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Eleanor Dixon

Massage on the particular part of skin where stretch marks appear. Massage it with any oil. It will help to reduce the marks and improves the skin tissues which results in smooth and glowing skin. Massaging ca be done on any type of skin since it is one of the best cure of any skin issues.
For good massaging product, try
It is also good among all of the products.
Massaging can be done at home any time any where.


I had Stretch Marks all along my stomach. I think part of it was from my pregnancy and part of it was from weight I gained a few years back. I really wanted to get laser surgery to get my stretch marks removed. But it just wasn't in my budget. I was desperate to find an alternative. So I searched the web and asked friends and you name it I tried it. Nothing was working. The thing with Stretch Marks cream is that they take a month or so to see results. My sister in law finally recommended a cream called lextrin skin repair. I gave it a try. The first 2 weeks I didn't notice any difference. But by the end of the 3rd week my stretch marks were about 50% gone! I was amazed and started packing this sucker on day and night for the next month and by the end of the second month about 95% of my stretch marks were completely gone. My husband couldn't believe it. He even started using it. I recommend this method to everyone. Its super cheap compared to laser surgery but not having stretch marks is priceless.


You mix a bubble bath called FENJAL(use the original only) with glycerine.
It might sound silly, but when I was young my mom told me this when she caught me trying to get rid of thm with methylayed spirits (i was young please let it slide). It really did work for me.
I had stretch marks so thick I could pinch them without feeling any pain.
nOW you have to look very closely to see them. And in some areas they dissapeared completly.
I just wanted to share this with the world.

I hope I have helped some one.

p.s when it has gotten rid of as much as it ever will, start using tissue oil (Bio oil recommended) on the areas that are prone to getting them. You will never have another 'new' stretch mark again!

Good luck I honestly do hope this works for anyone that tries it.


Taking a bath then rub spirit alcohol it is called usa vodka, with cotton ball leave it for 5 minutes. Then apply bio-oil with olive oil twice a day for good results. If you dont want use bio-oil or olive oil you can use glycerine oil. You can find all this products in the grocery store. Use few drops bio-oil and olive oil mix well. Put it where stretch marks are massage gently on the skin. Hope this helps out. You may see results 6 weeks or sooner.


Can someone tell me what is spirit alcohol is it like vodka, where can buy this product also heard some people are using this with glycerine and bio-oil and olive oil. Has anyone tried this before. Can someone give us instructions and steps. How to apply spirit alcohol and glycerine.

Lonnie Niver

HI Ladies, I would like to share my friends story. She gave me permission to share it with other women because she knows what you are going through. You want to look your best, be that beautiful young woman you once were. Have men look at you with desire, Maybe not desire, but you want to have that feeling of knowing you look good no matter what you are wearing. Stretch marks are the most common problem during and after pregnancy. My friend had 3 boys that are now all grown up. Even though she lost weight her midsection was loose, saggy, and lined with stretch marks. She hid behind her clothes but longed for the beauty she once had until now. She used a defining gel and stretch mark cream, consistently. After 3 weeks her skin and stretch marks are almost completely gone. her skin looks healthier, toned and tighter. If you would like more information on the 2 products she used get a hold of me on Facebook.

Candy Cook

The best way to remove stretch marks during pregnancy try to use dermelastic serum. i am also using that same for two weeks and my stretch marks have started fading. i love this product really has been working for me. a must have for all mommas :)

jennifer shaw

My husband and I both gained a significant amount of weight during out 10 years over marriage. We went from being the slim couple to the cheeseburger eating couch potatoes. Which allowed both of us to gain 50 pounds each. And with the weight and big bellies came stretch marks! My husband didn't mind so much but I on the other hand was not so happy about it. I couldn't wear what I wanted to any more and I was really insecure about my stretch marks. I tried a lot of different option including Laser Therapy which didn't work whatsoever. It just hurt like crazy. TEA TREE oil is really good for a lot scars so I tried that and that didn't do anything. finally i discovered lextrinn for stretch marks. It worked so well. I was really happy with my results. Within just a short time most of my stretch marks were basically invisible. Now I just need to try to get my husband to try it. Definitley give it a try if you suffer from stretch marks. Hope this helps :)


Use apple cider vinegar ..believe me this is best thing ...use it at night before going to sleep..fill a spray bottle with acv add sone water in it n spray on strech marks ..wash it in the morning and also use moisturiser daily atleast after taking bath ...with in a month u will see the results ..acv will no erase them thts almost impossible without laser or surgery but it will lighten them a lot worked on me ..nw stretch marks look faded n cute lolzz ..m happy ..hope it will work for u of luck :)


When I was 8 months pregnant, I developed these nasty huge stretchmarks ( from red to dark). I had been using your well known stretchmarks product available is South Africa. I was so devastated that I started searching for organic products that could possibly help with no side effects. This was my combination of organic oils:
- Crede virgin coconut oil
- Argan oil
- Hip Rose oil
- Bramley Cocoa Heaven tissue oil ( found at Pep Stores R17.99).
NB: any tissue would do.
My baby is now six months, and the strechmarks are barely visible. I'm no longer shy to undress infront of my friends. It really helped me, hope it helps you to.

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