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The two things that worked best for me, and boy I was in some pain, was putting a tea bag in hot water and then putting the tea bag on the sore tooth, I bit down on it for about 3-4 minutes and the pain was gone by 80%, after that I used Red Cross Toothache Medicine. Pain gone, mouth numb. I just got done using the Red Cross Medicine and I don't know how long it will last, but the relief is priceless.


Dip a qtip in bourbon and rub it all over and around your tooth. I didn't expect it to work, but it really did numb it immediately.


This is going to be an extremely long remedy, simply because there's multiple ones.

I'm going to start by saying, it's not that I don't take care of my teeth, which I don't, and that is my fault. But my father and I have toothaches together, literally, it's like he passed it on to me.

There are ways for relief, and ways to indefinitely get rid of it without seeing a dentist.

I'm going to start with the ones I know worked for me.

1) A Towel - Yeah, a towel. The fact is, your nerves spread to your blood vessels, which extend through your entire body as part as the nervous system. A towel around your neck will do the track for temporary relief. I say temporary, because you can't walk around outside with a towel around your neck. I would advise it when you go to sleep, so you don't wake up in pain. DON'T TIE IT. Wrap it around.

2) Vanilla Extract - For me, it worked. ...for about 20 seconds. It took the pain away as soon as I put it around the tooth and gum.

3) Cold Water - Yes, excruciating pain from the chill. But if you have tooth decay, it works wonders.

4) Peanut Butter - I didn't end up dabbing it on, I ended up damping the entire side of my gum in it as well as around the tooth. It works, but your tastebuds are going to go nuts licking it.

5) Whiskey - Every single alcoholic beverage in my house is at least 20 years old, and very strong. This did nothing for me.

6) Acetaminophen - Um, yeah, don't even bother unless you're popping 3 excedrins at a time to go to sleep right after.

7) Breathe through your nose, exhale out of your mouth - Believe it or not, this works. You're taking the O2 (oxygen) in through your nose, which is clean air, and letting the CO2 (carbon dioxide) out through your mouth. The CO2 turns into warm air, being your blood is warm (unless you're a vampire I suppose?). Make sure to breathe directly at the part of your mouth the toothache is occurring.

8) Fugheddaboutit - Exactly what it says. Put your mind to work and think of as many things as you can. Seeing the word 'toothache toothache toothache' written down the page and trying to put pressure on it with your tongue only makes you think about it more, causing more pain. The more you forget about it, the longer is stays away. I'm serious. But then again, don't just tell someone to 'forget about your toothache'. Obviously, only advisable when you're not about to go to sleep.

9) Your nostrils lead to your lungs, too - Similar to 8, don't breathe through your mouth at all. Breathe through your nose. This leaves some CO2 passing through your mouth which puts pressure that is invisible to the naked eye on your tooth. It may sound stupid, but it works.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to lather my gums up in Skippy, wrap a towel around my neck like a muslim and fall asleep like a baby.


Wow, I tried the vanilla, the hydrogen peroxide, and the tea tree oil, but one was amazing and completely numbed the pain... the tee tree oil. First I poured it on my tooth brush and brushed my teeth with it, but what was more affective was putting it on a q tip and applying it to my gums. Wow, it worked immediately. It tastes awful, but getting rid of the pain was worth it. Now to see the dentist in a few days.


I had broke out part of my right rear molar and it has caused IMMENSE pain. Not the regular pain. I would get up at night and I would be in excruciating pain. I would rock back and forth and cry my eyes out because the pain was unbearable. I have tried EVERYTHING....I tried motrin, Ibuprofen 800 mg, oxycodone, vicodin, tylenol, excederin, pure vanilla extract, ice on outside of jaw, ice on space between finger and thumb and everything else imaginable. Then one day I was searching for some over the counter medications and I came across ALEVE...I took 2 as soon as I bought them and the pain went away. I take 2 per day and the pain stays gone all day long. I finally found the remedy for my pain! I hope that this is helpful to anyone out there who is suffering from the same hellish pain as I have.

Buy Aleve or buy Naproxen Sodium (same thing, generic name)


My husband had a horrible toothache with an exposed nerve. So this is a good one...garlic!! For real. Get a fresh clove of garlic and bite down on it for a couple minutes. Initially the pain will probably be bad but then relief. He couldn't even believe it. Worth a try!!!


Thank you for all the remedies. Will definitely try all of them. Been in so much pain since August of 2010. My dentist removed my wisdom teeth & put a filling on 1 of my back tooth #31 Another tooth started giving me pain, too much of it #30. Went back & told my dentist about it. They said that different people recuperate differently. Then why is tooth #30 aching. More dose of Vicodin & Motrin 800 mg were prescribed. Another week passed & I came back, pissed off. They still owe me a permanent filling & a crown on tooth #31. They did an x-ray on tooth #30 & told me that this time i will be needing a root canal on 30. Why bother sedate me & put my permanent filling & crown on #31 when i will need to be sedated for root canal on #30 anyways. What?! I was so pissed off & asked them why they didn't see this a month before when they did the x-ray. My dental insurance was all maxed out & i don't have over $1,100 to pay them for a root canal. Got a 2nd opinion from another dentist & found out that from his x-ray it doesn't seem to look like i need a root canal. ??? Called my insurance company asking to help me out. Maybe i can use some of my kids' or my husbands coverage to cover mine. In the process, my insurance company informed me that my dentist did a filling on #30. BUSTED!!! No wonder I've been in so much pain. Those unsensitive people not even once told me what they did to #30. My dentist touched the wrong tooth. Confronted them about this. Since they still owe me a permanent & a filling on #31, I agreed to have his wife instead to work on me this time. They given me no Rx to give me comfort in this time of chaos & difficulty. I asked her to redo the filling her stupid husband did. She told me that she cannot promise that it will be cured. In the processed, she mentioned it could be all in my head. !!! Hello??? I was in front of u B*tch!!! Then she said: 'Oh, I see the nerve' Duh, your dear F*cking husband exposed it. So now, I am waiting until January of 2011 to get my tooth fix by another dentist. Tried garlic, vanilla, oregano, even basil, but to no success :-( Tried Orajel which numbs the pain but the pressure is still there. It gives me about 15-20 mnts of no pain hugs my husband & kids moment b4 i start yelling at everyone again. Tried Gel Kam but it's not working for me anymore :-( Brought the story to my medical Dr. He gave me Antibiotics & Prescription pain killer. It took my ear ache away. Ice pack helps out, but not for long. I will sue them MotherF*ckers!!! I will take them to channel 7 News & expose their dirty works. That stupid dentist of mine worked on my tooth on purpose to get more $$$ from my insurance company. Not a single sorry from that A**hole. I will make sure every single person in our community knows what they did to me & good Lord to other people too. If I had a credit card available or any money stash somewhere I probably would have agreed to whatever they want. But since we're broke, I asked too many questions which they didn't like. Watch out!!! I will expose your dirty work!


My toothache started saturday night until sunday around 6 or 7pm when I found a solution thanks to this site. I had a toothache from my wisdom tooth. the right side of my face was completely in pain starting with my temple, ear, jaw and kneck. I have never felt pain like this. So after been up all night and day I came acroos this site and tried a couple of the remedies.
1. orajel(maximum) didnt work at all
2. vodka 80% proof worked everytime but only for 15-20 minutes and pain will come back
3. Vanilla extract It didnt work because I bought the 35% cause I couldnt find the 100% one anywhere.
4. water & salt- worked the first time again for around 20 minutes
5. Sensodyne Maximum- was my solution, for a whole hour I brushed my teeth every 15 minutes, I did this 3 times and the fourth time I brushed my teeths let all the foam inside my mouth without rinsing with water applied some sensodyne directly to the broken tooth and pain was gone. Pain hasnt comeback since. I also took some vicadin, excedrin, and ibuprofen in that time span but it didnt work for me.


For bad toothaches use BC or Goody's powder dimwet the Q-tip then dip in powder. Apply to tooth and gum area thats hurting. Pain should disappear within aprox 60 seconds.


Have u tried every thing try this.

Get a rag then put a lot of salt in the middle then take a pinch of salt put it around and on ur tooth put salt pinches on your tooth until it salt num if works vote and comment

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