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my six year old spent too much time at the pool today and came home all red... was fine until right before he went to bed when he started crying that his back and arms are hurting... i tried vinegar and he started screaming saying it hurts even more and that 'it feels weird'. I wiped the vinegar off and went back to my old memories of childhood when my mother used to apply plain yogurt on my sunburnt areas... and i pulled the Face Greek Yogurt (unsweetened and plain) out and applied yogurt on the affected areas... fifteen minutes later, my six year old is laying on the couch, on his back (!!!) sound asleep... and the yogurt... it completely absorbed and what was still on the skin dried out almost like powder... it worked just like in the old days with me... :)


ok so i was out all day in the sun doing yard work after dinner i started to fill the pain in my back from the sun and it was really bad so i of course looked for a home remedy people where saying to use yellow mustard [ it has vinegar in it ] so i tried it and it helped a lot but i still had some pain so i stood in the shower letting it get colder and colder till all the heat was gone then i put on a antibiotic pain killer and i don't even fill it now and my skin is not as red as it was


In case you were wondering a good remedy for a sunburn well here's one that works like magic. First you apply night of olay to the irritated skin and after thrity minutes wipe it off witha cool wash cloth. Then mix aloe vera and night of olay in a bowl and apply that and let it sit for about forty five minutes and wipe it off with a cool wash cloth. Last you take ice in a bag and wrap a paper towel around it. And let the person with a sunburn go to sleep with that on the irritated area and it should be gone afterwards.


I recently moved to California and had never really spent time on a beach, so my boyfriend and I went out on sunday and laid out for probably 2 hours. He didnt listen to me when i told him we needed to stop to get sunblock because it was partly cloudy and windy so he figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal. not long after we left i realized my legs were itching and turning bright red. the next day i went to the beach with my best friend and this time i did use sunblock but not enough of it, the backs of my legs and my back were burnt worse than the front and I could barely even walk because the pain was so bad. I was having chills which were making it feel worse.. by wednesday it felt worse than ever and i came across this site and tried taking a cool bath, which helped for pretty much as long as i was IN the bath.. the next day i tried the hot shower and that was agonizing and hurt worse than before, then i tried to vinegar, no help there.. and finally neosporin.
i can actually walk without feeling like im going to cry.


I'm not sure how mild the burn this will heal. But I live down in Seattle, so obviously with all the rain we're pretty careless to use sunblock when its actually sunny. Unfortanutely, everything on this website, I didn't really have any access too. Except for the cool ice remedy. Grab a bucket, and fill with cool water, add some ice if its that bad. No quantity just add as much as you think necesary, than add cold milk to the water. You don't need to let it sit. Just dip your face in there, If its on other parts of the body. Fill the tub with cold water than add milk, better yet, milk, and OATMEAL. Both have cooling relief and are good for your skin. Hope this helped as a face and body remedy

mikey low

My sister came home with a massive sunburn after hanging out with her friend's and was complaining about how bad it i came up with a remedy,that's right i made it I'm guessing you're wondering what the ingredients are and why this loser is talking about his life.ok ,ok I'll tell you...the ingredients are.....lubriderm...WHITE vinegar.....exra virgin olive oil and aloe vera then helps with 4 case's....rough skin, (no the vinegar doesn't hurt)sunburn ,stinging skin and red and/or pink patches....(ages 6 and up) apply 1 time every 30 min's for 4 to 3 time's.....(age of sister 12.....age of brother 11) yes,yes, I'm done....good luck and have fun!!!!!


This works for me but it hurts a lot.

Take a hot shower. Let the hot water pound on your back for a while. I am not sure exactly how long i do mine, just untill i cant stand it. BEFORE YOU DO THIS I WARN YOU IT HURTS ALOT!!!!!!

If you dont want to trt, aloe always works too.

Patti B.

My two year old son stayed way too long in the kiddie pool (my fault) and ended up with a terrible sunburn, actually blisters on his shoulders and back. We tried Unguentine, aloe vera and various topical pain killing ointments...nothing worked, two hours later he was still screaming. An older man at my husband's workplace told us to use 'Pet' brand evaporated milk...just pour it on the burned area straight from the can...IT WORKED!! Our son stopped crying immediately and fell asleep soon after. The milk formed a 'skin' over the burn, which we washed off in a cool bath the next morning. We then treated with aloe vera gel with great success.


My 5 year old had a mild burn. I tried the mustard trick, using regular yellow mustard. It did NOT work. In fact she was complaining it hurt worse in 3 seconds. Maybe others used another type of mustard? I ended up giving her children's Tylenol and using an aloe gel and she was much happier.


My Son went swimming one day and He came home sunburned, so I put a few drops of tea tree oil with olive oil, not only did it help with the redness but it soothed the pain.

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