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Tooth Pain after Eating Dissolved With Fresh Sage

I chewed a few leaves of fresh sage from our garden, and pressed it to the painful teeth and gums and left it there. Within 10 minutes the pain had subsided, and it totally disappeared.

I usually get tooth pain after eating, and I am searching for a long-term cure but in the meantime the fresh sage compress works as a temporary treatment.


Make a decoction of coriander seeds. The website I got the info from says 10 grams in 1 liter of water, but I personally just eyeball it.

Anyways, gargle the decoction as needed. It won't take all the pain away but it will make it manageable. You may have to constantly gargleā€”I have to do so about every 5-15 min dep. on the severity of the pain, but most other things I try do absolutely nothing or only work for a few seconds or less than 5 min.


I have been having the WORST tooth ache right before bed. Its sharp throbbing painband keeping me awake. I had tried everything.. But what finally soothes the pain for me to enjoy my sleep was 2 ibhlrofin 600mg and (this may soundbweird but trust me it worked!!) i ran a face cloth under hot water.. Soaked the towel and i chewed on it where exactly i was having pain. Sucked all the hot water kut and voila! No more pain. I will continue to take 2 ibulrofins every 4 hours just so the pain doesnt come back as strong as it was.


Try gurgling with or drinking milk. I have had a bad toothache from a cavity which has caused an exposed nerve and oragel, painkillers, warm water/salt etc..was not working. I read that milk worked so I gave it a try. I used a straw and let the milk cover the tooth and in a few minutes the pain was dull but bearable and 10 minutes later it was completely gone


Ive had a toothache now since Christmas it is now the 1st of March it comes and goes!

Luckily I have the dentist tomoro to get it removed!

The only thing that would work for me was to get some tissue paper and roll it up and soak it in whiskey and then put it in your mouth where the tooth is!

Hope it worked for you! It's really that only thing that gave me relief


a thing i thought would never worked that clearly really worked for me is BREAD!!! yes i said BREAD i tried everythinggggg but bread actual works all u do is rip a piece off no bigger then your pinky then u roll it up stick it in the tooth and boom the pain is gone right away dont use the bread crust but im guessing the bread works because the yeast thats in it or...

Felicia in St. Louis

I found that ibuprofen 600mg every 6 to 8 hours. Gargling with warm salt water. Applying ambesol extra strength. Brush, Floss and rinse with listerine. This helped me survive until I got $1,000.00 for oral surgery to remove all 4 wisdom teeth. I just discovered, halls menthol cough drops on the side of the offensive tooth helped my friend find relief.

Michael Pelton

When my tooth pain acted up I take a small capful of Jack Danials whisky and leave it lay on the tooth for awhile!.....It numbs the tooth and the pain subside slowing!....repeat a couple times, but use a capful not a shot, too much Jack will make you forget about your tooth!!


Cayenne Pepper and Apple Cider Vinegar the perfect marriage of pain management.
I had a toothache from hell after Christmas and nothing was working except multiple ibuprofen doses. I would take 4 pills (2 liquid and 2 coated--that formula worked wonders but only for 4 hours). I didn't want to overdose from the pills because I get stomach bleeding and ulcers. I don't have dental insurance and I have always prefered natural cures...I went on every home remedy site and tried everything. Most things would work work for a little bit and then never again after (garlic, tea bags, mouthwash, ice packs, clove oil, almond extract, cinnamon and honey paste). The last on my list to try was cayenne pepper and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). Here's my magical cure: First I brushed my teeth really good with a sensitive toothpaste. Next I swished the ACV around in my mouth as a mouthwash for a good minute and spit out. The pain immediately lessed greatly with just the ACV!! But I wanted to step it up a notch... I then took a cotton swab dipped it in acv and then dipped it in the cayenne pepper. I probed the cotton swab full of cayenne pepper in the hole in my tooth. Next I would redip it in the ACV and remove the tip of the cotton swap and pack it into the hole in my tooth. So basically my tooth's hole was filled with cayenne pepper then on top of that was the residual cayenne pepper and ACV that was left on the cotton swap. I did this procedure 2-3 times a day and still supplimented with the ibuprofen (but I only had to take it twice a day after my first application instead of 6 times a day). I would always leave the cotton swab tip in the hole until my next application....this enabled me to eat and drink without worrying about something getting down in the hole. It's now 2 days later and my mouth and jaw are no longer sore and no pain at all!! I haven't had to take Ibuprofen in 48 hours!! Trust me when I say I have tried everything listed here and other websites before and this is the only thing that has stopped the pain. I really hope this helps someone else.

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