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Me and my family went to a water park yesterday and i applied sunburn all over! But i missed a spot my shoulders , I got such a bad burn i acctually cried! I tried the cool shower, which worked a tiny bit , But then my mom told me to put tomatoe , IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM! Just rub it around in the area that burns you get instant relief


For those who burn easily but also struggle with dry skin and peeling. I know this sounds kind of simple but if you just make sure to cool off your sunburn with a cool shower and just let any products rinse off your skin (even at a beach to prevent a developing sunburn as long as you can cover up afterwards) and continue rinsing until the area no longer feels hot. Then using a non oil based lotion that has some vitamins (mine has e a and some other one) and mix it with aloe (lidocaine helps pain if you wanna get a fancy bottle) and apply generously over the burn (after you cool down your burn so the skins clean ^^ see above)


Try filling up your bathtub with ice cold water maybe even put ice cubes in there then add vinger into the water. Strip down and hop in. Lay down to where your burns are comepletly underwater or it wont work. Make sure to keep your burns underwater for as long as you can take the ice cold water. This should bring down the sting. Make sure not to open your mouth or eyes in this water. It wont go away immediatly put the sting will go away quick. Hope this works for you!


Rub Noxema on the burned area. It keeps your skin feeling cool, AND moisturizes the damaged skin(in other words, helps heal.) It works like a charm, and takes away all the pain.


Myself and my 3 kids stayed at a friends hotel room one day and night. well given it was one of the first warm enough days of the year and the pool was heated, we spent way to much time at the pool. I put sunblock on the kids before we went and once about 1hr and 1/2 after being there but my 9yr old son's back got well over burnt. being that we had no vehicle and no store within walking distance, I did the only thing I could think of, I looked in to our mini fridge and the only thing in there was mayo from lunch. I slathered the mayo on his back and took a wet towel that had been set on the ac unit to make it cold and let's just say he was asleep within minutes. I don't know why this worked but I wish I would have thought of it 2hrs before when he started crying.


Ok this is an amazing remedy for sun burns for the short term and long term effects < firs use vinigar apple cider vinegar there is much more nutrients in it. Then take a couple table spoons of CHIA seed either whole seeds or you can grind them up in a blender pour water and squizze a lime ( high vitamin c) into a bowl with the seeds and le it jell fr 10 minutes< you want a jelly like consitensy< then smooth it over the sunburn and leave it on. it will relieve< rebuild and get your skinn feelin better than it did befor you got the burn, . Chia seed is really high in omega and has a really high level of anti oxidents witch he skin obsorbs and will gaurd your skin cells and kill free radicals witch damage the cells and may lead to cancer, fr long term. i recomend this and your skin will be smiling and happy.


So I went to the beach today in clearwater Florida and I didn't look burnt at the beach but I get home and I look like a lobster so I tlked to my mom and age said noxema so I'm covered in this nasty smelling white stuff but i feel so better :) make sure to apply itt hick


If you're burnt as bad as I am to start seeking the internet for remedies you know you've already heard of before... save yourself some trouble next time and invest a few bucks in a bottle of water babies 55 proof sun block and you won't get burned! I went to Destin, FL one year and I rubbed myself down about 30 minutes before going out, and then reapplied a 2nd time before stepping out into the sun. This is key in preventing a burn, you have to let the lotion absorb into your skin before exposure if you want it to work. I stayed in the sun ALL DAY, over 8 hours. Of course with a few reapplications and some spray sun block as well. But I didn't get so much as a little pink! The next day before we left the beach I decided I wanted at least a little sun and went out, for only half an hour in mid-day summer sun, with no sun protection at all and got burnt, and more than just a little bit! Just to show how bad it would and could have been the day before!

shadhika umar

i have been having netball practices and got burnt very bad. My mom told me this really good remedy and it stopped the burning instantly. I hope it benefits you too! Take a medium sized tomato and extract all the juice from it. This is very thin but apply it all over the fave and leave it for 10mins. Wash with cool water. It really works.


OMG!!! after trying all the usual home remedies, cold compresses, aloe Vera, lotion without oil, advil, I was still in horrible pain from my tanning bed burn, I saw someone say vinegar, I'm at my dads house and he only had balsamic I tried to dab it on and it was really sticky, So then I found some yellow mustard in the fridge, I red the back of the bottle and the main ingratiate is vinegar, As soon as I put it on INSTANT RELIEF I don't know why it works but it definitely does! It is messy but just take a cool shower after it dries and you will feel way better. thanks to everyone that recommended it, I wish I would have came across this sooner!

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