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i used to have some deep purple stretch marks at the back of my knee and on my breast. but now they r almost gone... what i did was fruits-vege diet. Did it for weigh loss...about a month. So lost some weight and some stretch marks too :)


Unfortunately most of us have stretch marks and are mostly common in women.. Sorry ladies! As a skin care therapist the best way to help the skin heal it's to exfoliate and treat it with oils that will help the skin renew itself and to give it the nutrients that it needs to bounce back to the way it was.. Unfortunately you can't get rid of the entire scar mark, but you can drastically change the appearance so that it may not be so visible. My recommendation is unveil's fade away stretch mark serum.. The only stretch mark treatment that I have found to have tamanu oil.. An oil that studies show that it helps fade stretch marks. Their website is called unveil body bath and beauty.. Best of luck!


hi. I'm 18 from South Africa and have had stretch marks for 2 years now, they're so stubborn. I've tried Nivea body oil but it didn't work. Now i want to try bio-oil / the glycerine remedy/ baby oil. They have to go!!! Goodluck to you'all


im 17..ive had stretch marks since once upon a time..icant say theyre.completely gone but hey.theyve faded pretty nicely..and im able to wear shorts..something icouldnt do anyways iknow ur anxious to know but first of all im not a doctor obv so ijust mafe up some stuff that my instinct told me would work and i gotta say, whether by coincidence or stretch marks have improved...first things first, if u just got ur stretch mark..those nasty red color ones be thankful! and get it on!! and here it is.. look for something u apply to ur body with a scrub or an st.ives scrub for the face, caress with those little beads.or even sugar with honey..whatever u like as long as theyre rough..try stone if u like(the one for the body) ive never tried but hey imight in the future..use lotion! a good reliable lotion! iuse st. ives 100% natural the orange one..ur skin will be so soft! and im also using the body was st.ives 100% natural....use a loofah and scrub away until it hurts enough to remove those pesky marks but not peel your skin! when u apply it right after u take a bath when ur pores are still open! in a circular motion..u can also shave your legs where ur stretch marks are..ithink it helps with opening ur pores for that lotion..not to harsh now though! avoid stuff tha will dry ur skin like bar soap alcohol whatever! it will worsen ur skin..and thats this everytime u take a bath and u'll not only get smoother skin but less visible stretch marks..u can try this along with other of ur remedies..and oh i almost forgot..vicks vaporub!! absolutely works fne!! every evening put it on until morning see difference in a week!! notice i said difference not disappearance!and thats it! any questions will be it feels looking at them gals with bikini and all while ur stuck with shorts and shirts...its frustrating.but dont give up..ur not the only one and hey iknow this is cheesy but having stretch.marks will snatch u the perfect.guy who will live u for what u are not because u have a sexy bod! however that doesnt mean u shouldnt try achieving it!!goodluck to y'all journey and hoping for the best:) im not gonna go on being healthy by the way cuz im not a hypocrite..idont do those so yeah but hey it wouldnt hurt for u to be healthy and free.of those unpreventable marks!


Ok so I have read tons and tons of remedies and nothing has worked for those ugly marks of mine, and probably yours too, but what I have found out is that a mix of all those remedies is working for me.. Now of course everyones body is different but if its working this quickly on me then it should work for you too, also I like to always keep in mind that their is a cure for everything, those people that tell you, stretch marks never fully go away or you cant do anything about them, I never think like that I beleive theirs a cure for everything it just may take time. Ok so What ive been using for the past 3 days, yes only 3 days, is Olay eye cream, right? haha eye cream! The skin tightening ones along with one from este lauder, also The sanctuary SPA covent garden body moisture spray, it has Sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil and vitamin oil (all things that help stretch marks, next is Vaseline lotion with aloe in it, then I put on jergens shea butter lotion, and then lavender lotion (all in this order and Make sure to massage everyone in. I have only been puting this stuff on in the morning and at night..i dont see the need for any more times as all this stuff is gonna keep absorbing into your skin all day and night, I have only been using these for 3 days and have already noticed some GONE not faded but GONE. I was shocked to see it that early, now of course if you cant afford the eye creams im sure a mix of the lotions and the spray will still work, but I beleive you just need to use a mix of lotions and oils to really get deep into the skin and work. I really hope you guys will give this a try, Im going to be using this until I see full desired results and I will deffinetly post up my results.


hi i'm 17 and i've had stretch marks since i was 14.. i tried every possible remedy but none of them worked,but after doing massive researche online ,i found the one thing that workes!!skin needling!look thins on google and do your homework!!so i got my dermaroller and now i have not a single stretch mark!when i discovered this i knew i had to share this with as many people as possible ,so here i am!good luck ladies !


What u need
1 lime
Pinch of salt
Pinch sugar
Smallest cup in ur house of milk/cream
Take the lime cut it in half the take the salt put it on the lime rub on ur stretch marks for 2 min.
Put the lime under water to take off the salt get the sugar and do the same....
Then with the milk put some on the lime and do the like 2 week ur stretch marks will have fadded tremendously:)!!!!! Its amazing:)

kayla mine 16 almost 17 and I've had stretch marks since like 14 and I was so tired of them so I talked to my mother and she showed me this book that my grandmother had kept and one said to take baby power and rubbing alcohol and be4 u mix it just poor the rubbing alcohol in the baby power and let it bubble for like 5 min....ohkay then mix it and get a cotten ball rub on the marks and let become white then the white will go away but do that as many time as u have time in a day more the better but it works I was impressed honestly:D good luck

Miss kulit

Hi guys,am 20 nd i just discoverd i had stretch marks so a friend introducd me to palmers and dey really work


heyy! im 13 and ive had them for about 6 months but nothing seems to work.. ive tryed palmers massage formula vineagr and lemons. well here in south america its almos spring and i want them to be gome by summer so i can wear a bikini so HELP-ME ASAP :) good luck to yall girls

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