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I have recently gotten a bad sun burn. Surprisgnly Aloe Vera helped me out very nicely. Of course my chest and soulders & Face. So Aloe Vera has made me freaking cold as heck and I can't cover up. But to take out the peeling apply lotion to affected areas this also helps with the burn.


to relieve the pain pour hydrogen peroxide on the sunburn caution it might burn at first but it really works


I used Skintimate moisturizing after shave gel. I used the Aloe and Vitamin E formula (made for sensitive skin) on my son and he said it took the pain away immediately without any stinky or oily feeling...

Al Smolkin

Sunburn remedy

I came across this site after I burn myself to a nice painful crisp after only an hour on the beach in Hyannis, Cape Cod.

I tried most of the remedies listed here; vinegar, Vitamin 'E' oil, aloe vera, tea bags, 'Preparation H'.
But, after trying that last one, I finally found THE BEST REMEDY for SUNBURN.
'CVS Hemmorrhoidal Cooling Gel with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera'.
Clear, non-greasy, non-staining formula takes away the pain immediately, reduces the swelling and redness, and guarantees a good night sleep after acquiring a sunburn.
Of course, any other brand will do just fine (Brooks, Walgreens, other), and, most importantly, what worked for me, may not work for you.
It all depends.

But, I finally have my end-all-be-all for sunburn!


Vagisil - I know it sounds weird and gross but it worked for me!

I got a really bad sunburn on the back of my neck and all i had in the house that was for any kind of skin irritation but was not all greasy was vagisil... i read what the active ingredients were in it - a numbing agent and hydrocortisone which helps with inflamation, itching and burning, so i figured what the heck, it couldn't hurt any worse and it probably would help... and it worked wonders! I was pain free till noon the next day.


Wet your skin, sprinkle baking soda over burn, then soak a wash cloth in vinegar and put over baking soda. It will sound like bacon sizzling. But it does not hurt. It draws out the heat and takes the pain away. Depending on how bad you are burned will depend on how many times you should repeat. I burned myself really bad when I was in
Arizona and Aloe and solarcaine didnt even touch it. This was the only thing that worked and I didnt even peel!!!!!

Old Beachcomber

I cannot believe I have jjust read 4 pages of sunburn remedies and no one has posted the best non medical treatment...Which is Windex...Yes the common Windex window cleaner!! I and my family have used this for years and it works for everyone. Just adjust the bottle to give a nice misting effect and spray directly in burned areas. Of course use a soft cloth soaked in Windex for the face. This gives instant relief from even very bad burns. I only recomend Windex brand and not other similar glass cleaners as the chemical makeup may be different.


I recently received a nasty sunburn working outside at work. After a few suggestions i decided to opt with the most popular...VINEGAR. I bought a bottle at the grocery store stuck it in spray bottle and... the burning sensation was gone. You may need to spray a few times but it is an instant relief. Let it air dry on your skin and use Distilled need to add water. Good Luck!!!


my little guy, 5 years old, got a terrible sunburn earlier this year. i was so heartbroken at his crying and whimpering over the pain. first i gave him tylenol for some of the pain. i soothed him for a day by bathing him in milk and baking soda in lukewarm water. he loves bathtime so he really dug that. i added some oatmeal for good measure. after and between the baths i sprayed solarcaine on his sunburn and put him in soft cotton clothes. as a mom it made us both feel better to have some relief and some attention taken off his sunburn at 'bathtime'. i kept neosporin on the peeling parts when peeling started to make sure he didn't pull too much skin off and get infected. two weeks later no sign of any damage and we are sunburn free. from now on he doesn't get anywhere near the sun without spf 30 or above. lesson learned.


If you have a stingy sunburn. Take a warm shower not a cold one, but not hot either. Warm water takes the sting out immediately. Also aloe vera gel works to soothe pain temporarily.

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