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It's 3:45 am now, the horrible tooth pain is 95% gone and I can finally join my wife in bed. After waking up with an aching jaw, I ran to the kitchen prepared some warm saltwater for relieve. I looked up top remedies and applied garlic, onion and wheatgrass which I happen to have. I just chew them for a few mins and spit. It also seemed like the wheatgrass was very effective for what I have. My filling fell out and I have an exposed nerve I think. I tried all 3 remedies separately, but I think the wheatgrass wins. Hope this helps guys.


Here's a tip from ayurveda, that helped me in getting relief from toothache
-- get cloves, garlic,colive oil and some salt, make a paste of this and then apply it on the tooth..... 💯 % working guys... Try it ☺☺😃

Bush doctor





So I tried the salt wash 3 times with little effect, I'd seen the posts about garlic and onion but didn't have either available. I read about clove oil and having to get it at the counter top late. (Looked in the drugstore and couldn't find it. This was my third day with unbearable pain. I tried the salt rinse again last night but also added garlic salt and onion powder on top. I filled a small tea cup and rinsed and spit after about a minute, I continued this till the cup was empty. Almost immediately I could feel it working, this was at midnight, now this morning no pain at all! I wasted a ton of money on over the counter remedies yesterday with little effect. The garlic and onion mix with the salt water worked amazingly well. THANK YOU

rahul kumar

Hi I was suffering from miserable pain in my right upper teeth as i suffer from predontal disease I was unable to find any medicine as i was in a remote region at that time pain does not occur often so I did not kept medicines but at that time it was severe suddenly I recalled to do anulom vilom pranayam you can see the technique on you tube and guys in just five minutes my pain vanished and my swelling also subsided immediately just try it to believe it.


Hello everyone. Toothaches are indeed the worst pain i ever experienced. But one remedy that seem to work for is ant type of strong liquor dark or light.. If your a drinker just take a shot full and swoosh it back and forth where the pain is for about 20 sec and spit it out.. or shallow it, it's up to you.. it gives me a numb and instant relief feeling.. I did this for about 3 days 4 time a day until I visited the dentist

S. Turner

I broke a tooth last year, and at first it didn't cause me any pain. I was concerned about keeping it clean because I couldn't afford to see a dentist. DenTemp O.S. is AMAZING and COST EFFECTIVE as a TEMPORARY solution. (Find it at Walmart, Walgreens or other drugstore.) That worked like a charm, and after a while, I forgot about the broken tooth altogether. The problem is, even though I cleaned it out well before applying the DenTemp, it must have eventually lost a part of the seal it had made over the break.
Now I have swelling, which developed quickly around the bone in my cheek above the chipped tooth- even though the tooth is tender, but not excessively painful. My face swelled yesterday and I have an excruciating headache and face ache, which pain meds aren't touching. I will see a dentist TODAY.
PLEASE, if you use DenTemp or any other remedy, don't postpone treatment any longer than necessary! I only made the problem more severe and the permanent fix more costly and painful! Plus, infections can continue to spread, which makes the rest of the body vulnerable- even the heart! Please, be careful with your health.
Side note: other pain lessening measures for temporary relief are using an icepack on the face near the problem tooth; applying clove oil (see a healthfood store) to the surface of the tooth with a cotton swab- it tastes weird, but will help numb the area for a while; and, applying crushed aspirin to the surface of the tooth. A combination of these treatments may alleviate your pain while you wait for an appointment.

Best Wishes for your continued (or restored) health~


Like others here, I don't have dental insurance and can't afford it. The right side of my mouth, back teeth, is killing me. I mean, KILLING me. Orajel/Anbesol and aspirin aren't helping anymore, so here's what I tried:

1. BC powder. I didn't apply it directly - in my experience, it doesn't work. Just took one pack. It tastes like swill. Do it anyway.
2. 4 Advil (generic is okay). I don't really recommend doing this on a regular basis, but once in a while it's okay. It's equivalent to 800mg of ibuprofen that the doctor or hospital would give you for pain, so you can do it. Do it sparingly, though - it does cause liver damage over time.
3. Vanilla extract. I went downstairs and took a healthy swig of it. Kept it in my mouth until it burned so bad I couldn't take it anymore and spit it out. I used pure vanilla extract - don't know if imitation will work or not. Pain relief was nearly instant, though. I wouldn't recommend swallowing it.
4. Ground cloves. I put a little right on the injured tooth. Don't know if it works alone or in combination, because by this time my pain was disappearing.

It's in the background but it's DEFINITELY calmed down some, so I will repeat as necessary. I don't know which worked. Try one, try them all.

Hope you all feel better. Toothaches are a bitch.


I have suffered extensive pain for 20 years with my teeth and have tried lots of things, including pulling teeth at home.

1) DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PULL YOUR TEETH AT HOME! Obvious really, but it will hurt lots and you run the risk of infection in your jawbone. Not pleasant.

2) Holding cold water on the tooth will certainly relieve the pain for a short time. The problem is the times will get progressively shorter, until you have to have a mouthful of cold water constantly. When you stop using the cold water the pain will return and will usually be much worse. The only way to stop using the cold water when you start is basically when you pass out through exhaustion after probably 2-3 days. However....

3) If you don't have any at home you can use the above method until you can get ORAJEL. This is sold over the counter in 10% and behind the counter n pharmacies as 20% gel. The 20% refers to Benzocaine which is the active ingredient. I was skeptical about this when it was recommended to me and I suffered for longer as a result. When I tried it I was annoyed I hadn't got hold of it sooner!


Toothaches are the worst!!! So here's what I found out tonight...

Sensitive tooth paste- made it far worse
Coconut oil- felt good to pull, didnt work
Warm sea salt water- NOOO BAD! Gross!
Rubbed Tylenol/ ibuprofen on gums- nope
Tylenol/ibuprofen orally- barely helped
Vanilla extract- nope not for me
Orajel- SWEET relief.... For about 15 minutes...

(By this time I was screaming and crying in pain)
*****WITCH HAZEL ****
It was nearly instant. You DON'T want to swish it, but RUB it on the gums and tooth with a QTip and enjoy being able to feel normal!!!!

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