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I'm 20 & a woman of colour. I started getting stretch marks at the age of 17, this year they got worse, they were much darker. I decided to take budget friendly action.
It's been 3 days now & I'm seeing remarkable results.
In the Morning, before I bath, I take potatoe slices & rub them on my marks.
Then I take a Dry brush & I brush my skin in a circular motion.
Once that's done, I apply lemon juice, then take a bath.
During the day, make use of Happy Event/ Tissue Oil or even baby oil.
At night, I apply a generous amount of Vicks Vapor Rub (DONT RUB IT IN) then I cover it with cling wrap, I wear tight leggings, then sleep.

The first morning, I couldn't even believe it.

I hope it works for you :).


Hi guys, I'm African American, 20 years old and I've had stretch marks since I was about 11. I've tried various things, however I stumbled across this video on YouTube showing different remedies for stretch marks. If you type in YouTube 'beautifulbrwnbabydol' and find her stretch mark video. It's very insightful.
One which I think may possibly work is cutting a potatoes in half and rubbing it on your stretch marks. I've tried potatoes on my face and it has gotten brighter, perhaps if you try the potatoe on the stretch marks then they may fade.
I hope this helps, I'll update soon!


Well I really have bad stretchmarks on my boobs,hips,bums and thighs and this really worked/s for me:
Happy Event
Palmers Stretch marks lotion
Methalated spirit
Tissue oil
Bio oil
Mix them in a container and Wala it works. Just make sure you apply it twice a day


Hello. Im 18 and ive had my stretch marks for a few months. Mine are still a redish color. When discovered i was getting stretch marks i tried just about every remedy possible. I exercise, exfoilate, and mositurize my skin daily. It seemed like no matter what though nothing was working. My self confidence suddenly went down the drain and i no longer felt confident in my oen skin. Ive read a bunch of comments about 13 and 14 year old girls getting them and i feel so bad for u not being able to fully enjoy ur child hood so i really hope this helps because this is the one thing that seems to be helping the apperance of mine. Mine were redish and not super deep but kinda deep endentions. The firstvthing i do is mix olive oil with either coffee grounds or white sugar and then add in a little vitamin e oil abd lemon juice. Then i rub it in on my marks and let it sit for 30 mins. Then i rinse off in the shower and i use a bath brush which is doing wonders for my skin. Once out the shower ill rub lemon juice into my marks. This is optional. Beware that depending on how hard u scrub with the bath brush rubbing lemon juice on may burn slightly. Then i rub a 100% coco butter stick on the areas needed and then add a little cream with vitamin e. It will take some time and im still working on mine and still have a ways to go but im getting there and feeling a little better each day so good luck ladies and i hope this works.


I am 24 years of woman of color. I have have stretch marks since around age 12 on my hips. After my son stretch marks are now on my arms, shoulders, and belly. The ones on my arms and shoulder are now 'white' guess they are old. The ones on my belly is purple. I started using bio-oil May 2013 and I have seen significant improvement on my belly can hardly notice them. I rude my belly arms and shoulder twice daily. Before I shower I exfoliate with a combination with a mixture I can up with: Virgin olive oil, sugar, honey, baking soda. Use a loofah to rude it in spend time on this.
My routine:
1. shower with lava soap (a soap to remove grease)
2. Use extreme brite exfoliating soap
3. All 100% cocobutter (the one that comes in a yellow stick. Can be found a walgreens cvs, walmart...)
4. Nadinola coco butter lotion
5. Bio-oil
Make sure you message these oils in for 5 mins or more. My stretch marks on my belly are fading nicely I think because they were still purple. It takes time and be consistent do you routine every day.


hi, about a few years ago I got stretch marks my friend had bio oil that we mixed in Vaseline. After a few months the stretch marks had gone. it may take a while but it works. hope it works for you


I have stretch marks and I have had them for about 2 years (or since I was 12) when puberty hit me HARD! I also gained weight from an unbalanced diet and now I am trying to get in shape and I have been somewhat successful! But the stretch marks get worse! So recently (this moning) I started up my old remedies again. To anyone with this problem I would suggest a strict regime. First, get a body scrub and a loofah an scrub a lot till your stretch mark area is pink. Then, rinse that off and put a thick lotion on (my favorite is Ceraphil or Eucerin). Finally put on your clothes. Another thing I suggest that I plan to start up soon is getting a 100% Shea butter stick and putting it on those stretch marks then massaging it in. That worked wonders for me last year. My best advice though is dont worry about it! No one really cares (or notices) but you so do all in your power that you can but be confident! Go swim!


Hi I've been reading through all your remedies and thanx a million!!!! I've been trying it and I put together my own you need: cream/lotion any1 will do, olive oil, lemon juice, rose water and vicks vapor rub and coffee any will do. I just started using it now so I don't know if it works but no harm trying! As soon as I put it on (massaged it on) my skin felt better! U need to mix it till it feels like a lotion . I put it in the freezer for better consisistency.


I've been reading alot of remedies on this site from others, and have tried a few here and there but nothing has really helped with my stretchmarks in particular..
Abit about myself, i'm 18 years old and i'm quite tall.. 5'11 to be exact and weigh 70kg, but anyways i've had stretchmarks since i was about 15 years old so i don't really know what its like to walk around in a bathing suit because i've been too embarrassed to due to my horrible stretchmarks, i've got them almost everywhere: on my arms, back of my arms, breasts, and sides of my stomach and legs.. they aren't that noticeable but the worst stretchmarks are on my shoulders i've tried everything and asked around everywhere but everybody has said there is no way of getting rid of them.. ive tried absolutely everything guys, i guess im one of those unfortunate ones! i think i will try laser stretchmark removal or dermarolling when i get enough money together.
But honestly guys i don't think there is really anyway of getting rid of themm but i recently have put together a bunch of oils which have helped with the appearance of them, they use to be really purple but since using my remedy its faded dramaticallly but not completely gone which is good enough for me haha all i used was:

- Busby pure tissue oil
- 100% pure coconut oil
- Palmers skin therapy oil
- tea tree oil
- Palmers cocoa butter

I got all these from a local chemist quite cheap so its affordable, the only thing i did to these products was that i poured half tea tree oil into the palmers skin therapy oil.. but i apply all these ingredients 3 times a day once after my shower in the morning, at lunch time ,and after my shower at night i spend time rubbing each oil into my skin kind of in a circular motion till they turn redish it takes about 15minutes.. when i wake up usually my skin is soft and the stretchmarks are not as noticeable but you can still tell they are there.. hope this helps for those will horrible stretchmarks like mine but YES atleast mine faded a little which was good enough for me :)


hey guys okay i know its not easy to get rid of strech marks but ive been reading through some of the comments on here and this is what ive picked up and THEY WORK.
1. baby oil (3times a day)
2.lemon juice
3.cocoa butter
4.aloe vera oil
7.brown suger
8.1 lime/ lemon
Pinch of salt
Pinch sugar
Smallest cup in ur house of milk/cream
Take the lime cut it in half the take the salt put it on the lime/lemon rub on ur stretch marks for 2 min.
Put the lime/lemon under water to take off the salt get the sugar and do the same....
Then with the milk put some on the lime/lemon and do the same.
baby powder
sweez lemon juice in baby powder leave for 5 mins and then rub in with a sponge or something
11.honey and salt
12.vapor rub

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