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If u have a toothache after u ate it is best if u floss. If u don't have it after ur food and had it for a long time then get some cloves and put it in between ur tooth that hurts, carry on changing it after 15 min then the pain will go and if it comes back repeat it again and again. I hope ur tooth stops hurting.

Chocolate Master

I had a horrible toothache, I tried the mouthwash on a Q-tip, vanilla on a Q-tip, the coughdrops. Nothing worked. I then made myself a cup of hot chocolate, and it went away right after I finished it.

march 31st

i was online awhile ago looking for remedies for my tooth ache i was about to cry and didn't feel like i could stand up any more lol rapped up in everything that i like and brings me comfort. i came across this ground black pepper and salt mix a even amount of them in something and add a little bit of water when you mix it it should appear like a paste it works almost instantly hope the same thing happens for you
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So after trying about everything this site to deal with the pain in my tooth I stumbled across something that is working fairly well. One of my molars needs a filling and the dentist has looked at but can't get to it for another few day. Don't know if it'll help you but her goes, I was lying on my side with an ice pack over the effected area with not much luck when I started making Donald Duck noises. It seems to have been massaging my gums and the pain is significantly better. Good luck.


I just did this and wanted to share it... I had two root canals 2 days ago. I need one more and 2 teeth pulled. I have been in terrible pain for the last few days, even had to go to the ER last night. I have been taking Vicodin, hydrocodone and Tylenol and ibuprofen.. Nothing worked. The only thing that could give me very short moments of relief was to swish ice water around in my mouth. It would take the pain away for about 30 seconds then the pain would come right back. So... What I just did was take BC powder and mix it with about 2 oz of water. I then swished it around in my mouth for about 2 mins and spit out the rest. After 10 mins my pain was fully gone! It has been about 45 mins since I did that and the pain is still gone. This is the longest relief I have got in days!!!


3 am This morning I woke up because of tooth pain. Horrible, throbbing, stinging type. I came on here to read. I read about clove oil. I didn't have any handy, so I took ground cloves, mixed a little veg oil and with a q-tip, I stuffed the concoction into my tooth. Here it is at 6:47am and I am still pain free.


Had toothache for 2 days now wasn't so bad yesterday but couldn't sleep tonight as got so bad I usually use clove oil and it works a treat but didn't have any left so started looking on this site and what worked for me was swilling with mouthwash,took 2 paracetamol and sucked on a cough sweet (on the side that hurts) and now the pain as gone and now i can finally get some sleep :)
Hope this works for someone


For a tooth ache, gargle with 3% hydrogen peroxide (the stuff from the store)for about 1 minute. Don't swallow it. It should bubble some. Then spit it out. Do that 3X a day. Your toothache should subside and start healing.

cuban friend

apply tiger balm menthol with a q tip ,,u can put it inside the molars or around the thooth,u can buy it at any walgreens or cvs,,also it has to be the dark balm menthol no the white one,,,,,my family has been using it for decades,,it work better than any orajel or pain killer..


I don't know how it happened but i used Icyhot on the outside of the affected area and it slowly went away

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