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the yellow 100% cocoa butter stick really helps. im 8 months and 1 week pregnant and i dont have a single stretch mark!! im also using the palmers tummy butter but id stick to the 100% cocoa butter stick its only a dollar!!!


I learned that stretch marks have more to do with genetics. Some doctors say look at your mother--if she has stretch marks, you probably will too. The genetics come into play when it comes to the elasticity and thinness or thickness of your skin. Another factor, even if you have good elasticity and thick skin, is how quickly you gain or lose weight, especially when pregnant. My mother has great elasticity and thick skin. She is 71 and barely has any wrinkle. Her stomach, however, is another story. She has terrible stretch marks because she gained a lot of weight in her pregnancies (much more than she should have) and she gained it very rapidly. My two sisters and I thought we were going to have the same problem. I exercised (pregnancy-approved exercises) all the way through both of my pregnancies and gained weight very slowly. I also carried toward the back, so I didn't have a very big stomach. As a result, I didn't get any stretch marks. My oldest sister also gained weight slowly and carried toward the back, and she didn't get any stretch marks. my middle sister had 3 kids and although she gained more weight than she should have, she gained it slowly. As a result, she ended up with one tiny stretch mark that you can barely see. So I don't have any special home remedies for you, but I do recommend you stay active during your pregnancy (if possible) and try to gain weight slowly, especially if your skin is not as thick and stretchy. You have to give your skin a chance to stretch itself to the point it can maintain its natural elasticity. Thicker, firmer skin is usually more oily, so look to your complexion if you are trying to determine what your skin is like. Also, skin with more melanin (pigment) tends to be thicker and oilier, but provides more protection from the sun and thus, from wrinkles.


hi, this is for all the young gals there,you tend to put on n loose weight because of your eating habits,stretch marks are not in one night they develop,to prevent stretch marks firstly u should change your sleepin habits,DO NOT SLEEP ON YOUR CHEST OR ON STOMACH.MAKE IT A POINT THAT U SLEEP STRAIGHT ON YOUR BACK.


Ok well i am still young i am 17 almost 18. Well i just had my first child last summer. I got so many stretch marks on my thi, my inner thi, my stomach, my hips, my chest. I never thought i would find anything that would work. One day i was walking through the store and i usly find an oitment for scars and stretch marks, but i found 1 just for stretch marks cream called vit-k for stretch mark i was like maybe this will work so i bought it.. it is 11.00 but works so well... like a week later i noticed my stretch marks were lighter and after 3 weeks they were pretty much gone. my stomach even had real bad stretch markswhere it looks like a whole bunch of hills and they have smooth out.. I REALLY HOPE THIS HELPS FOR YOU CAUSE IT WORKED FOR ME... GOOD LUCK!!!!


I've had horrible stretchmarks for over 20 years and have tried every treatment under the sun and nothing worked until now...for the last 4 months I've been using Trilastin SR every day - sometimes twice a day and I did notice a slight improvement with the marks, but they were still obvious. So I thought I would improve the odds, and purchased a Dermaroller for $50 and some Retin A cream. Now I've been rolling my skin first, and immediately applying the Trilastin and Retin A cream combined...and in the last 3 weeks, my marks have almost completely disappeared!! I keep checking myself in amazement! This combination treatment is honestly the miracle I've prayed for! For those of you who are having the same frustrating struggle in trying the 100's of useless hyped treatments...please, please try this one!! It seriously works!!


Well am 19 turning 20, and I got pregnant at 17 and had my son at 18. I got really bad stretch marks and I've been really conscious of my body because my stomach was one of my best features, lately I've been trying a new way to get rid of the stretch marks by using a loofah spongy thingy to scrub my stomach to get rid of the dead skin and smooth out my stomach during a warm hot shower, then after drying myself I right away put on a lotion that contain vitamin E and cocoa butter and so far this remedy has been working The marks look less visible and the depth has shrunk I think do to the loofah scrub.


I know a lot of you are using exfoliation as part of your treatments, but there are these things we call Japanese washcloths. They last FOREVER and are really cheap. I don't quite know the website but their called 'Salux Wash Cloths' and cost about 3.50 or so. I'm going to try using this wash cloth with some of your remedies, it proably a lot cheaper than buying an exfoliation every 4 weeks.

I have found an absolute strech mark eraser. It can be purchased from Walgreens online, its no longer sold in stores. It is called 'E ointment' and the best part is that it's only $4.99. I know that everyones skin is different, so results may vary, but at that price it's well worth a try. My marks are 10 yrs old and they are literally diminishing more and more everyday. This stuff is great on scars, wrinkles, cracked heels, eczema, and discolorations as well other things I would think. I have tried many expensive creams, but nothing has work like this stuff. Now come on girls, let get rid of that old zebra lookin ass...Good luck to you all!! Much Love!!


I know that everyone is tired of going to the shower every day, and seeing those ugly stretch marks,some are light and some are dark but at the same time they are all still ugly. Now I am 22yrs old and no i dont have any children,yet i still have had stretch marks. I am going to tell you the remedy that i used to get rid of my stretch marks. It is very simple,what i do is,either i take a nice for shower or bath using a discoloration bar and a pure cocoa butter bar twice a day for about two weeks. I use the bars over my intire body so that everything would be even. Now you have to use the bars in circular motions so that it would lather nicely,you have to do this faithfully every time you get into the bath or shower. Once you get out the shower,slightly towel blot to get some of the water off but still remain a little damp. Then you get some cocoa butter lotion (perferrably palmers cocoa butter lotion)use over entire body focusing on the stretch marks and any other marks that you want to get rid of. Apply the lotion in circular motion,make sure that all the lotion is rubbed in very good before you put on any clothes. FYI= When you sweat,you will feel the lotion starting to drip depending on how much you use,so be careful.


I feel that the best thing to do is after you have a child and you get the okay to start working out then do so! I am 21 and had a child 17 months ago and I have started working out and of course applying moisturizing lotion. Also, I use a one of those hard scrubbers...that you find at walmart. I believe that it's in section with foot scrubs, face masks, etc. I use that in the shower in place of a regular wash cloth and they only cost 3 or 4 dollars...Depending on what style or how rough you want it....Honestly, I have been through at LEAST 20 different lotions and no matter how big the word 'FIRMING' is never works! To make a long story short. Firming loss and tore skin is a time consuming process that will take time and definiely WON'T happen over night. It took most of us 9 months to get the way we are and will probably take us 5 times longer to for us to achieve our physical (and emotional!) goal. Please believe that I am on your side and wish everyone a fast and glamorous look, but I just don't believe stretch marks just disappear...I wish everyone that reads this the best of luck and remember...we are still beautiful...

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