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sharron h

im half cherokee indian and i went to a theme park that had a water park me and my family spent the day there I have never been sunburned till then I put diaper rash ointment for babies on mine and it works it is also good for any type of burns


I got home from a weekend camping trip today and was BRIGHT red. My grandma told me to mix together a paste using baking soda, and apple cider vinegar. Make so its spreadable but not like soup, it has to be thick. Then rub it on the area of your burn. Then let it sit until its try, and then wet a washcloth and lightly wipe it off. It wont all come off at once, once your face dries again you will have to wipe it off once more. But I don't feel the pain of the burn anymore, and even the brightness of the red went down.



i went out on a boat with my family 2 days ago, and when i got home i was so miserable; i was so red i could have been mistaken for an entree at red lobster. my aunt gave me 4 advil liquid gels, which work well to dimish the pain. however, after coming home, i didnt have any advil, so i rubbed lotion on my burns and went to bed. When i woke up, it was worse than the day before, so out of desperation i found this site.
i didnt think vinegar would work, but i was so desperate i had no other choice. all i have is apple cider vinegar, so i started dabbing it on, and ALL OF A SUDDEN my legs do not burn any more. i can slap them and they feel just fine. it really is amazing. couple that with 4 advil liquid gels and you'll sleep like a baby! (dont forget to shower before you sleep though ;] )


cut a large tomato in slices, lay on the sunburn and leave for 10-15 mins. Wash off in a cool shower. Really does work!!!! I have lived in Greece for many years and have used this remedy, the locals swear by it.


If you are sunburnt all you need to do is seperate an egg so the white and yolk are apart and apply the egg white on to the sun burn. Will not smell great will go tight but when it goes tight wash off and re-apply.
The egg white will put pure protine back into your skin so will heal twice as quick.....


Layed out by the pool for 4 hours with no sunscreen on & now a red pepper. I put Aquaphor on which is a stronger Vasaline...Then took Vitamin E caps,cut them & rubbed the liquid all over. The burning stopped instantly. Put more Aquaphor on & a long sleeve cotton t-shirt & feel great. :)


MILK!! I currently have a sunburn and was searching for some anwers. Someone had posted 'Dab some milk and on the sunburn and the itching will stop'. Well, desperate for anything(Aloe and lotions don't work for me) I tried it, and it works SO well!!

Holland 29

Hi all, I have read all of your comments and I have to say I wish I read up on it before, my boyfriend and I were in Italy last summer and I fell asleep on the beach(idiot) I had put on factor 30 and my boyfriend had gone off to the shops as he was more fair skinned and he couldn't handle the heat. I am quite dark and having lived in Portugal for 4 years I thought I would be fine with a SPF30. 'WRONG' Like the vinegar girl I sleep on my tummy I was asleep for about an hour and a half and a passer by woke me up, needless to say as soon as I woke up I felt it the skin was all tight on my back shoulders, I was gonna go to the doctor however my boyfriend had something called 'udder cream' it's what farmers put on cows udders to stop them getting dried out and infected on the farm - his doctor told him to get it for a skin rash he had - I smeared this on(it smells quite pleasant too) very thick and it did wonders, cooled instantly - with the natural healing products in it it also prevented blisters and kept the pealing to a minimum, I could not believe it I really thought I was gonna have to walk around like a lepper the rest of the vacation. It did need re-applying every so often and the pain was not totally gone but greatly reduced and if like me you would rather have some discomfort in place of all that disgusting peeling which lets face it does nothing for confidence then this is the option. You can get it in nearly all shops, no prescription needed, 'udder cream'!!!


So i was by the pool today, and i forgot to put on sunscreen, so i got a really nasty sunburn. I went home and tried everything, until i got the solution. I rubbed some Cortaid lotion on the burn, then about an hour later, i rubbed some neosporin on the burn, and put on an adidas stretchy cotton shirt. Now, the burning has stopped, and i can finally sleep!

badly burned

This has been said before but this is what I have done to the 'T' and this is what works. I am very fair skinned and I am never out in the sun. Needless to say I was on an hour long boat ride out to an island, there all day and then the boat ride back. I was badly burned and it started hurting on the island so I knew the next couple days were going to be bad. My friend who was in the coast guard told me about vinegar. I thought this would make it burn more but she said it wouldn't. I was ready to try anything. I tried lotion and it barely helped. My dad made me take some IBProfeun (sp?). That helped me sleep. I had sunburn on both arms (blisters on both arms elbows up), shoulders, neck, face, basically the outline of a mens tank top (I'm a 20 year old girl but love the outline on me :)

ANYWAY I can't sleep unless I'm on my stomach and I couldn't be 'comfortable' unless I was on my back. I put vinegar on gauze and rubbed it on my arms and the burn was instantly gone. And the smell I'm assuming seeped into the skin as well. I can't stand the smell of vinegar. In order to sleep I grabbed 2 facecloths. I soaked one in vinegar and the other in cool water and when I laid down in bed I put one cloth on one arm and the other cloth on the other arm. The pain was gone and it felt as if I had no sunburn. The IBProfeun (sp?) helps with the inflammation and makes me drowsy. Apply the vinegar as needed. I didn't do it this morning I just tried aloe and I was in so much pain again. Then I tried the vinegar and the pain diminished.

Everyone should at least try this method at least once in their sunburned life. If it's not for you it's not for you because people say aloe works for them and that's great. It doesn't work for me. Good luck everybody! Be safe out there!

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