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When I get a sunburn I eat a yellow peach halfway to the pit and rub it all over. Bonus if you've had it in the cooler all day and its cold. Let the peach juice dry on and shower when you get home and you won't be burnt anymore.


Iam a red head that lives in Texas and Texas gets really hot in the summer it gets up to 101 on most summer days. last mouth i went to a water park with my family we were in the sun for about 5 hours tops. Any ways when i got home i was cooked my legs, arms, back and face were bright red and it hurt like the devil. so i tryed everything i could think of , but the only thing that worked was yellow mustard. IT WAS MAGIC let it dry then then wash it off it will work


ok so i was reading this site and i had a doctor pepper with me and happened to spill some on my sunburn and the pain just disappeared use cool dr. pepper fpr the best result


For my sunburns vinager seems to work the best! I also use cocoa butter, even though the sa not to. It really does work! Your skin gets so dry when it is burned and needs moisture!


Yesterday, I was working on my boat and I got burned again. I went for the hydrocortisone cream(1%) but it did nothing. Then I thought about shaving cream. Justlather it on pretty thick and it is instanly cooled. Also you can try Corn starct and water to make a paste. Its a bit messy at first but works very well.


Recently I had gotten a terrible sunburn for the first time in about 10 years. Desperate for some kind of relief I put Colgate mint toothpaste one it . . . It felt better, but only temporarily. I then tried a mixture of aloe vera gel, aloe vera cream, and pure mint extract. It felt much better afterwards and lasted much longer.
It's a soothing way to get rid of the burning. :-D


hey, fellow sufferers.
even though I am a brunette, I have paler-than-porcelain skin and my skin either goes SIZZLE in literally 15 minutes... Obviously suncream is great... but I was putting on the highest factor available six plus times a day...and i still got sizzled.
SO! a fool proof remedy with a bit of science too!

skin burns because the UV denatures vitamins and omegas and things in the outer layers of the skin, which then turns into a total barbeque. so after cooling the sunburn (cool compresses, cool shower...) you need to restore the vitamin and omega balance.

a great way to do this is to create a (rather ugly, admittedly) paste. Try oatmeal, aloe vera gel (preferabley your own), a DROP of tea tree oil (to protect against infection that can happen during peeling- it's anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungul)crushed vitamin E tablets (they're fab at cell renewal crucial to healing). I guess you can add other anti-inflammatory things too, but this works for me.
I recommend rubbing this into the skin (as much as you can bear) for as long as possible, and then following this with a super good moisturiser like cocoa butter, which is a total godsend for hydrating skin and reducing the risk of scaring.
Omega 3 is rich in a lot of things now, since the government are promoting it (in England at least)...and it's in a lot of things like butters and things. However, since the whole hoo-ha about saturated fat, we don't have a lot of omega 6- which skin uses to protect against sunburn. So try and get your fair share of these omegas to protect your skin in future.
I don't really understand the salt water theory, as this will dry the skin out- which is the total opposite to healing it. But hey- if it works for you, go for it!
best of luck.


Whatever you do, do NOT put on Aloe Vera until you have released the heat from your skin. I worked at a tanning salon and had to take a bunch of test and get certification so I learned a bunch about it. First, get cold wet towels and press it to the sunburn. The cold feels so good on your skin and will take away the pain. If your entire body is burned, try a lukewarm bath, or smooth ice packs over your skin. Once you can touch the burn without feeling like it's on fire, THEN put on the Aloe Vera. A lot of people make the mistake of putting Aloe Vera on first. It will create a coat over your skin and actually hold the heat in, which in turn worsens the burn.

So, FIRST release the heat from your skin THEN use Aloe Vera. I has healing agents in it that will repair and moisturize your skin.


simple cut a tomato and put it on the burn (if its small) and for larger burns use rubbing alchohol keep it in a cool place (feels good on burn) and it will sting but it will go away after a while


Pour evaporated milk over the skin

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