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I got burnt bad and instantly came home and got in a hot shower which is painful but works or helps when you get out. I then started putting aloe vera gel on. The instant it was soaked in I put on more and continued that until about a forth of the big bottle was gone.DONT DO THAT!!!! It wasn't helping at all,so I got on and found this site. jenna said that putting on the aloe before all the heat has been released from the burn will actually hold the heat in and she was right. So I get back in a hot shower to get off what I could of the aloe. Then I found an old post from2005 from Loretta who nursed in the er and she said preperation H. I was desperate and hate the smell of vinegar so I tried the butt cream. It worked great. I slept like a baby even under the covers. Plus the smell is not bad. Just a little greasy.


The best thing I have used for instant sunburn relief especially on my face has always been Noxema. It is an old school product that is actually meant to cool the skin off after a burn. I have been using it since I was a teenager and will be using it forever. The smell is amazingly clean as well. Pat the sunburned area with a warm washcloth first to open your pores, apply Noxema cream, leave on for 20 minutes, then take a cold shower to wash it off and close your pores. Pat dry your body, then apply some aloe vera lotion.


I have used this for years. A Dr told us that by taking a cold shower, which most people do, you actually close the pores and keep the heat in and make the burn worse. Start with a warm shower and when the stinging stops slowly making it hotter and increasing every time the stinging stops getting the water as hot as possible. Only AFTER the heat from the burn has been released do you put something cold on it. A product with Lidocaine will relieve the pain . Alcohol free to prevent drying out the skin. Towels soaked in tea or vinegar placed on the burnt area. People are amazed I never peel or blister. I live in AZ and never use sunscreen (yeah,I know)


I know it may be hard to believe, but what actually helps me is taking a hot shower. I start with the water normal temperature, and then gradually make it hotter until I can barely stand it. I stay under the water as long as I can. I don't know why this works, but the next day there's little to no heat left in my skin, the pink color stays for a day or so, but there's no heat, and very minimal pain.


Shaving Cream! Take a shower, put shaving cream on the burn. The end. When i do this I can hardly feel the burn the next day.

Heather young

i have read it severel times vinegar works for sunburns. I didn't have any so i read to use mustard n it works my fiance got a bad burn not only did it help cool the skin but it stoped the pain. The smells not the best but whats more important. It works 100 %. Thanks alot never would have thought of it.

The random Moose or something

Ok I was looking everywhere for an optinal releive of the inbitween torcher of having a sunburn and the Iching. Where if you scratch it burns your skin, Because well its still sunburned. I was doing everything buying things out of distress. You see Im a red head and part Cherokee. I tried Solarcain, alovera, some lotions and a few other things. But then i tried this Serrena lotion that absolutly helped me out, It dosnt take all of the itching away but alot atleast for me it did. Its called
'Body Serrena Lotion Aloe Vera Pear Vitamin E' It dose have a little bit of Cetyl Alcohol in it but other than that It worked Great for me. Now only if i could get it on my Back :( XD JK


Well, once I went to the beach in cloudy weather... NO sunscreen whatsoever! I came back red as a lobster, and I'm a very pale redhead. so i burn easily and often. when i do burn, first apply 'Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Moisterizer' then take a cool shower/bath for at least 15 minutes.(not cold or hot, because it causes blisters). Then, reapply the moisterizer. if you're a girl, wear a tank top and keep bra straps down. it irratates and increases burning sensation. hope this helps!!


I was being a stupid teenager and didn't ware sunscreen at a beach party. I got such a bad sunburn it blistered. I asked my grandma ans she said apple cider vinegar. Thankfully I had some leftover from when I made butterbeer (harry potter nerd lol). IT IS AMAZING :D TRUST ME!!


When I get burned, I like to use the green aloe vera stuff... you can get it usually at your local grocery store near the sun block it really cools it and takes the sting out. For girls, if the burn is on your shoulders, put on a tank top and put the straps down. I had 2 tank tops of the same color and on the cheeper one, I totally cut off the straps and that helped because it kept me cool and when the straps press down it really stings. I wet a rag with cool water and just set that on the burn... or put non-scented lotion on. Be careful around the sun! Hope this helps!!

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