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I'm 16 and have had my stretch marks for about a year now...they were so bAd that ud swear I was whipped or burnt...I started using Skin clinic aqueous cream with tissue worked wonders...but I couldn't find it in stores anymore...then my gran suggested Glycerine with methylated legs and thighs are spotless


It is possible to make stretch marks virtually invisible and improve skin texture at home. Most of the remedies that are posted here, however, are ridiculous(no offense, ladies).

Cocoa butter, olive oil and other moisturizers will moisturize and soften skin, as well as help fresh stretch marks fade faster, but they will not help get rid of them.
Coffee/vapo rub increase blood flow to the area, nothing more. They can help tone your skin but they cannot reduce your stretch marks.
Any effective treatment should be invasive. You will not get results with simply rubbing something on your skin.

What helped me was a massage,I read about on some blog years ago. You will need apricot scrub,a wooden massager(with the little wooden knobs) and a good moisturizer. While in a shower, get your skin nice and warm, apply apricot scrub and start massaging your troubled areas with the wooden massager in circular motion (going upwards/from the feet up). You have to keep going until your skin turns pink, but do not over do it. After you are done, wash the scrub off, dry off and apply moisturizer. Massage should only be done 1-3 a week. You have to give your skin time to heal. You need to moisturize at least twice a day in between sessions. You can still do coffee scrubs or whatever routine that you have.

This massage is basically a home microdermabrasion. Not only it takes layers off your skin, it also promotes collagen production(when you hurt/irritate your skin, it tries to heal itself by increasing collagen). You might see results right away, but it takes up to two years to get rid of stretch marks completely.

Method number two - dermarolling. Dermarollers can be bought online, they cost anywhere from $15 to $100. They are rollers with needles of different diameters that penetrate your skin, promoting collagen production. You can google it and find whole bunch of blogs, youtube videos and before and after photos. This method does work, but it is painful and traumatic.

I had puberty stretch marks on my thighs and buttocks that were not that visible, but gave my skin a wrinkly texture. The only thing that worked for me was apricot scrub massage. It took 1.5 years but my skin looks and feels absolutely normal and healthy.
I know some women don't want to try anything that takes time and dedication, but what do you have to lose? A year will fly by and you'll still be dealing with stretch marks, might as well try the massage.

I would not recommend egg whites, lemon juice and baking soda... Lemon juice/baking soda are good for hyper-pigmentation, but not stretch marks. Egg whites only work on fresh burns, have zero benefit for skin marks.


Stretch marks are a hugely discriminated topic for most women and men. It can get to the point were you don't even want to go out in public without covering up all of you areas that are plauged with these ugley stretch marks! I was a sufferer of stretch marks before i came up with my home remidie that is very effective for the prevention and removal of stretch marks for little cost to you! heres my remedy: You will need these folloing ingrediants that you can usually just buy at your local good food store or even at walmart!!
- 100% pure cocoa butter (i prefer queen helen products)
- Mineral oil with essental minerals
- vitamin E creme
- 100% Johobo oil
- 100% coconut oil
- lastly organic olive oil
DIRECTIONS: First get a air tight container(I used an old Lotion container)then, add everything to your container , and depending to how much you want, add as much as everything that you think is right. Then mix everything together and it will have sort of a runny consistantsy. Once you make it you should take a hot shower or expholiate with a hot rag, then apply adaquate amounts to your infected areas and rub in a circular motion for a couple minutes, repete once in the morning and once at night.
Hopefully this is helpful!!
it worked really good for me!!! :)




Okay. I cnt believe nobody said witch hazel. I use witch hazel vitimen e oil and palmers coco butter for strech marks. Works wonders

Jenevie Parkston

Hey everyone!
I'm 13 and have had stretchmarks since i was about 9 (due to growth spurt)
anyway, overthe years theyve gotten thick dark and ugly, and theyve spread to my legs, a little on my arm and my chest :( anyway ive been reading ur alls home remedies and I've decided to make my own, so here it is
* sugar (for exfoliating)
* olive oil (moisterization)
* a wee bit of lemon juice (natural bleacher)
* vicks vapor rub (apparently alot of you LOVE this stuff so...yea!)
* loofa
Okay so I get that on my problamatic areas. also i'll warn u: if you dont stay hydrated and eat healthy,DONT EXPECT GOOD RESULTS on anything!
OH OH && one other thing Ive been doing is a secret but i'll tell u guys!!
aiight, aiight! I know this may not be the most pleasant tastingthing, but try this! Most of u have heard or Dr. Oz right!?! okay go on his website (
there is this one smoothie he has on there for radiant skin, but it helps ur nail and stretchmarks too!!!!
idk wat its called but its green, so check it out!
I make a lot and drink a cup a day
this tastes aiight, but I SWEAR it is worth it to drink!!!!!!
Let me know what u guys think,
Im always on this site so ill reply soon!
and i hope some of u get into a bikini this summer!!! :DD


Hi, im 14 and had have stretch marks since I was 12. Basically, I need help to get rid of these things. Ive slowly noticed me go to two piece swimsuit, to one, to a shirt and shorts. Another thing was I didnt try out for volleyball this year cuz I was afraid I was goin to make it and wear shorts/spandex and short sleevesfor our games which would show my stretch marks on my legs and arms. I am going to try out next year but I need your help. Iv er been using coco butter and saw some results even the first time,but I need something better so stretch marks cant stop me from playing the sport I love.


i am 20 had my son at 19. went from 120 to 190 big stomach looked rough!!! they are no longer red as i rub palmers cocoa butter for strech marks, tummy butter, and normal non palmers coca and shea butter on every few hours! they are ligthened but still shiney...any suggestions

Brown sugar

Here is what worked for me, grounds coffee mix with grape seed oil, bio oil, little bit of water, vicks vapor heated in the microwave tilll is liquid (2 teaspoons)and finally coconut oil (put as much oils amount you like). Get in the shower exfoliate the skin then massage the mix on the skin for 10 mins then rinse with warm water. After you step out of the shower massage natural body lotion on it, do it every other day.oh don't forget to tone the skin.. Good luck and I hope this helped.


The remedy that i use every night, is the following ingredients -
1. Coffee grounds
2. Oatmeal (i use uncooked for exfoliation)
3. Vicks Vapor Rub (comes in a little jar)
4. egg whites.. (or the whole egg)
5. sugar. (also for exfoliation)
6. extra virgin olive oil
7.Lotion that is very creamy and thick.. like Cetaphil. (the one that comes in a big jar is good)
8. baking soda
ok, i had my baby three months ago, and i used all these products and it made my darkest stretch mark fade away after one use..

first i start by rubbing the Vicks over the entire area where i have stretch marks. evenly spread it.. even though it smells strong, LEAVE IT THERE.
then i rub the olive oil on top of that.
i know, it's a mess. (make sure you stand up and do this, BTW: it's best to do it nude so you can get all the spots..) do thatfor about three minutes.
then get a cup or a bowl and crack the egg and get the egg whites. or use the yolk too if you want.
and mix it with the sugar,oatmean, and coffee and baking soda..

and rub all of that on you'r area's with stretch marks. Massage that in a circular motion for about 5 minutes, especially on your problem areas..and let it settle in a little while so your skin absorbs it.) Lastly, take a cool shower and if you have a loofah, exfoliate while you're washing off the remedy.. you could do it twice a week.. but i do it everyday.

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