked wisdom teeth for almost 2 years now with exposed nerves. Recently, the pain has gotten so bad it's unbearable. No amount of numbing gel or pain medication would fix it. It was so bad, I couldn't turn my head without feeling a sharp pain from my temple to my lower neck. I've tried salt water, sage and boiling water, tea bags, cotton balls soaked in numbing spray, you name it. Tonight, I combined walgreen's brand throat numbing spray and 3% hydrogen peroxide in a medicine cup, 2 parts peroxide - one part spray, and swished a bit in my mouth before soaking a q-tip in the mix and applying that directly on top of the exposed nerve. The pain has subdued completely. I've had to repeat the process 3 times before the pain has stopped all together, but the 3 minutes it takes me to do this is well worth the hours I can spend crying over my sore mouth. I highly recommend this method for anyone suffering with a toothache similar to mine or even one at all.

lindor (tooth-fairy)

So i have this tooth thats giving me hard times and bring my girlfriend to tears when it starts. personaly i hate doctors and needles and all that so i'm scared of going to the doctors n dentists, this tooth has been giving me hard times all day today, couldn't eat, talk, sleep, etc. Tried every remedy i can possibly get, went to bed early in tears (for a guy) twaz like i was going crazy, sweating and shaking, friends called i couldnt answer the fone, till i got up, took sum colgate herbal, applied it on the problem tooth, 6 seconds later i could feel the pain gauge going down and i started smiling and making calls, sometimes what works for one person wont work for you but it's good to have options... It's gonn be a goodnight for me i can tell u that :D


Find Clonixin Lysinate, popular non prescription remedy in Asia (even called the toothache pill) and other countries but not available in N. America. I found mine while traveling in Asia, brought a bunch home. If you have friends overseas the stuff is cheap as dirt and it seems to target nerves in teeth better than anything else. Tried it for other things and it did little good. Don't let them talk you into Naproxen Sodium as it doesn't even come close...

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