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My aunty bought me a vitamin e soap for my strong body odour but I noticed that it made the stretchmarks I had lighter and was gradually fading.


I am really into natural remedies when it comes to my skin, I make my own face washes and moisturizers and have had results like no store bought brand, same thing when it comes to stretch marks.
My method seems odd but it has actually worked for me. I have stretch marks across my butt from going through puberty and have tried every lotion i could find. so what I do takes two steps.
The first step:
In a bowl mix miracle whip, coffee grounds and sugar together until you get a nice thick consistency. Apply to the area and wrap in saran wrap for 10-15 mins. After letting sit on skin rub vigorously to exfoliate and shower. Your skin will feel soooo soft after this.
Step 2:
Mix castor oil and coco oil and massage into the same area until it's all absorbed. Be careful not to use too much or you will feel greasy.

Nothing else besides this has worked for me and I've already seen results after only a couple of days.


hi,i have had stretchmarks for 16 years,just started a remedy that may actually work.this is what i do,pick one mark,get some highly absorbent moisturiser,get a golden root viagra capsule and open it,place a small amount of moisturiser and mix in half capsule of viagra into a paste,put onto stretchmark and leave to absorb.stretchmark will absorb viagra and stimulate blood vessels thus regenerating underlaying skin.results to come but straight away mark goes red showing blood vessels working


First I want to thank you all for the tips, they r really helping me a lot.. I have a 5 years girl and 3 years old boy. I'm 23 now. Had stretch marks since I was 12 (my breast and behind my knees) back then didn't bother me much bcos the rest of my body was just fine untill I had my first baby. I got huge and my body exploded in marks. Now I have them in my stomach, hips, thighs, side of my legs, arms and got much more behind my knees and breast... The purple color faded away in their own but the marks not at all. They are very deep and wide. Didn't do anything about them bcos I always heard that they are permanent and nothing can make them dessapear. Anyway I started doing research and came to this home remedies site and I started my own treatment 3 weeks ago. I exfoliate my skin with coffe grain, extra virgin olive oil, aloe Vera gel, baking soda (optional) sugar and honey. U can add any collagen lotion if u want. After exfoliating I use loofah sponge too while I rinse off with watter. I'm pretty hard with exfoliation though,my skin gets really pink. Then I use my own mixture of aloe vera gel 100% (from walmart) Shea and cocoa butter lotion, I like the one DOVE for extra dry skin, olive oil,8 capsuls of vitamin E, 8 vitamin A&D, limune juice, 2 white egg (has lots of protein)... Apply in mornin and night. A week ago I started adding vitamin E oil and EMU oil. This will sound crazy but I use 9 Collagen & C tablets, (it is a bottle it says collagen & C 1&3). I smash it into powder and add into the all above lotion, and since I started this I have seen huge changes in my stretch marks... I also take vit E, Vit A&D and collagen tablets every day for the heck of it. Lots of water ladies, I force myself even if I'm not thirsty. I have a full time job so I can't apply lotion very often but I try to apply this mixture every morning before work, for my lunch I use a 100% cocoa butter stick. At evening exfoliate and same mixture after shower again. The ones on my thighs are pretty much gone, I can only see them if I look for them.. My stomach it's getting much better, I can see they are reducing in size already. They have my skin color now.. My whole left side body is better, not sure why,maybe bcos of blood circulation due to exfoliation towards my heart.... The deep ones hasn't changed much, I guess it takes more time since it's only been 3 weeks. Just ordered a derma roller today bcos it helps the lotion and oil to reach deeper into the layers of skin. Will see if it helps. But deffenitely ladies, use the collagen &C tablets, and emu oil, u will be pleased.. All the ingredients I got from walmart besides the emu oil, that I got it from vitamin store. I heard Vit K lotion is good, haven't used it yet but I'm planning on. Anyways, sorry for keeping it long but I'm just trying to help all of you in need. Good luck to all... I will keep you posted again...


Heyy my name is Danni and I'm almost 15 and I weigh 121.5 and I have stretch marks on my inner thighs. And I need something can get then gone. I'm doing lemon juice now and using noxema face wash and hydrogen perioxide! It works okay they are kinda reducing color but they are still there. So if anyone will please comment on here and give me some suggestions . I would be soooooo greatful:) thanks


I'm 15 and I've had stretch marks since I was about 10. At first they didn't bother me but as soon as I got into high school they really started bothering me. I have stretch marks everywhere! Boobs, arms, legs, thighs, and butt. Mederma for stretch marks DOES NOT WORK. For $40 a bottle you think it would. I didn't see any changes in my stretch marks and I bought more than 1 bottle. I've been just sticking to cocoa butter and I've been noticing a change in my stretch marks they seem to be lightening up more. I've heard about bio oil but I have yet to try it. I think ill stick to cocoa butter for a while and see the progress:)


Hi guys,
So I first got stretchmarks when I was 10 from puberty. I got them bad and I got them everywhere, its basically a genetic thing for me. Anyway a couple years ago I lost a bunch of weight and got stretch marks again, but this time I moisturized like crazy and for the ones on my arms i used pure vitamin E oil. Its about 7$ a bottle and thought it didn't make my stretchmarks disappear, it kept the new ones pretty thin and almost invisible.
This year I gained 10 pounds and am getting the worst stretchmarks yet in all the places I didn't before. I am cursed. I tried Strivectin at 120$ a bottle and it did not help at all. However now I am trying coconut oil as some people swear by it and as always vitamin E!


Hi im 18 had a baby about a year ago been struggle-n with these stretch marks on my tummy arms legs nd chest looks like ive been attaked by a cat. Buh ive been using coconut oil mixed with some lime juice nd cocoa butter nd my stretch marks have been gettin lighter over the weeks. I do it 2 times a day nd make sure u massage it in very well. Good luck.


Im 13 years old & i'm not going to lie, i come from a family of very big butts. I started getting stretch marks on my butt area and the formed to my upper legs. It may not have been a problem, unitl i striked me i would be embarresed to rock a bikini in the summer. so i tried different products, and one day i lady suggested coco butter vaseline to my mom. She bought it and since then there's been a major difference on my stretch marks. Its only February and i'll think they'll be gone by summer :D


I first got stretch marks when I was in 5th grade(I'm 23 now). I grew like a foot and a half in less than a year..I'm 5'8. I got stretch marks on my knees, lower back, shoulders, upper arms and on the side of the buttocks. I started using pure unrefined shea butter (shea essentials) about 4 months ago and started adding virgin cold pressed coconut oil (from trader joes) to the routine about 2 months ago.
The most improvement I saw were on the shoulder/arm stretch marks..I can barely see them anymore..unlesss I TRY TO LOOK FOR THEM. yay!!
Sadly I think the stretch marks on my knees barely changes, but I think that has a lot to do with the skin on my knees being darker, which makes the stretch marks stand out more!
I also recently purchased a derma roller (cheap around $14 on ebay) which is supposed to help the product reach deeper into the skin. So we'll see how that goes. Overall I think everyone should give the shea butter and coconut oil a try! Its cheap and youve got nothing to lose. Good luck ladies! :)

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