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i have had horrible tooth pain, i have a cracked tooth on one side and something eles going on on the other side. the cracked tooth stopped hurting after taking amoxicillin and pain killers. Buuuuttt the tooth on the other side has been givin me extream pain!!! i have no money or insurance. I have been brushing my teeth and gums lightly then rinsing my mouth with warm water and salt for a good 3-5 mintues then i apply an ice pack for a good 5 to 10 mins. it takes away the pain for a little while which is good for me until i can find a more permanent solution. hope this helps someone.

the stoned tooth fairy

My remedy is the most fun and most effective ... to be pain releif fow a good few hours and get a good nights sleep you must get yourself a big cannabis joint. you get a great sleep, quick pain relief and you also start to think toothace is funny lol ..........this is no joke it really works !!!


For toothache caused by swelling, follow these steps:

1. Take 1 tablet of Advil (2 is better if you can handle it).

2. Take a few pinches of ground cloves and spread them over the swelling area.

The cloves will reduce the pain by about 75%, and the Advil will take care of the rest. Cloves numb the area almost immediately, whereas Advil will take about 15-25 minutes to take effect.

Ground cloves are very common. If you don't have any, they're only about $3 at a grocery store. You could also use clove oil, which can be bought at a local pharmacy.

When using Advil, follow the directions CAREFULLY or else you may end up in the hospital, or dead. Take 1 or 2 pills at a time only. The same rule applies to other pain relievers.

To prevent future toothaches, try to reduce your consumption of sweets and sugared drinks.


to help you get thru the nite take 3 500mg tylenol break them each into as many pieces (with out wasting any) take them all at the same time then try to do something to take your mind off of it (like i am now lol) within 15 to 30 mins you should be pretty good


I was at the end of my rope with my toothache (the tooth needed to be pulled ASAP)it was so bad that it woke me out of my sleep. I had used tons of remedies and this time nothing work and the pain was intense. I had read somewhere that Oregano could help. I put Oregano around the aching tooth in my mouth and let it sit there (WOW) this stuff worked so every time the pain came I immediately ran for the Oregano. I eventually got the tooth pulled.

Bahamian P

I've been having toothache problems off and on for months now, but this day at work was particularly bad. I took two pain killers and noticed no change, then I tried a warm tea bag, still I went scrummaging through my purse and found a bottle of peppermint essence which I usually keep adding to my tea at work. I used my pinky finger to dab a little onto my back tooth and gum and the pain went away instantly. I just kept reapplying whenever I felt the pain come back and it got me through the rest of the day. Hope someone can use can find peppermint oil or essence of peppermint at a drug store or health food store.


my tooth as been killin me for the pass two nights. one night it got so bad I was cryin like a baby so I got up here and seen dat tea bags would help and it cut the pain down a lot. but not all the way gone but when started playin my favorite rock songs bye bye killer might jt work for young people though so if ur over 20 it might not work for u but at 5:45 am I would try any thing.....good luck


I've had extremley bad toothache now for 4 days and until today i havent slept for 4 days!!! I had a filling a few weeks ago but the root of the tooth as died and i am in agony, i am having the tooth removed in 2 days but until then i am on my own as powerful pain killers no longer work! I've tried every remedy on here from vanilla to whisky on the tooth and they all have only lasted for minutes. But today I had a break through that let me sleep for a whole 8 hours without waking up in pain or biting down on my bad tooth (believe me that hurts like hell!)
I got an old T shirt rolled it up a few times then put it in my mouth at the front and at the teeth on the opposite side of my bad tooth and bit down hard, I dont know why or how but this is instant relief, the pain stops instantly! I then went to sleep biting down hard on this with my front teeth and i actually slept for 8 hours, i woke up with no pain although it did return after 2 hours but then i just started the process again and the pain goes away - great i can now manage my pain until i have it removed on Thursday! Good luck everyone, you have my sympathy tooth ache is truely awful!


Im just like everyone else so no details simple put pure vanilla or lemon or orange extract. You can buy with food stamps. Taste nasty omg but worked asap I mean before I could even spit it out cause I took a swig (drink).


Please try the clove oil. I am very familiar with tooth pain. I used whole cloves from the spice rack,crushed them and put them into a empty teabag.
This makes a nice packet that you can place between your cheek and gum in the affected area. Suck the juice out of this for a while and don't swallow too much. I found this to be affective.
The clove oil that you can purchase is probably more efficient. Good luck I know what it's like.

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