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This will work on any sunburn and any skin type, even the fairest skin.

MILK OF MAGNESIA is the ticket! Put in on before bed and it will dry with a milky white residue on the skin. Just shower in the morning to wash it off and the sunburn pain is gone.


I found that using Noxema on the burn works very well! It will take the burn away overnite!


I for one want to say that Pepto Bismol works wonders.I didn't beleive it but my husband was telling me about it and I was like no way...Sure enough I tried it and oh my what a relief it was...I will never use anything else.All you do is apply straight pepto to your sunburn ,it will surely take the burn away and leave you with a great tan!


Well I noticed there was a remedy with vineger in here, I just wanted to put my 2 cents in. May long weekend I got burned really bad, and i itched to the point i wanted to cry, cold showers worked until i got out (not recommended) then i tried vineger, I just sprayed it on my body where i was burned only (as it will sting if it touches unburned skin) dont wipe it of, just let it drip dry, and trust me, i slept like a baby. Reapply as often as you need, but remember, dont towel dry, DRIP DRY only, as towels will cause more irritation.


Several memebers of my family will burn in the winter through the windshield of the car they are so sensitive to the sun. One summer two of us had severe sun burn / sun poisoning.

This is what the Emergency room had me do.

Take soft terry towels, soak them in cold water, and put the in the freezer for a few minutes, have more towels ready, take the towels out of the freezer befor they get hard and so make it hard to wrap around affected areas.

I recommend that you put towels in the freezer to alternate with the ones against your skin.

This may hurt a bit when the towels start to get warmer but since the cold is drawing the heat out of your skin. Keep alternating the towels until there is no more burn, you will find that if you keep this up for either an hour or longer depending on the severity of the burn, that the sensitivity in your skin is gone so is the heat, and the moisture from the wet towels also helps keep the skin so it doesn't peel or itch as bad.

Once there is no more heat in your skin from this, then you can stop with the towels.


Try mixing quick oats with equal amounts of enough strong brewed tea and vinegar to make a paste. Smooth over burn and let sit a few minutes before rinsing in a cool shower. The relief is instant and the oatmeal really softens the skin. I also suggest using an aloe based lotion after your shower and taking ibuprofin before bed.


Apply preperation H on your sunburn, takes the redness and the sting right out


Vinegar, vinegar, vinegar.
Nothing beats it. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT put any type milk product on a sunburn. I got burnied really bad in Florida on my class trip and the chaperone put Pet Milk on me and it literally cooked on my skin. When I got home the Dr. had to sedate me and peel it off. Hurt like the devil. Just a towel soaked in straight vinegar and laid on the burn. Works wonders.


I have my usual remedies for a sunburn, but this year I recieved one so severe that none of them worked including vinegar and aloe. I have used Emu oil for about everything from a moisturizer to easing sore muscles and remembered that it's great for sunburn. It has an anti-inflammatory property even though it's topical. After the first night, the itching and peeling stopped and over three days it totally settled down my burn and even tanned it.


Vinager on the sunburn dose wonders...the reason people say mustard is it is a lil easyier to keep mustard from driping... if you soak a rag in vinager and aply it to the sum burn this will work.. never put anything with oils on the burn, this will only make it worse( look at that lotion b4 you put it on also... no coco buter or anything like that)

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