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IF YOU WANT STRETCHMARKS GONE READ. First of all i was really skinny when i was about 15 and i hated it so much that i found all possible ways to gain as much weight as i could. i blew up from 110 pounds to 125. That gave me a lot of stretchmarks on my boobs, butt and the back of my legs. i didn't know what stretchmarks were let alone that i would get them because of weight gain. Anyways, am now 19 and i have found a way to remove them. It is really painful by the way, thus i have only removed the ones on my boobs. Yes get that dermaroller. What i did was roll really had on my boobs with a 3 mm dermaroller every 3 days to cause bleeding for two weeks. i did this to completely injure the skin. This is very important for the next step.
At the end of the two weeks, my skin looked bruised but that is probably because am black and my skin easily turns dark, but any ways,i gave my skin a rest for 7 days.
Next step i put lactic acid on my skin. i used the 88 percent and coated the acid with lotion and wrapped my skin with plastic wrap with the acid/lotion on my skin. Yes it burns...i just added more lotion on my boobs until the burning subsidized. I did not rinse it off until the next day.
Am telling you my skin peeled lot and i mean peeled after two days, and then after three days and then i peeled again after four days. I wont lie i was scared but fortunately it healed. It took just about three weeks to heal completely. And the stretchmarks were gone...Not all of them of course but most of them. And even until now, i still see improvement. The indention is 90% gone. And i only did this once. Am pumping my self up to do it again but it is summer and i need to swim everyday. Anyways, i also bought cortisone cream for the itching, its a must and a lightening cream to remove pigmentation that the peel will or might cause. I started using the bleach cream on my boobs two weeks after chemical peel/stopped peeling and i stopped after three weeks of use cause my skin had healed completely. i know most people will tell you to dermaroll for years in order to see results but i don't believe that the dermaroller will remove or even improve your stretchmarks.
in my opinion, since a stretch mark is basically missing skin, you cannot remove it in the first place, you need to level all of your
skin, meaning, you can not dermaroll in hope that a new dermis will grow but you can dermaroll to destroy the normal skin between the stretchmarks and then peel it off. This will then make
the skin leveled. After doing this multiply times, the healthy/ the skin between stretchmarks will thin out too and become leveled with the stretched skin. thus eliminating the indents in the skin. Well it makes sense to me..... i have tried almost everything, from Shea butter, coconut oil, dry brushing, medical crystals, message brush,castor oil, crying, all they did was lighten the stretchmarks. For my legs and my butt, i have been dermarolling for about a month without the chemical peel in order to weaken the skin. i dermaroll once a week without bleeding. I will do this for a couple of more months until summer is over so i can use the method i described above and to also prove that dermarolling doesn't create a new dermal layer.
If you try the method above, you need to be very strong cause it hurts. if it doesn't hurt, then you didn't harm your skin enough. Remember the formation of stretchmarks is very stressful to the skin hence the itching, to repair the damaged skin, you need a lot of stress too. Coco butter will not and i repeat, it will not fill in missing skin. nothing will. The focus should be on removing the healthy skin in between two stretchmarks that way, the overall skin is on the same level.
By the way, this worked for me and am not a doctor so these are words of a nineteen year old who has been robbed of wearing shorts in the summer because of those dammmm stretchmarks. i only wish my mama or sister told me that i would get these ugly marks. Stretchmarks should be part of the sex talk by the way....


I had Stretch Marks all along my stomach. I think part of it was from my pregnancy and part of it was from weight I gained a few years back. I really wanted to get laser surgery to get my stretch marks removed. But it just wasn't in my budget. I was desperate to find an alternative. So I searched the web and asked friends and you name it I tried it. Nothing was working. The thing with Stretch Marks cream is that they take a month or so to see results. My sister in law finally recommended a cream called dermazan skin eraser. I gave it a try. The first 2 weeks I didn't notice any difference. But by the end of the 3rd week my stretch marks were about 50% gone! I was amazed and started packing this sucker on day and night for the next month and by the end of the second month about 95% of my stretch marks were completely gone. My husband couldn't believe it. He even started using it. I recommend this method to everyone. Its super cheap compared to laser surgery but not having stretch marks is priceless.


I made a recipe of tamanu, rosehip seed, castor, grapseed, hazelnut, camphor, apricot, wheat germ oils mix together. I use them twice a day and my stretch marks are starting to go away and even out as well. I also use a derma roller before using the oils to help them get deep into the skin. PS it will work on dark skin.


To all the females out there, there IS an at-home remedy to use to get rid of/fade stretch marks.

I've had stretch marks ever since I stopped doing karate (I was about 12). Being fit does help keep stretch marks away, but as soon as you stop for a long period of time, it's almost 89% positive that you will get stretch marks. I was embarrassed to show off my legs during the summer when I went swimming, so I bought the shorts from Walmart (the ones found in the swimming section). Those worked for a while to hid them, but my friends kept on making fun of me for not 'shaving down there.' I never told my mom because I was too embarrassed so I googled how to get rid of stretch marks.

A lot of the stuff is store bought, but one at home (free, unless you don't have the rub & plastic wrap) remedy that helps quickly is the vapour rub by vix. It doesn't matter what kind, as long as it's the gel thing in the sphere container. You also need to put pastic wrap on your legs (wherever the rub was put). *WRAPPING GUIDES DOWN BELOW* Once your done that, wear tights (or tight pants, I personally recommend tights. After this step, you can go to sleep. If you do it during the day, I find that moving around a lot slows down the process and isn't as helpful. It's best to do this before bed. (The most time it should take is 10 minutes. For me it takes 5).


For legs, wrap it in a circular motion until you've reached a full circle.

For stomachs, do the same.

For bums, do the same but if you go to the bathroom at night you will need to reapply ONLY the plastic wrap unless you wish to do the remedy all over again.

I'm now 13 (going on 14 in a few months) and my mum enrolled me to do swimming classes so during high school I can volunteer at the pools in my area. It is currently Monday, March 24, and did the remedy At 4pm after school, and now 7 hours later I'm already seeing a difference. I reapplied it before I went to bed (with a new wrap & new coat of vix) and I can honestly say it's working. Hopefully by Friday the stretch marks will be clear so I go to my classes confidently and not have to worry about trying to hid the marks on my legs.

*PLEASE NOTE: I think that to keep the marks away, repeating this remedy every week after the marks are gone should help keep them away. Vapour rub isn't expensive and neither is plastic rap.

I hope this remedy works for you as it is currently working for me.


too all of you girls out there who are there who are struggling with stretch marks.. ive struggled so much with them lately they made me so uncomfortable and self conscious.. im 13 and i felt so out of place.. even get dressed in the locker rooms was sooo intimidating and in one night i pretty much cleared up all of my stretch marks! i had them on my hips and they were deep purple and red and super noticeable so i found an amazing home idea that cleared them up over night! i just found some old vicks vapor rub i had in the closet and rubbed it all over all my marks then put a piece of cling wrap all the way around my hips then put on tight leggings and left it on overnight and when i woke up! POOF gone!hope this helps(:


I have had stretch marks since around the time I turned 14. I've been researching the best solution for these pesky marks & stumbled upon a site that suggested the use of a derma roller. I ordered one about 2 weeks ago & have used it about 3 times. I'm amazed at how fast I've seen results! I had dark purple stretch marks on my inner thigh & they are now significantly lighter & the depth of the marks has decreased dramatically. while I don't think that these marks will disappear all together, I do believe that consistency with the derma roller along with the use of other products will do the trick. about every 4 days, way more than the recommended use, I use the derma roller as soon as I exit the shower, making sure to roll the derma roller in several different patterns. after, I rub a mixture of vitamin e oil & bio oil on to the marks. I spend about 2 minutes massaging the oil into each spot. the derma roller can be found on Amazon, & the oils can be found at any local store (I found them at walmart). I would recommend rubbing oil on to the marks twice a day every day, regardless of whether or not you use the derma roller. consistency is key! I believe that in a couple months these marks will be barely noticeable. good luck! :)


I'm telling you girls or guys this works! I saw improvement on the first morning after!

Use instant coffee mix and vitamin E Lotion and mix it together. Put it on your stretch marks and let it dry. You gotta sleep with it on so make sure you use an old sheet to sleep on. Wash it off in the morning in the shower. I used this and the first morning most of my stretch marks turned white already! All of them are hardly noticeable now!!! Good Luck!!!


I have a wonderful recipe for stretch marks from the book Natural Homemade Skin Care Recipes

Its ¼ cup almond oil, ¼ cup coconut oil and two tablespoons rose hip oil with ten drops of carrot seed oil and optionally ten drops of tamanu or sea buckthorn oil (these two are regenerative for collagen and skin cells)

This is amazing for lightening stretchmarks, acne scars and discoloration


hi there, im 15 years old and ive had stretch marks for about 6 months. i hated my body so much when i got them, i had them on my bum, down my right leg and one or two on my hips, and i am telling you now ladies you CAN get rid of them you just have to stay strong and not give up

anyway i have found a remedy that has been working brilliantly for me, all my stretch marks are almost gone and i think by the end of the year they will be gone :D here is what i did

1) EXFOLIATE- this takes dead skin cells of revealing newer softer skin underneath
2) DERMA ROLLER-this is the best weapon you can get, they are very very cheap, i put 'buy it now' and 'cheapest first' into ebay and i bough the cheapest one i could find which was about £2 and it honestly is a saviour, for people who dont know what it is it is basically a handled spiky thing that you roll over your stretch marks, it breaks down the scar tissue that is the stretchmark and allows creams to penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin, depending on your pain threshhold and where you roll it can be very painful, on my bum it wasnt painful but on the back of my leg was VERY painful, but i bought numbing cream and that means i cant feel it anymore, DO NOT derma roll too often once every two weeks should be okay
3) USING A LOTION OR CREAM- i have used many different creams in the past but i didnt use them for long because i was too impatient to see results but i tried something the really worked for me, i mixed half of vicks vapour rub with half of a cream called 'skin doctors stretch away cream' you might want to use something else because it is a little expensive, but this what worked for me, i rubbed it thickly onto the stretch mark area and wrapped it in cling film, and then slept in leggings. although i have been dermarolling for about 4 months i have found that using the cream and vicks vapour rub was really effective, i did the precedure of putting the cream on for about 3 days and i have seen AMAZING results most of them are completely gone on the back of my leg and off my bum, still working on the slightly deeper ones but im 100% sure i'll get rid of them

results of this may vary from person to person, it could take different lengths of time to see results for different people, JUST DONT GIVE UP

i hope this works for you all ladies as i know how depressed and sad they can make you, hopefully you should see some sort of results

i wish you luck!:)


Okay, so I'm a woman of color and I had stretch marks on my a$$ for quite some time now, and I tried just about everything for it and nothing seemed to work....until I stumbled across a product called 'lactic acid' a savior! It completely got rid of my light stretch stretch marks like it never existed. I mixed about 40 percent lactic acid with any kind of water based lotion ( I used jergens) applied it to my body for a month straight before I applied 90 percent lactic acid straight on stretch marks for a half hour or the whole day. It took 2 applications a month apart for them to vanish!

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