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This is a very old remedy I used as a child to treat sunburn: plain yogurt. It gives you instant relief and the next day the redness is gone. You can put as much as your body would absorb.

Courtney Kidd

Cornstarch works great just sprinkle on any area that is sun burnt it cools it right down. Leave it on however long you want and apply whenever needed.


I am an irish italian living in the,when sunny, dangerous state of texas. A few days ago(ok yesterday) I was gardening all day from 9 to 7 and got a little crispy. Just when it was unbearable (ok a few minets ago) I put every thing soothing I could into the lid of a plastic container, now that I've bored you with the details of my boring life ill tell u what is in that stuff
A crap ton of cocoa butter lotion
A crap ton of aloe vera gel
A few drops of white viniger
As much toothpaste as you put on ur toothbrush

Now mix it into a weird green paste, it will be a little liquidy, do this with a realy soft paint brush and apply
Good luck


Empty a large jar of Nestea into your bath water, and you will feel more then enough relief. :)


Buy an aloe Vera plAnt, rub the gel from inside the leaves on your sunburned area.


Sunburns just happen, even during the times we think we are doing everything to prevent one, we get home and realize whoa Im a giant red jelly belly lol. So as a white girl Ive discovered the First thing to do is to take Ibprofen, but the most important step is to release the burn by taking a hot shower or bath. Do not take a cold shower, even tho it feels better, it closes the pores which keeps the heat under the skin. Next heat a black tea bag and apply to the skin, the blacker the better. If its all over your body then take a bath with several black tea bags instead. Do not wipe it off, the tannins in the tea is what helps the sunburn heal faster. After it air drys on the skin, then apply Aloe Vera Gel. The bottled stuff will work but the gel straight from the plant is the best. Also when I have Cucumber I mix it in with the Aloe Vera Gel, it helps too. Lastly apply plain Olive Oil or some type of bottled healing oil from the health food store to help seal it all into the skin. Reapply this remedy every hour and especially before bed. Everytime Ive used this remedy, I wake up the next morning noticeably less red, with little to no pain and in a way better mood. Good Luck. Hope this helps.


As a child my mother would make up a bottle of brown vinegar, a couple of drops of dettol, baby oil and 2 grains of condies crystal mix together and apply before, during and after skin exposure to the sun, we always wore hats and were brown as berries, it took the sting out of the sunburn and the redness also disappeared quickly, you could also pour this mixture into a bath and soak for 30 minutes. My grandfather also had a half unused old tank full of aloe vera growing and was always applying to his skin as he was outside all the time....

Cassandra Duggan

Beat Aloe Vera gel and some cocoanut oil with a fork for a few minutes and then add lavender and/or peppermint oil (2-5 drops of EOs). Store in a jar. I'm not sure about shelf life. I made mine maybe six months ago and it still works fine and there is no separation between the water and oils. To use, just apply to burnt area.


I burnned really bad with blisters. I read lots of posts that recommended the hot shower. It made sense since heat opens pores and everything else I tried had failed. Initially, the aloe just made my skin feel hotter and only gave temp. relief. So I,tried the shower and slowly made the water in the shower warmer and warmer. It really stings bad, like your holding a hot iron against your skin but the pain will slowly fade and as it does turn the heat up and do it again. Not for the weak at heart. blot skin dry... I then tried mustard, vinigar and aloe on my skin as recommended in different sites. I still think vinigar stings and mustard felt cool at first then stung a little but makes your skin taunt when it dries- not good. I then went back to aloe and finally found relief!


Noxema original cream...will hurt for a min or two then gets real cold and you go right to sleep wipe it on and leave it alone ....ha the worst burn of my life in south florida a local women told me about it....and it works so well 100% better than vinegar or anything!!!

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