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So yeah, I have had a toothache for 3 days now, it's gotten worse and worse and worse till the point where I was crying last night it hurt so bad (I'm not a crier either....)....

...for any who don't already, i'm not saying go out and try it, cause it affects people differently, but if you do, and you can, smoke one...and i don't mean a cigarette either...glaucoma has nothing on toothache pain, but it worked like a dream. 5 minutes later, I was pain free all night, and I could sleep again!


While at work one night I got a mild toothache from a wisdom tooth that was infected on the top part of my mouth. Desperate I combed a few websites about natural home remedies as aspirin nor ibuprofen made a dent in the ache. Using some of the common remedies I saw I combined baking soda, garlic salt, table salt, pepper and lemon juice to make a grainy paste. I used a q-tip to apply it to the tooth and gum. NO PAIN for hours! I also used an ice pack to my cheek whenever possible. I made enough to keep on hand for touch ups until I can get to the dentist. It really made a difference in the pain level! It dropped from a level of 6-8 to a level 1.


This was a 'by chance' discovery. Since my tooth was causing so much pain in my lower right jaw, I couldn't eat anything that was tough to chew, or made my teeth touch. So I was eating bananas before I took ibuprofen (4-6 at a time), and to my surprise the ibuprofen was in my system in less than 10 minutes! This happened over a 2 day period and it worked every time. And as you know, every minute is a miserable minute beyond compare with a high caliber toothache.


My wisdom teeth have been coming in for about a year now and over the last 3 months they have really started to take their toll on me not only does my actual tooth hurt but my jaw as well i have found that the best thing to do for my tooth is to swish with listerine until i can't stand it but i still had jaw pain so my husband had some muscle rub (bengay) and it did wonders for my jaw so now I'm sitting here in alot less pain than before just have to make it another month til the insurance kicks in hope this helps


After taking 2 vicodin and getting zero relief for a throbbing toothache I found this site. I did the salt water rinse and that only helped while I was rinsing. The next phase was baking soda. It took a bit to really feel the effects of relief but it works. I could still feel some pain and put a very small amount directly on the open tooth. That helped a bit more but tastes terrible. Thanks to all for the remedies. This tooth is broken and wide open so that anything I drink goes directly down to the root. Some of you know how painful that is. So far BS is the best. Next Im trying the onion!


hi all pain jockeys, try this, get two liquid caps advil etc..., swallow one and then take a pin a put a hole in the pill, squeeze the contents of the pill on your sore tooth, ibruprofen works much better than paracetamol, tastes like sh#t but works like a charm, i have also used warm salt gargle, use good salt, (pure), good luck i know your pain.i have used clove oil, its good but who has it on hand at 2.00 am.

Fellow suffering human

Two 'Goody' powders, one glass of wine (I used white) and application of a tea-bag (just stuck it in my mouth over the affected molar and draped it around, between my gum and cheek) and it's 100% feeling better until I can get to the dentist. OMG take care of your teeth people this pain is not worth anything. Right up there with labor pains.

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