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After 2 days of being out in the sun I was soo sunburned. The face burn was the worst so I visited this site. vinegar was great On my body but I felt anxious about applying it to my face so even though I thought it was revolting I tried mustard. I applied it like a face mask and left it on for 10 minutes then rinsed with cool water and I felt amazing!! Thankyou without this site I would've still been in agony!


I was sunburnt bad one day after a game drive and bright red all over. Only thing that helped me was musturd and comphor cream. Don't rub it in your skin just apply thickly and reapply when cream has been absorbed and have a shower at normal temperature afterwords. It helped me thou so i hope it helps you.


White vinegar applied as a spray to tissue draped over a sunburn helps restore the lost acidic level to the skin, and gives a cooling effect.


i recentley went to the beach and got a terrible sunburn...and a little sun poisoning. I asked some of the locals what they used, thinking they would know the best, and they told me selsun blue. it will take the burn right out!


I have VERY fair skin, I guess it's the Irish in me. Anyway, when I was a teenager, I came home from a pool party or something of the sort and my mom was very concerned about how red my skin was. My uncle told us to get apple cidar vinegar and soak pieces of brown paper bag in it and put it on the burn. After that, take a lukewarm shower and after drying, slather yourself with ALOE. After doing this a couple of times, the burn was gone and I peeled like crazy.

I'm going through the same thing now after spending the entire day at the lake with my family. My back is still pretty sore but between the vinegar, shower and ALOE, I'm starting to feel a little better. Although I do believe I have a bit of sun poisoning.


COLD TEA BAGS! if you dip a tea bag into cold water and then dab it onto the burt skin this should reduce the redness and the cold water will soothe the pain . i hope this helps .


I went to Seabreeze Sunday, Its now tuesday. I have a bad burn on my back, which cause intolerable pain. I took tylenol, then filled a hot watter bottle with cold water and ice. Layed down and put it on my back. Then i proceeded to hop in the shower and take a lukewarm bath. Also i used LOTS of Aloe!


I got a call to help a friend this morning thought I be gone a hour at the most didn't grab a hat I've have typical male pattern balding end up being gone 13hrs head sunburned like u wont believe, started checking out this website saw the mustard suggestion tried it, an it has completely taken away the pain with it at least 5mins. Never thought it would work, best an fastest relief I've ever had.


I made a mixture for my full body sunburn and it worked wonders. It's an everything but the kitchen sink mix but its great. It was plain oatmeal, baking powder, baby diaper rash cream, neosporin, and crushed up advil. No measuring, no fuss. Just put however much for the space you need covered. I also put mine in the refrigerator before use so the cool would take away some burn. Just let it sit on skin for some time and wash off gently. Definitely try this if you're hurting from burn!


I was boating all day and ofcourse got a terrible burn . I have VERY fair skin and aloe vera gel usually stings! But I went out and bought a real aloe vera plant. You cut off a piece and let the juices go out. Then mix it with cucumber and plain yogurt . (like blend the cucumbers you do not want pieces) It should make a paste thick enough to brush onto your face / body . I painted it on and it stopped the burning heat right away. Try this if you have a hot stinging burn!

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