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I have read some of these remedies as I am suffering right now with toothache, I am a big fan of garlic in my cooking but never had it raw. I took the advice of crushing a couple of cloves onto a chopping board & adding about have a teaspoon on vegetable oil and crush further to get a sort of paste. I then put this mixture onto a sheet of tissue which was folded up so I could get it into my mouth. I held the poultice there for as long as I could as be warned, it does sting. After removing the tissue, I rinsed with salty warm water....Ahhhh works well but I stink now!!!


I had THEE worst toothache and on the 3rd night I came to this site and tried the Cayenne Pepper remedy.... and it WORKED in literal moments --- so why do doctors etc tell us to take hydro-codeine, tylenol, ibuprophen --- On night 1 and 2 I took Ibuprofen 600mg and Tylenol 3000 mg and it still throbbed !


I cannot thank Cayenne Pepper enough and all of the people on here who recommended it ! It is a serious and terrible thing to have such bad tooth pain


This is a remedy given to me from my mum. I am 11 and this remedy really works. If you have a toothache do this to help it.
1/2 tsp of honey
2 pinches of salt
warm water
Add in the honey and salt then put in warm water to the mix. I know this is an old remedy but it really works! Swish it around in the spot that hurts. You can also use a hot pack or an ice pack to help, but i think the saltwater honey rinse works best!


I tried lots of things. woke up one day tppth hurt horribly bad. tried clove oil and it worked for a little while but didnt make it stop, so i went to the doctor, of course after 2 full days of running back and forth to the sink lol. i kept rinsing my tooth in cold water and in like 20 seconds the pain would come back ten fold!! NOT A GOOD IDEA!! So i read on here to bear the pain for a bit, but instead of just torturing myself i swapped from water to antiseptic mouth wash and the pain went from a 10 to a 2 almost instantly. I REALLY APPRECIATE SITES LIKE THIS!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!


Last week the dentist did some exploratory root canal work and the tooth/gum has been getting rapidly more painful (and swollen). In desperation (3am), I found this website - what a relief! For me, the following worked:

1. Ibubrofen (it is an anti-inflammatory, but takes a while for the effect to be noticed).
2. A small sip of brandy, held in the mouth against the painful area.
3. 3 cloves, crushed in a drop of water and then applied to the sore area (this gives a burning sensation, but stick with it!).

Within 10-15 minutes, the pain was reduced to tolerable soreness and AT LAST I could sleep. Now, 8 hours later, still pain free (although still very tender). This should keep me going until early next week, when I have the follow-up appointment.

Hope it helps someone out there, toothache is the worst.....


this will definitely work!
i always do this:

1) get a cup of warm water and put a teaspoon of salt

2) stir it
until the salt has dissolved

3) gurgle with it for 30 seconds

4) lightly brush your teeth, CURED!!

blah blah blah

My daughter cracked a tooth eating popcorn, we couldnt get her in to the dentist on an emergency because we are self pay and broooke til payday like everyone else here, so we spent an entire night trying just about every natural remedy to help her sleep. nothing worked! we tried an onion, garlic, ice pack, hot cloth, peroxide rinse, hot showers, vics vapor rub on her cheek..some things helped to settle her down a bit but nothing took away the at 8am, we took a trip to urgent care and got a rx for antibiotics..giant eagle fills antibiotic scripts FREE (not sure if this is nationwide or not but it cant hurt to check) we picked up some ibuprofen as the dr suggested and gave her 1 tablet with her first dose of the antibiotic, and later gave her another tablet with a good brushing/rinsing and put her in the shower..we got SLEEP! This morning we gave her the antibiotic and an ibuprofen tablet..she has been pain free all morning and even ate something besides soup. We did make a dentist appointment for monday, but friday/saturday were complete hell..

So my suggestion to everyone without insurance and suffering..get to an urgent care or er asap..all of these home remedies are great for a quick fix but not for long term...and at least get some antibiotics. in a few days you will feel better.

BTW we did apply for that care credit thing someone here mentioned, and got turned down..I guess the working poor (not on welfare, just making ends meet to pay bills) are to much of a credit risk for dental care *grr*

There are some companies out there that offer discount medical/dental and rx plans as well that run about $20 a month for an individual $40 for a family..

Feel better everyone!


really bad toothache seems to strike me mostly at night when pharmacies are closed, for emergency relief I chop-up some ginger and garlic, wrap it in a clean handkerchief and chew on it, or wad it between the tooth and gum like chewing tobacco, your mouth will start to fill with saliva but that's ok, you'll start feeling relief within 5 mins and it should get you through the night.


Don't overlook plain ole warm salt water.. Take some OTC pain relievers- Ibuprophen seemed to help more than Tylenol.. and then swsh your mouth for as loong as you can with warm salt water. The relief was immediate, although it doesn't last forever- but hopefully long enough for the Ibuprophen to kick in. I had tried clove oil, oragel, whiskey, listerine.. but the salt water helped me the most.


I have always been having all kinds of toothache and always resolve to some kind of strong painkillers but they really do the job. Today, my mum dabbed cotton wool onto some indian herbal medicine and I put it on my gums and tooth and.....within minutes the pain had gone! Its been 4 hours now and I'm without pain. Really can't believe it worked! It smells of clove and other herbs.

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