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Nick Newman

I mixed vanilla extra, with whiskey and burban whiskey too, with baking soda and some peanut butter just start chewing on your tooth with the peanut buter with all those combined and ur toothache will go away, lol

Sounds weird but it actually worked for me unlike all the other posts here :)


I did not have any clove oil so I cut up 2 clove added 2 teaspoons of hot water. I had vanilla essence and almond essence so I used Angostura bitters, about 3 dashes in the drawn clove. First I swished my mouth with warmed salt water then dabbed the clove/ bitters concoction on the gum around the tooth. It took about 5 minutes but I slept all night and I woke up without pains. Thanks for your suggestions.


soak a cotton ball with wiskey and apply over the tooth. Then do a couple of shots.It works.


Someone mentioned childrens tylenol, i tried it, so far so good, had a toothache 5 min ago, no more pain. Thanks to the person that mentioned it


Ok i have seriously tried evvverything on this site! im crying my tooth hurts so bad.... vanilla extract used to help, didnt this time... and then i tried baking soda... no luck. so i decided to try to mix them.... INSTANT relief!!

I put a little bit of vanilla, and some baking soda, enough to make it thickish first i made it liquidy and swished it around. then made it thicker and rubbed it on with a qtip... now hopefully i can sleep!, I really hope this helps!


I saw this in another submission, but I have a bit to add to it.

Take a bit of mouthwash (I use the generic kind, but any kind will work) - it has to be the blue or green, it doesn't work with citrus flavored. Keep it in your mouth, being careful to keep it at the affected tooth. Don't swish, don't swallow, just leave it there until it has time to numb your gums. This sometimes doesn't work for long (it didn't work for me tonight for more than a minute or two), but most of the time it does. Another thing to use is just a tiny amount of toothpaste. Rub it above or below the affected tooth and leave it there. It will numb the gum down, and after a minute or two, it will spread to the tooth and numb that as well


Believe it or not my friend gave me this ointment and I was skeptical at first. Dr. Sheffield's Oral Pain Relief. It says on it 'Gives Immediate Long Lasting RElief from Toothache Pain' I had my doubts. But it's available over the counter without perscription. I tried it one night and my whole mouth went numb just like the novacaine shots. This stuff is great I freaking love it. Active Ingredients are as follows:
Benzocaine 20%

And it's lasted for close to 4 days now with only that one nights application. The gum and even my tongue and cheek were numb in a matter of literally seconds. I'd have sold my soul for this stuff a few years ago.


Menthol really helps have good taste and easy to get just grab strongest possible 'mint taste' chewing gum. Chew a little 2 pieces (until you start feeling max taste) then hold on teeth.


See a dentist, but in the meantime a fluoride gel may help, e.g., Gel-Kam (.4% stannous fluoride gel made by Colgate).

This is NOT a toothpaste; you use it AFTER brushing (otherwise it may stain your teeth).

My pharmacy keeps it behind the counter (so you have to ask for it), but it doesn't require a prescription.

Good luck and God bless


Started out with a vicoden, followed by 2 Ibuprofen, swished with peroxide, followed by salt water, then swished with crown royal, then warm water then swished with vodka. Still severe pain. Finally cut a small piece of garlic and it is stuck inside the hole where my filling use to be and pain finally dull (about a 1 compared to a 10 when I first started). Had a couple of glasses of wine earlier in the evening so hope I don't die from alcohol poisoning in the middle of the night. Can't really say which remedy worked, but next time I will start with the garlic clove.

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