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Try some warm water and garlic salt may help a lil while..

Cris Pirate

Oh, my god. It hurt sooo bad. I was on here for hours trying remedy after remedy, mostly they just made my mouth smell weird and bad.

Then a young woman said Sensodyne Toothpaste..Worked Instantly covering the nerve, I will have to do it probly every time I brush, but I really dont care.

Thank you anonymous woman who said Sensodyne Toothpaste...delete the rest.

Kevin slater

Hi everyone my remedy for tooth ache is this first gently brush your teeth using sensodyne pro namel toothpaste then swill your mouth out with colgate plax multi protection things that are simmilar or better will do then using your toothbrush apply as much sensodyne toothpaste on to the affected area my case beign a cracked tooth apply it into the crack leave it on for as long as you can i managed 2.30 minutes and then take 2 paracetamol tablets or more depending on dose for effective relief of toothache for around 2 - 3 hours please note that i am 16 years old and your results may vary it's working fine for me hope it helps


After trying several remedies and not being able to sleep, I put a whole cottonball between my cheek and sore tooth/ gums. It helped me get to sleep and was surprisingly less obtrusive than I thought it would be. Cottonball + a couple pain pills was the only thing that worked for me.

Magic Pigeon

Well this is the first time using remedy's off the Internet, and was not sure if to try them or not but with the amount of pain I was feeling the amount of sleep I was losing I had no choice in try them out only because it was Christmas time so could not see my dentist, so first I tryed the normal way to get rid of my toothache which was to find the most powerfulest painkiller in my cupboard and start taking them but after a couple of hours later
the pain was back and had taken more than recormended amount in the allowed in that day so had to try other methods so the first one was to brush my teeth I used warm water( I recormended you use warm water because cold water hurt like hell) and a small amount of tooth paste it gave me some relef but did not stop it, so I tryed salt water it helped more but could still feel the pain so I repeated these methods I couple of times it still did not get rid of the pain but it was able to help me get sum sleep untill I could see my dentist, in the end he got rid of the thooth all together and within seconds all the pain I was feeling was gone it was heaven so if you are having bad tooth ache I would recormend that you see your dentist or pull out your own tooth


I had many toothaches over the years. It runs in the family. First, if you put presure on the tooth and it hurts, throbbs, it may be an abscess. This is very bad and you need to get in to a denist as soon as possible. Infections in the mouth can go to the heart and then you really have problems.
I had a dentist tell me that ibuprofen is the best. I found that placing a whole clove or two in next to the tooth helps. I place it between the gum and the inside of you cheek next to the affected teeth. It works after a couple minutes. I have a friend that swares by chewing an asprine with the tooth that is causing the pain. I tried it and it tasted nasty and it did little to help. Sometimes the tea bag works and sometime it does little or nothing. I had tried wiskey, sometimes it works and sometimes not. Keep trying different things to find out what works best with this toothache, this time. I wish you well


chew the garlic clove on the tooth that is aching, just keep chewing until it's watery then rub the garlic to the tooth and the area that is aching. don't wash it, just let it stay there, it will be gone..PROMISE!

i've just done it before typing, :)

J. May

For those who have a toothache try putting some ground cloves on the tooth. It works for a little while, then if or when it comes back put some more on.


I've had impacted wisdom teeth and several toothaches which were helped considerably by either several aspirin or Excedrin PM. But this one was by a mile the worst I'd ever had, it felt like someone was using an ice cold chisel and a hammer on my tooth. The cold winter air would make it worse. Even walking on a cement floor would make it worse. It was a molar with top and middle hollowed out. This went on for several days and meds wouldn't touch it. Finally I laid down with a heating pad turned on high, against the side of my face, and just laid there and let it burn for a few hours (no skin damage). The heat must have killed the nerve because it never hurt after that. I already had an appt to get it out in 2 weeks.

Tea Bag Remedy

I am at work and have a killer tooth pain. I dont have any tablets or even a Medic shop near by. I was going through these remedies and thank you for whoever posted the tea remedy. I took a Mint tea bag and soaked it in hot water and had it. It worked surprisingly fast and I dont have pain now. I dont know how long it would last..but I dont mind drinking another cup of tea when I get more pain... Works perfectly

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