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Hi, my name's josie and I have been trying to remove my stretch marks forawhile now. In the last year, I tried a new remedy:
Exfoliate with a body scrub in the shower then put on a mixture of olive oil, aloe vera gel, vitamin A oil and vitamin E oil.
I did this for almost a year, and though my stretch marks didn't disappear they did fade and shrink quite a bit.
I use the mixture at night after a shower and in the morning I use a regular moisterizer.

I got this home remedy that was basically passed down through family generations. It works really good. I recently found it something very similar to it was being sold on the internet. I was mad at first then realized... if it helps people... fine. well you need a facial scrub, my family uses st.ives because their products work better than any other products, vitamin e, pure cocoa butter, we used natural but my granny was a herbalist so anything else should work as long as it,s pure, and aloe Vera, find the most natural as possible. mix them together um... about...5 tbsp of scrub, 1 tsp aloe Vera,1/2 tsp vitamin e, 1 tsp coco butter. massage it over your stretch marks for a few minutes. do it after you showered and before you go to sleep. blot the areas your going to massage to maintain moisture. massage not putting allot of pressure but focusing only on the skin. massage for about 3 minutes on each spot. then use a bath sponge or loofa or towel to massage it for about 3 minutes then rinse. i did it when i first noticed i was getting stretch marks when i was preg., grandma recommended it, and they went away that week. i guess it works different on old stretch marks. put a moisturizer thats made for stretch marks when your done. well i recently gave an e book permission to use this. I know it works. just want to help!


There is a cure. You can break up the tissue and signal your body to produce more collagen, therefore, filling in the the stretch mark. You do this with a skin roller. You can purchase them on ebay for a couple hundred dollars

Here is some more info on this:

subcision(needling) often helps on depressed and pitted scars

The needles injure the upper 1-2 mm of the dermis. This injury, minute as it might seem, does cause localized damage and bleeding. This will promote the normal post-traumatic infiltration of fibroblasts and the release of growth factors.
Ultimately, collagen is laid down in the papillary and upper reticular dermis.
This results in confluent collagen production stimulation and deposition, and as a result, may mimic the results obtained with laser, dermabrasion or deep chemical peels, but without destroying the epidermis.
Skin Needling also perforates and softens fibrous scar tissue, enabling the deposition of new collagen
The new collagen fills depressed scars from the bottom up, lifting the scars so that they are level with the surrounding skin. In some cases it is possible to repigment hypo-pigmented scars.

Subcision is a process created for atrophic scars, using fat and other substances to fill up the depression under the scar so that it becomes level. Subcision can also involve the separation of skin tissue from the scar tissue to allow blood to pool, eventually forming connective tissue and raising the scar up. Both these processes are always done by licensed professionals, and the patient may be under either local or general anesthesia, on an outpatient basis.

Subcision is a common procedure to treat fibrotic scars. The base of the fibrotic scar (at the dermal layer) is normally anchored by fibrous bands. Subcision releases this fibrous band and reduces the depth of the fibrotic scar.

Effects of surgical scar revision include swelling and bruising, and patients may take up to a week or two to recover, depending on the procedure, size and depth of treatment, and on the patient themselves

Subcision: a surgical technique in which the fibrous band under the scar is divided, allowing the skin to return to its normal position
releases subcutaneous fibrotic strands that tether the overlying tissue
Medical needling is a physician-performed medical procedure that has created great interest in the cosmetic community because of its efficacy, minimal downtime, ease of use, costs and patient satisfaction. It has been used successfully to treat fine lines wrinkles, lax and photo-damaged skin; to reduce the appearance of stretch marks; and to improve acne, post burn and ice pick scars. It has also been used after liposuction to tighten skin.

VITAMIN C SUPPLEMENT (1000 mg Daily internally) :

Increases collagen but not other necessary skin proteins
A good anti-oxidant, natural skin component

EXFOLIATING 2 Weeks After Needling Session:

Helps removes older skin and allow new skin to rise to surface

The medical needling instrument, a sterile roller with needles all around, is rolled across the skin, which causes thousands of micro wounds. These minute injuries to the dermis result in the start of the wound-healing cascade. The punctures begin the wound-healing cascade, which causes the body to produce its own collagen

It is the body’s own collagen production that results in tightened skins less fine lines and wrinkles and a softening and reduction in scarring.
five days alter the injury to the dermis, a fibronectin matrix is laid down along with collagen. This collagen is deposited in the upper dermis just below the epidermis’ basal layer.


Helps synthesis of new collagen, elastin, and water holding proteins
Rebuilds microcirculation
Antiinflammatory - Blocks Interleukin-1 and TGF-beta-1 and detoxifies free radicals



Most of us know that stretch marks are scars in your skin from you skin tearing due to pregnancy, weight fluctuations etc. Yes the best thing to do is to prevent them and blah, blah, blah. Okay let's say we didn't and now we have all the super FUGLY stretch marks where ever on our bodies. I have one son and one on the way and I was so freakin' small that my skin was like 'OMG I am dying' and needless to say I have ugly stretch marks. I tried all the dern cocoa butter in the friggin' world and I still got the BUT there were super light. I didnt rub it on my thighs and booty like a dummy and got really bad ones there. So...after I had him I looked for creams and started to use BARMON and that worked wonders on them and they faded dramatically. BUT it was $24.95 a bottle! I dont think that I can buy that every month! LOL! I heard that you need to heal the scars and moisturize your skin. Then I heard that if you remove old skin cells that you can help your skin rejuvenate even faster because it will be more willing to 'drink' your remedy. Here is the remedy!

*Get some exfoliating know that stuff with the little beads in it. Take that cream and rub in circular motions toward your heart all over or just on the spots with stretch marks. Rinse it off and follow with this rememdy. (Exfoliating cream does not have to be from SAKS just get a drugstore kind.)

*Mix these together:
- 1/2 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- 1/2 Cup Aloe Vera Gel
- 10 Vitamin E Capsules, Drained
- 5 Vitamin A Capsules, Drained
Place in fridgerator and use twice or more a day. Rub into skin untill fully absorbed.

This works wonders on your skin. Make sure that all the ingredients are 100% natural.

Hope that this works for you but remember that everyone's skin is different! Good Luck.


Hey my name is Rachel. I'm 22 yrs old and i have stretch marks for the past two yrs due to my pregnancy. They were all over my stomache and ugly. Throughout the yrs they would get lighter but still looked ugly. I have alot. Anyway...i was in Walgreens about 4 nights ago and i seen the stick of cocoa butter 100% it's better than using the lotion (the lotion did no justice)I've been using this 100% cocoa butter stick for the past four days...and it works wonders....My stretch marks are so much lighter and alot of them have become barely noticeable. I love this stick. It only costs $1.00. There's not a specific way or time to put it on but i over due it i think, lol. I put it on when i wake up (i sleep with it under my pillow) i put it on after every shower, i put it on before i go to bed. I put it on about 3 to 4 times a day. I love it. Also, i put alot. It's kind of dry at first but the more you rub it on your stomache, the oiler it gets, so i like to put alot. That's just how i do it, you can do it your own way. It really works though, i would have never thought. I was reading in the stretch mark comments that someone else had posted on here and she said that in six months hers were all gone using the cocoa butter you should try it and be patient. Hopefully you'll see results as i did. Good Luck.

Elizabeth Maldonado

Ingredients:coffee bean grounds.
Instructions: Ground coffee into a powder substance and mix it with any regular collagen lotion. Rub into stretch marks for about 60 seconds and wipe off cofee grounds with a warm moist towel. do this about twice a day if possible. results takes about 2 weeks before notices. after shower use aloe vera oil, collagen oil,olive oil,cod oil,vitmin k. do not take off.


I have a friend who had terrible stretch marks. She used 100% pure mink oil. Rubbed it in twice daily until her stretch marks were totaly gone. It worked miracles for her!


I got tired of using stretch mark creams and decided to come up with my own home remedy. For the last 3 days i have been using my at home MicroDermabrasion System (Neutrogena, bought in stores) on my stretch marks. I use the dermabrasion kit at night, about 2 mins on each mark in small upward circles. Then I rinse the area with warm water and pat dry. After that I apply Vitamin E oil all over the area, then go to bed. I hear it is best to do this at night because thats when your body is at its best to heal. I can't say that this is going to be a miracle, but it seems to be working better than any cream I have used in just 2 sessions. I have notice that when I run my had ove my stretch marks I can barely feel them. NOTE: I have had strtch marks for about a year and have been proative in their healing process since day 1 with creams and vitamins.


rub extra virgin olive oil on your problem areas and then cover with a warm-hot washcloth. leave on until rag is cold. should notice improvement within the first few times.


Using vitamin e oil or cream, olive oil and cocoa butter (100% cocoa butter) has been said to work to reduce stretchmarks or prevent them as it nourishes your skin and increases its elasticity, also creams enriched with collagen may help.

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