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So I have 2 things that I do that seem to be getting rid of my stretch marks.. Can't guarantee results right away but it's been working for me.
I have this mandarin honey scrub - can be made by making a paste out of honey, sugar and olive oil.
K so scrub that on for a few minutes on the necessary areas, then just let sit for an extra minute or two. Rinse off, and I usually use warm water (not sure if it makes a dif) then I have this body oil gel made up of mainly aloe and olive oil, I just rub that on the areas after and then just dab with a towel so I'm not all oily.
Hope this helps :)


heeeeeyyyy ya'll I'm a 14 year old girl from South Africa who's also battling with stretch marks for the past 2years and I just wanna warn you all from purchasing any moisturisers containing 'COCOA BUTTER' in order to get rid of stretchmarks for there's a myth stating that COCOA BUTTER removes them!*lark*..well I've been watching this DR Oz Show and it was said that cocoa butter doesn't remove stretch marks(it's scientifically proven)...So guys please don't believe that absurd myth anymore because you'll just be disappointed everytime you spend your cash on that trash!


Yay stretch marks :/ , such a fun topic. First you must know it's impossible to get rid of your stretch marks, you have 'em now you have 'em forever but there are some things you can do to help them fade. They will fade eventually on their own btu I've found some ways that work for me to help them fade faster. Very simple, I rub Aloe Vera and Coconut Milk on them once a day for about 10 minutes. Coconut Milk has shea butter and Vitamin E in it and it works great. I've found that doing this is helping the fading process along faster for me and I hope it works for you guys too! Also I sometimes rub Vaseline on them although I'm not sure that works, it was just suggested in a different remedy so try it out! Good luck to you all!


I'm 21 & I've had stretch marks since I was 13.... After I had my son almost 2 years ago I got them on my stomach.... My doc told me to brush my stretch marks till they began to burn, then wipe witch hazel into them let it dry then rub bio-oil into them.... It really works


hi. im 16 yrs old and i have 4 years stretch marks due of puberty. i tried a cream but it didn't just work so i'm always finding a home remedy online since i have no money for laser treatments, etc and some ingredients are hard to find..well, they say that mixing glycerin with honey and salt(rub it 2 times a day until dried then rinse with lukewarm water and apply a moisturizer) can heal scars, i don't know how true it is but that's what people say online. I have tried this remedy just yesterday but i'm not really sure if it will work. Does anybody tried this remedy?? i really want my stretch mark to just even's hard to find 100% cocoa butter in any stores in my country(i'm from the philippines), you can only find it on lotions. so please comment if any one of you have tried glycerin for healing you Stretch mark scars or you can also try this remedy and please tell me if it worked! thanks.. good luck to all of us.stretch marks are really a huge problem to me since our weather is always hot so we always have to wear short shorts and anything that will really show your skin..


During and after my pregnancy, I got some very noticeable long stretch marks.. I tried Bio- Oil, Cocoa Butter, vitamin E oil and even pure natural Shea Butter.. None of those gave me any significant results....

Whilst my Mother was in Africa, I asked her to bring me back some pure natural African black soap. I've had a jar of Nigerian Unrefined Palm Oil sitting in my kitchen cupboard for over a year, and something told me to research it's health benefits and try it out.

First I started using the palm oil and black soap combined whilst in the shower, scrubbing the stretch marks, and then rinsing away. I realised that i was not giving the palm oil enough time to settle into my skin. So I then started using the black soap to scrub my body whilst showering, and after I used the red palm oil to massage into the areas where I have stretch marks. I then got cling film and wrapped it over my stretch marks (with the palm oil) and slept with it.

Never before have I ever experienced significant results. Alot of people say stretch marks are for life and there is no way to get rid of them. I believe there is a solution to everything, and in most health issues.. The solution is always NATURAL remedies.


Hey guys, I'm fourteen years old and unfortunately I have stretch marks. They're on my inner thighs(terrible), hips(not too bad), back of my knees(pretty bad), and chest( whatever). I've tried A LOT. Some things that have helped with my stretch marks are: moisturizing after each time I go in water, showers, swimming etc. I actually apply sun in on them once or twice a day which has helped A LOT with getting rid of that ugly purple color which worked fast. But the one thing that worked wonders was mixing vitamin e with coffee grounds and rubbing vigorously for five to ten minutes on each problem area. Thanks for all your remedies by the way! Hope this helps!

Miss Mocha

Bio oil works wonders.... my stretch marks went from black to like a fire red to yellow. As you keep using it they get even lighter. 3 months time 2x daily. I'm gonna try Palmer's tummy butter as well


I'm 15 years old & i have had strecth marks since i was around 11 . I have been using the Skin therapy oil from Palmer's , vitamin E oil , & strecth marks lotion from Palmer's . i have only been using it daily for 2 weeks & im starting to notice a difference in my stretch marks ! They have been getting lighter ! Well here is my remedy hope it helps ! Good luck !


I am 14 Years old and i have had stretch marks since i was 11 or 12 due to growth. I have them on my inner boobs.. and my calves.
I've been reading all these home remedy's but none of them seem to work for me or i didn't have any of the stuff that was listed. So i made my own. You will need..
1.Garnier Microbes cream scrub.
2.AcneFree toner (used as a lighter or bleacher)
3.Proclaim Natural 7 oil
(has peanut oil,castor seed oil, canola oil, olive oil, almond oil, wheat oil, sesame oil)I got it at Sallys beauty supply for under 10 dollars.
5.Coffee grain
6.Purpose moisturizer
7.Plastic cup and spoon

Step 1:
Heat up the Natural 7 oils by placing the bottle into a container filled with hot water..DO NOT PUT INTO THE MICROWAVE!!

Step 2: Get the plastic up and fill it up with about a centimeter thick of the oil.

Step 3: Put one spoon full of coffee grains and the 4 spoon fulls of sugar into the cup.

Step 4:Put in 3 squeezes the AcneFree toner.

Step 5: squeeze about a quarter size worth of the Garnier microbes cream scrub into the cup.

Step 6: Mix it all together until it becomes a scrub pasty material. If not thick enough add more sugar..If too thick at more oil.

Step 7: Rub on needed areas (where strech marks are) for about 5 minutes in a circular motion.

Step 8: Let it sit on problem area for about 20 minutes.

Step 9: Wash off with warm water.

Step 10: Apply moisturizer.

The first time i used this i saw a miraculous difference! Most of them where either faded or gone! I have used it for 2 days 2 times a day. So far it is amazing! I hope it works for you!!

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