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i have never been to this site until i went to and it poped up this page
and i have saw a buch of good treatments but thay did not work for me i called my mami (mamah) and she said 'put potatoe slices on the parts your burnt at ' and it works it really rocks .


I went to costa rica a couple months ago and i got sooo badly sunburned that i had blisters the size of nickles. our tour guide made me stay after dinner one night and cracked and egg and threw the yolk away and rubbed the egg white all over my sunburn and told me to sleep on it and wash it off in the morning and it worked WONDERS. my blisters went away in a couple days and the redness and pain went away over night. is a little uncomfortable and kinda gross to sleep on but it WORKS.
egg whites!


One if you do go to the beach and get burnt next time you will learn to put sun BLOCK on. Other than that Ihave found many remedies.. my personal favorite is a luke warm bath with vinigar in it then a good lathering with noxzema face scrub..


I am VERY fair skinned and fry like a pancake in the hot summer sun! My advice, firstly, follow all the rules! Big hats, sunscreen, reapply often, etc. BUT if you do get burned, the best way I have found to combat it is this. First, cool showers or baths, or alternately, ice packs wrapped in towels. For itching and pain, aloe is best. Especially from an aloe plant. (I grew up in the southwest!) If that doesn't do the trick, try this. Strip down to nothing but some comfy shorts or undies. Cook up some plain ol' oatmeal, like in the tall cylyndrical cans, and let it cool. Pop it in the fridge even! Spread it all over the burned skin. Cut holes in a garbage bag for your head and arms, put it on over the oatmeal. Sit and chill! it calms the skin like you wouldn't believe!!!


My friends and I went out on their boat on a really hot sunny Florida day. Needless to say we all got burn to a crisp and a considerable amount of my legs were in huge pain. I tried aloe, lotion and milk and nothing seemed to work! I read about the vinegar and decided to try it. My spray bottle broke so i just soaked a washcloth in the vinegar, wrung it out and let it sit on the burned parts until the cloth got hot, then just reapply. It doesn't make the pain go away but it TOTALLY takes the stinging and heat out! I am telling you it works!


Someone previously said to not use coco butter but I have and nothing works like it does. Use Palmers(the same thing pregnant women use to prevent stretch marks). This will help you not to peel as well.


After a bad sunburn, I put an oil based lotion on (not knowing any better) and immediately started going crazy with itching. Nothing on this list helped--and I tried it all--until I filled a bathtub and poured a whole box of baking soda in. The itching stopped immediately, and after soaking for thirty minutes I was pain free for the night.


I had watched a TV show about RAW HONEY and what it can be used for. Sunburn was one.. I had gotten a bad sunburn and remembered the raw hony show. I went to my health food store and bought some. The reason you should use raw honey is that the ones that you buy in your corner store has been heated to kill everything in the honey. Raw honey is pure. Apply it to the burn and place a wrap on it. Please it on but not tight. It works better then aloe... Hope this helps.


Forget all these messy remedies, just use lucus paw paw ointment on the burns. Wait about 2 hours and sunburn will be gone.

Living in hot country like Australia, this is by far the best and quickes treatments i've found.


I was on here trying to get a home remedy and I kept coming across vinager but I dont have any. I also seen a lot of people wrote about mustard and tea bags. I tried a few, I tried vagisil like someone said, didn't work, I tried shaving cream like 4 people said, didn't work. So I decided to try mustard and OMG right away it felt so good. It's cold and you cant feel any pain. So it says rub it in and let dry then whipe off. Well whiping it off kind of hurt, so I got in the shower and rised it off with using just my hands, got out and air dried. And wow I am pain free, I still have my tea bags in the freezer and I will post on how that works, because I couldn't put the mustard all over my body because I dont have anyone to help. But I suggest that using mustard, I was hurting so bad from burning at the tanning bed. I couldn't even wear a bra it hurt so much, and now I'm fine, I mean I'm still all red, but I'm not in any pain! I'll let you know how the tea bags works once I'm done!

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