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100\\% Aloe Vera gel is the best. It will stop any burn form a sun burn to a pan burn or from welding.

Put it on right away and most of the time it won’t even blister. I put it on about every 30 min. For a couple of hours. It stops the burning quickly and helps heel the skin. You ca get it in most stores. I use the clear. Face sunburn and welder flash burns, you can put it on a no one can see it.

Works good and works fast and is good for your skin.


Mix thereputic grade Lavander oil and Roman Camomile Oil with argon oil and rub onto affected area. Repeat every 1-2 hours if necessary.


I have extremely pale skin, so I am always getting sunburnt! I decided to try putting Coconut Oil on my burn to help relieve the itchiness, and it worked! Not only that but it helping the pain, and when I woke up in the morning, my skin was about 75\\% less red. Best remedy of my life!


One of the best remedies I found to ease pain of sunburn is apple cider vinegar. I put it into a spray bottle and kept it in the refrigerator. Spritz it on as needed. Sure, you will smell like the vinegar but that is a small price to pay for the relief you will get. You can use it often and when you spritz it on, you don't need to touch the burned area. I used this on a very bad sunburn on my back years ago. When it healed, it did not even peel. Hope this helps someone.


sun burn,fight fire with fire a bad sun burn can be relieved with a cool shower then making the temp. warmer then warmer then warmer, the burn will hurt so bad it will give a numbing feeling, but can hurt like hell but won`t last but a few hours. yes it works if you like a lot of pain for few minutes.


Today, my family and I went to the beach. I put on tanning lotion and then spent five hours in the water. This resulted in a moderate burn on my face, back, shoulders and arms, with lesser burns on my legs.

I read the remedies here and tried plain ketchup. It worked.

Apply it liberally and wait until it stops stinging. Then wipe it off with a damp towel. Once it is all off, spritz, spray, or mist cool water over the burned areas.

It won't effect the color or appearance of the burn, but it will get rid of the pain. DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE BLISTERS!


So like I was at the beach 2 days in a row and my mom told me to put on sunscreen but I didn't pout any on my face and now my cheeks burn so much.
So i was reading this website and I saw some things so I thought I'd try some stuff myselfff;
Step 1- apply ketchup to burned areas and leave on for about 5 minutes (to reduce pain)
Step 2- take a paper towel or cloth and make it cool and put it on ur burned area for 15-20 minutes (to reduce redness and swelling)
Step 3- use an aloe cream or something after :) (to repair the skin)


For all you fair skin people this will help you

1.take an ibu this help the swelling of the sunburn

2.put cool clothes wherever the sunburn is and lay down and watch tv or do some thing for about half an hour take brakes in between to let your skin breathe. (The clothes may warm up when on your skin heats it up but that is ok.)

3. Put on aloe vera after the heat has left you sunburn otherwise it will trap the heat inside

4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 when needed


KETCHUP. Sounds gross, but takes the sting right out. My FULL body burn feels much better.


So over the weekend I went to the pool. And I forgot I apply sunscreen. Then the next day I went to a lake and swam and tuned all day from around 10 until 4. Put sunscreen on twice. Well I got home that night and my shoulders and chest were on fire. So I took a warm shower, gradually hearing it up. But it only have temporary relief. Then I put moisturizer and aloe Vera on it, didnt help too much. So I asked my friend, who lived in Florida. She recommended getting cottonballs and putting vinegar on the burn, then putting milk on it after the vinegar, leaving it on for about 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing it off carefully. It immediately provided relief of pain and it is now noticeably less red. In twentyinuyes it has gotten ten times better. Really this remedy twice a day and be careful not to use too much. Works wonders for me.

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